Thursday, April 1, 2010

PaD - crime

Dear God,
if there is such thing as 'next cycle',
please let me be a human.
I really don't wanna be an animal,
A mouse, to be particular.

This is one which found dead at my house.Click to enlarge.
You will be able to see the ants crawling around its neck.
I have been observing the corpse for quite some time.

Guess it was the cat.
Cats are naturally sadists, they just felt delighted looking at a living creature struggling to death.
We as human-beings would never understand.
Ah no. Some of them might understand.
Junko Furuta's murderers, for example.
Not forgetting those who had murder baby Jammie.
There are much more instances out there.
It is difficult for normal people like us to understand.

it reminds me of Jiaojiao, my hamster, which died in a similar way few years ago.

I cried for the whole night upon discovering its unnatural death.
I slept at the basement (that's where I put the aquarium, its habitat) to mourn for its death.
I gathered my friends (bit of too much for this but hey I was young and childish) to investigate the cause of its death but none could come out with a valid cause.

It was killed by two other mice, which were subsequently caught by the trap I have set.
My grandma then killed them by boiling water.
No, she isn't a sadist - she didn't derive pleasure from killing the prickers.
Otherwise she would have put them under the sun, and let them die under the heat - slowly.

I believe in Karma anyway.
What goes around comes around,
little prickers memang deserved to have their lives taken after they had taken others.

Speaking of Karma and cycles,
I wonder how does it work in the modern days.

Well, it should be computerised, shouldn't it?
It's more systematic that way.

Who will be the one who decide what would we become in the next cycle?
I think that it's like a court system,
with judges and jury panels and evidence and documents and everything.
I think that the so called trial may be last for only one day,
because there are too many people and animals who/which die in one day,
if the so called trial last for too long,
it would somehow lead to floodgate of litigation.

Whoa since there are so many people and animals who/which die in one day,
I think there must be lots of so called judges and jury panels in coming into the decisions.

Now I wonder what language do they use.
What's the hell's universal language?
Or we are able to speak the hell language when we die?

Woo there are so many questions to be answered.
But still I don't wish to die so soon just because I am curious.

Since I believe in Karma so deeply,
I shall be a good girl (which, I have always been).

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