Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aloha!!! and Farewell~!!

Apparently Shang is still alive.
(yes. It's so apparent. What else could it be?)
*sidenote: have to blur the rest because the face was too oily and it is really unpleasant.*

And when others are studying highlighting revising writing doingassignments flippingbooks,
she is fooling around.Walao. This picture could deem to be the best picture to resemble fooling around.
*and humiliation**and ugliness*
yes, apparently people are taking the picture of each other of each other taking the picture of each other (yes, I have checked, no error),
and I interrupted.I cannot lick my elbow but I can lick my nose,
and curl my tongue like that~~~
*unlimited humiliation. Where got girls liddat oneeee??*


Okay. Back to the topic.
Small voice to defend why I was fooling around instead of studying:
What... what.. haiyah friend is going off soon ma...Mm... yes... the one with the red face will be flying to UK...
Then then then... you not friend enough lor if you don't go...
(for God's sake, it's onlly 3 months. Most, 6 months.)
Plus plus plus... you will meet some friends which you have not met for decades wor...Manyak Excuses.

Small voice again: and friend whom you are meeting up with everydayyyyyyyy
Reminds me of a movie scene in which Eric Tsang used the flash of the camera to run from the paparazzi.

Conventional group pic. kerasnya.

Anyway, this outing is quite productive -
me and another 3 girls have planned a trip to Sabah,
with the MAS return flight tickets which cost us only RM92!!!!!
I have never been on a plane for such a good value before lor....
Can't wait can't wait!!

Before that... Back to study please.
Yes, thank you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Splitting the buttercream frosting

Like this.

Proud or not?
This is the first time of me piping such dual-color frosting,
and the second time of me piping frosting on cupcakes,
(I normally use chocolate ganache because buttercream are always way to sweeeeeet for me)
and this would be probably the ... 3rd or 4th time of me baking cupcakes.

So the story started like that.
My student spent me some sponge cake which she bought from Pasar Malam,
(neh those type with the pikachu or hellokitty shape)
and I promised that I would spend her some too.
Despite that it is only few hundred steps (yes, try to count. You won't know it goes on that fast) of walking distance,
I feel lazy - and would rather bake it myself.
Plus, I had taken my first paper today - and - crashed it.
*melts into mud* yea. Confidence was seriously defeated.
In order to mould myself into shape again, I decided to bake.
(huh? Not by putting up more efforts into the other subjects meh????)

So I used the recipe which has the best reviews from, the Black Magic Cake,
just bake a quarter of the suggested portion,
and able to bake 20 mini cupcakes - perfectly - no batter left at all.
Yea yea yea, as a Virgo, I tend to feel happy over this kind of perfectism.
(but there are much more leftovers for the buttercream. Haiyah no perfectism already)

Sidenote: The reason of me love baking mini cupcakes instead of the standard one is as followed:
When I eat the cupcakes, I won't feel that guilty.
Then there is a voice which would tell me,
enough la, you have eaten (let's say) 3,
3 freaking cupcakes leh, how fattening...
Contrary to that, another voice wil tell me again,
nevermind la, since it's mini cupcake,
the size is so pitifully small if compared to the standard size one,
it won't cause any major problems if u eat more la.

Hence. I eat more. Which makes no difference - it still contributes to make fatness.
Haiz. Am just bullshitting. Kindly ignore me.

Anyway. Back to... The buttercream frosting.
I adapted the recipe from the Wilton's page, which I think is pretty reliable.

I still don't like it.
I have cut down the sugar by half (yea, 4 cups are suggested, I made half of the overall suggested portion, and I just put in 1 cup),
but it still turned out to be super sweet for me.
I hate it when the sweetness of white sugar stays in my mouth.
It's sweet to be sweet (yes, intended. No error) - but there is exception for every general rule.
I want to say the same thing again.
Is it that the tastebud of those from the best tend to be less sensitive towards sweetness?
Or the nature of their white sugar is different - it is less sweet?
Or they simply love things to be sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet?
Why is it still so sweet even though I have reduce the amount of the sugar by half?

Anyway, the cake itself is.. so so only.
(because I have forgotten to put butter.
What a BIG mistake.
Still wanna blame others wor)
The texture is... thumbs down (because no butter hence abit dry and not that smooth, means less fattening and less calories)
but it tastes good nonetheless.
(because I have reduced the sugar by a quarter. Tee hee)
The dryness of the cake itself could be neutralised by the creamy frosting anyway.

As for the dual-color of the buttercream frosting, I learnt it from the cuppcake hearter.
Her creative wheel seems to be always spinning.
Different methods, different ingredients (like, chilli-pepper? and cokes?) and different themes.
If you are directed to the said page,
do not laugh at mine after you have seen hers.
I told you so, this is the 2nd time I piped frosting. Wakaka.
I will master it. Yes. One day. (yea, I wish)
Speaking of wish, I wish to have that very popular 1M piping tip - essential eh.

And the most geng part of this baking session is the storing,
which is suggested by my grandmother...So environmentally friendly, man.
Suprisingly, the minis are well seated in that.

I won't tell my students that I baked it anyway.
In the event if they think that it's not nice (as I thought so - because of the sweetness)
I still can have excuses to cover up in the worst circumstances.
hmm? not nice arr? Then I buy some other flavours next time~
(White lies. Right)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

While waiting...

It's been so long since the last time I took proper pictures.
If I keep on doing this, I guess I will age 10 times faster than others.

Monday, May 11, 2009

$311.0u7! (yea. better read as Sell Out!)

Why make things complicated when we could have straightly referred that very hot Malaysian film as 'Sell out!' ?? Well, sometimes, we have to keep things original - the producer would prefer it to be original I guess.

Pathetically speaking, this is the first local production I have ever watched, despite those heaps of positive reviews over Puteri Gunung Ledang, Sepet, etc. It was good, despite the lack of clear storyline. It is the most special movie I have ever watched in the cinema - who would think of inserting lyrics accompanied with the minus one music into a movie? -In which, me and Mei Yi sang along it. Wakaka.

I like the similarity in the beginning and the ending, both scene were set in the lift ( of which the audience one row behind me said that then they will hug together when the two businessmen were in the lift like exactly how it happened to the flatmates in the previous scene). Strong beginning and ending of a movie never fails to amuse me - regardless of how suck the movie is. Plus, this movie is good afterall.

This is not an ordinary musical show. It's more to... reality. Like, the crescendo and diminuendo effect as the glass door of the room opened and closed while the two businessmen were performing the so called musicals. And the focus on the nurse who scratched her leg while Eric Tan was confessing to Rafflesia Pong. Damn funny wei.

And the best thing about watching a local production is that - you could expect to see familiar places and even to spot familiar faces - which brings you closer to the movie. If you realise, the two ladies who fight for the taxi was at Petaling Street before they reached the house of one aunty's at Damansara. Petaling Street -->Damansara, freaking far wei. =.= Oh and, not forgetting the manglish and dia-mandarine (sien. Haha. It's just so us) they used in the movie which created the oh-so-Malaysian feel. Am wondering, do the judges who awarded the movie really understand the inside jokes?

Okayla, there are certain parts which are quite draggy. Like, the businessman chased after a fat assistant. I appreciate the arts they were trying to show at the escalator (if they ever meant so) but then, it shouldn't take that long la. Some of the jokes are quite lame too, especially those which were included in the conversation between the two businessmen.

Fine, girls being girls, what I wanna say is that, Peter Davis is still hot, despite that he was quite expressionless at times. That's the advantage of being blessed with good looks, sometimes it's so good to the extent that it covered up the flaws at other parts. Sigh. Sadly am not born with that.

By the way, is the naked director Yeo Joon Han himself?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

This is why I'm fat

Background music: minus one version of Mim's This is Why I'm Hot

this is why I'm fat,
this is why I'm fat,
this is why, this is why I'm fat.
I'm fat cause I eat,
You ain't cause you don't,
This is why, this is why I'm fat.
(accompanied with some act-cool rapper style nods)
Yea. Cheesecake brownies, got the recipe from the Philadelphia website.
*lalala extra brownie points for me this is the first time I baked brownies and this is the first time I made the swirl and it turned out very beautiful.*

Okay. It definitely tastes much better than how it looks.
(die die wanna cover the fact that it looks ugly)

This is why. Am fat.

Yea. It's about food again.
Sien or not??
You might feel sien but I will never get bored with food lor.
(and this is why I'm fat).

And I feel that ever since I picked up baking, I become more and more aunty-ish.
I paid frequent visits to the grocery store, and I'm loving it.
The comparison of price, sad to say, do excites me.
And I remember I got so high when I visited Cold Storage,
(haiyoh, who would have visited that when I can opt for Giant Tesco Econsave which is more economically friendly????)
because I saw lots of new products that I have never seen in Giant Tesco Econsave.

And when I ran out of sugar, I would head immediately to the nearest convenient store to get it- without even bother to change the super loose t-shirt and 10-buck-pasar-malam shorts which were dusted with flour and cocoa powder.
I couldn't look more auntier with the eco-friendly bag I brought along.

And I just love creaming folding crushing blending (not forgetting eating),
the chemical reactions which happen between the materials simply giving me thrills.
While baking, I even listen bossa nova version of the contemporary pops instead of the original ones which definitely sound younger.

Isn't this sad?
When other 22-year-olds are blogging about parties happenings dance alcohols,
me talk about food.

Instead of a vision of me baking for my sons and my daughters,
Sometimes I have the vision of me (a 90-kg aunty) baking for my nieces and nephews,
who are playing around in the kitchen and keep on repeating aunty!aunty! I want this!! and asking silly questions like aunty! aunty! what are you doing? when it is clear that I am cutting the brownies for them,
because I am too keen to try on new recipes in the kitchen until I have forgotten to go out and mix around and socialise with people and hence I wouldn't be able to expand my social circle hence miss the chance to bump into my Mr. Right hence I would be single for the rest for my life hence I will have nothing better to do in the future because I am single hence I have to babysit my nephews and nieces when my brothers and sisters are working and paktohing with their spouses.


Fine. Am only 22 years old.
Think too much, I know.

I always post up food because I think they look more pleasant than I do (I mean it!).
This time, am gonna make the most pleaant look ever,
the conventional definition of beauty is to have big eyes sharp nose small lips sharp chins and porcelain skin right????

Nah. Here go.Sigh still can't go off from the aunty look (who is just injected with botox) despite having big eyes sharp nose small lips sharp chins porcelain skin beceause of the aunty hairstyle like that and the aunty loose t-shirt I hve mentioned just now.

Suan le ba.
Aunty then aunty la.
*takes a bite on the brownies*
*continue singing this is why I'm fat*

Monday, May 4, 2009

When I feel like having good dinner

By that, I mean whole wheat bread with Omega-3 egg plus olive oil spread and reduced fat cheddar cheese.

And oh, plain pumpkin-tomato-corn soup to be cooked without butter.
Plus organic green grapes and strawberries.Carbs. Check.
Fat. Check.
Protein. Check.
Vitamins. Check.
Am oh-so-healthy.

Oh. Heavy dinner. Tsk tsk tsk. Usually I only have 2 packets of instant Spirulina oatmeal plus low fat milk for dinner.

Question: Why am I still so fat????

*am talking about food again.
My life is so sien that the most exciting thing to talk about is food.


Well when I used a positive description, you would probably immediately link it to food - because the yummyliciouses are my salvation.

And yes, am gonna talk about food again.

This time,


I have heard bunch of positive reviews about that restaurant but sadly, I didn't get the chance to go. Alright, my laziness does contribute to it. Plus, I die die don't wanna dine alone.

But!!! God always grant me what I have asked for, which, I have to sacrifice something else instead (small voice: Haagen Dazs buffet) to get try that famous Alexis style of tiramisu.
[Disclaimer: ceh. I sound like those spoilt rich girl here. Padahal am not. Am working for it lor k?]

Anyway. Back to Alexis. And the blissful Tiramisu.

So me and April shared the set lunch, because again, I die die wanted to try the tiramisu. If we order a set for each, I wouldn't be able to get the tiramisu and which, we could only have the choice of carrot cake with donno what and banana cake with butterscotch - which, is nice too, but of course couldn't be compared with the tiramisu because it's only a quarter of it (okay size is not a matter sometimes but still...) and it is part of the set lunch (I suppose it doesn't affect the yumminess of the cake but still...) and it's banana cake with butterscotch but not tiramisu.

Yea. I went Alexis plainly for the Tiramisu.
And you know what? I tried the Secret Recipe Tiramisu at the night before for comparison purpose.
(okay no. I lied. I wanted to go to Alexis on the night before but didn't make it. Ended up in Secret Recipe instead. Still ordered Tiramisu though)

And nah... The Tiramisu I was dying for.

I thought those red thingie was Ketchup (right. A very stupid thought indeed. Coffee with ketchup. Yuckiness to the maxiness) because it really looks like it but no. It's erm.. I think it's berry sauce. Am not sure about that.

And as for the tiramisu. It's different from other Tiramisus (okay not that I have tried many Tiramisu though) because it's more nutty. I am not a big fan of crunchy stuff's but... well, even Tiramisu doesn't change this fact. I would prefer the one from Secret Recipe. The appearance of the one from Alexis is much more attractive butI still prefer the one with the softer texture from Secret Recipe.
(still better than the one baked by Chung Shang Hui though. Wakaka)

Hell. The whole passage is all about Tiramisu. Jeeeeez.
Next time I will talk about something else. Erm... The Lemon Meringue maybe.

*I secretly wish that I have a filthy rich boyfriend so that he can bring me to try the best tiramisu in the world. Wakaka.*

Friday, May 1, 2009

There can be miracle...

Yes yes yes yes yes!!!! Miracle miracle miracle!! It's TOTALLY unexpected okay????

So you guys know that my ex owed me 1.25k right?
(yes yes yes I am that calculative. I keep thinking that 1.25k will be nothing for me in the future but subconsciously, I still want the money)
So you guys know that my ex didn't think of repaying me despite that he has money right?
So you guys know that my ex still didn't wanna clear the debt when he got to know that I needed the money desperately right?
(I lied. I didn't really need that money. BUT!!!! He didn't know that it's a lie!!! Still, he wasn't willing to pay me)

What you guys don't know is that he did not pick up the phone one day,
and just because I couldn't reach him,
smart me made another brilliant step - which overturned the whole incident.

I called his mom instead.
I NEVER EVER thought that I would have the courage to call aunty.
I was so afraid of her when I dated her son - although she really liked the way her son behaved during those days.

What you guys don't know is that his mom thought that he had clear half of the debt,
but he had used it on somewhere else (to pay the drug dealer - according to him. they were more 'dangerous than I am),
and his mom thought that he came over KL to study,
whilst the fact is that his girlfriend stays at Johor, thus he followed her too.
He lied to his mom - damn a lot.

And there are much more lies that yet to be discovered by his mom - which, threatened him.
Yea, his mom terus called him upon talking to me.
And yea, he terus called me upon talking to his mom.
And YEA, he felt threatened - and promised to pay.
And which, HE DID.

Oh, perhaps I should say, SHE did.
She, doesn't mean her mom. I'm referring to the current girlfriend instead.
Those messages which promised to pay didn't sound like something which was typed by him.
Some of the content of the messages contradict with the content of the conversation.
- he, who was on the phone didn't show a very clear position when I told him the content of those messages while the message sender seemed to have no idea that what I have talked about on the phone.

When he asked for the account number, he asked if it's a Maybank account,
while he should have known that I am a Maybank account holder when he transferred some pitiful RM50 to me one month ago.
(yea he made the transaction because he felt threatened, and I told him that I needed some assurance)
So he SHOULDN'T ask me if it's Maybank account because he knew it!!!

You know what's the BEST part?

He asked what my name is when he made the transaction just now.

I was like... EXCUSE ME???
You farking bastard do not know my name after being together for 3 bloody years??
That's so not possible right????

You see, it is not that I think too much okay.
How is it possible that he doesn't know my name?????
This is so ridiculous man.

just to confirm. The message said.


Nay. He wasn't the one who made the transaction.
He doesn't speak broken English. Well he doesn't have an excellent command of language but... not that terrible.

r u still will disturb me if I pay u?
Not something that he will write.
And he doesn't use exclamation mark..

My conclusion. He wasn't the one who paid me. He might not even be with the sender when the transaction was made. Otherwise really, he didn't really have to ask my name.

Anyway, why do I even bother??


I don't care anymore.
(haha, after all those i have typed)
I won't erase him, as how my friend has suggested. He's the BIGGEST lesson I have ever learned in my life - how can I erase off this precious lesson just like that??

I just want to say:
The debt has finally been cleared. Wakakakaka~~