Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy April Fool's day

I didn't know I would get involved.

It was almost the end of the day so I would not have thought that it was a prank.

(In a MSN group conversation)

JL: woi shang
JL: Fai broke his hand
JL: we are going to hospital now
JL: u wan to come along mou

Toby: how come?
Toby: what happened?

JL: slipped wo, from staircase
JL: kat pantai right now

..... (nonsense)

JL: i am going out now la.
JL: shang u ask zc fetch you la
JL: byez

I texted Fai, the so called victim - and well, got to know that it was memang a prank.

Well, be grateful when someone is attempted to fool you on April Fool's day.
At least they made the effort to put a prank on you, to get you involved.

Believe it or not, it's your choice.
I have chosen the earlier, I have known them for almost a decade anyway.

Hey you,
believe it or not,
I still have a bit of feeling for you.
(a bit only la. Don't be too proud of it)

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