Sunday, April 4, 2010

PaD - happiness

Today is about happiness - minus the 6-hour-lectures.

Can I summarise the pictures in point forms?
I'm too exhausted to elaborate.

Word Challenge - recycled version
Turned off in class.
No it was just me. ATC's lecturers are pretty amusing.
Texted crush and he didn't reply - as usual.
(but make sense, it wasn't a text which required a reply.
It's a statement. Not a question)

I'm such a good friend.
April was too tensed.
She needs a friend like me - in aiding her to relieve stress.
She was busy highlighting the subject guide when I asked her to join my game.
We ended up more stressful for not being able to come up with more words.


Food that awaited for me at home
Chicken in bread!
(die die must use an exclamation mark.
wouldn't sound so enthusiastic without it)
Dad said: there is nothing interesting about an oversized bread.

Family went Ipoh for ching ming.
I didn't get to go. Class.
They passed by Kampar and took away chicken in bread for me because they know that I love it~

Dad reheating bread.I would only be married to a man if he is willing to reheat my chicken in bread for me.

And oh. You have seen lots of my exaggerated expressions.
Now my family's.

Guru Tingkatan!
How come I look so nerdy here?

Went to pay a visit to my uncle at Putrajaya Hospital.
Met my guru tingkatan!
She could recognise me.
Aisay, I have been the ketua tingkatan in all my high school life.
I regreted not calling out her name.
It's still in my mind - despite that I have not seen her for 6 years.
Puan Zuraimny. =D nah see I told you so.


Jambatan.. Seri Wawasan.It seems like my hugged was struggling.
(I call this blue thing hugged because I don't have a name for it -
and when I drive, either this blue thing or another pink thing would get hugged.
The best names I could think of for pairs are Gugu and Jiaojiao [for the pink one] but I had already named my hamsters that.)

By the way, I made the name Jambatan Seri Wawasan up.
I swear I knew its name,
my GPS baby told me so.
Now I can't remember.
Chew what for I stuff those bridges' name into my brain.
Not that I wanna be a tourist.

I sound so cold by using point forms.
Alter Ego.

It was the caffeine which enabled me to stay up for the whole day.
Thank you.
I hope I'm not addicted.

I don't like it when I sound so cold.
No more point-formed post tomorrow night.


My said...

cham lo...

i oso cant rmb our guru tingkatan punya nama...

pn zuraimny meh??
cant rmb jor lah...

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[my] I think....
see... we human usually conditioned to think what we think is right...