Monday, May 11, 2009

$311.0u7! (yea. better read as Sell Out!)

Why make things complicated when we could have straightly referred that very hot Malaysian film as 'Sell out!' ?? Well, sometimes, we have to keep things original - the producer would prefer it to be original I guess.

Pathetically speaking, this is the first local production I have ever watched, despite those heaps of positive reviews over Puteri Gunung Ledang, Sepet, etc. It was good, despite the lack of clear storyline. It is the most special movie I have ever watched in the cinema - who would think of inserting lyrics accompanied with the minus one music into a movie? -In which, me and Mei Yi sang along it. Wakaka.

I like the similarity in the beginning and the ending, both scene were set in the lift ( of which the audience one row behind me said that then they will hug together when the two businessmen were in the lift like exactly how it happened to the flatmates in the previous scene). Strong beginning and ending of a movie never fails to amuse me - regardless of how suck the movie is. Plus, this movie is good afterall.

This is not an ordinary musical show. It's more to... reality. Like, the crescendo and diminuendo effect as the glass door of the room opened and closed while the two businessmen were performing the so called musicals. And the focus on the nurse who scratched her leg while Eric Tan was confessing to Rafflesia Pong. Damn funny wei.

And the best thing about watching a local production is that - you could expect to see familiar places and even to spot familiar faces - which brings you closer to the movie. If you realise, the two ladies who fight for the taxi was at Petaling Street before they reached the house of one aunty's at Damansara. Petaling Street -->Damansara, freaking far wei. =.= Oh and, not forgetting the manglish and dia-mandarine (sien. Haha. It's just so us) they used in the movie which created the oh-so-Malaysian feel. Am wondering, do the judges who awarded the movie really understand the inside jokes?

Okayla, there are certain parts which are quite draggy. Like, the businessman chased after a fat assistant. I appreciate the arts they were trying to show at the escalator (if they ever meant so) but then, it shouldn't take that long la. Some of the jokes are quite lame too, especially those which were included in the conversation between the two businessmen.

Fine, girls being girls, what I wanna say is that, Peter Davis is still hot, despite that he was quite expressionless at times. That's the advantage of being blessed with good looks, sometimes it's so good to the extent that it covered up the flaws at other parts. Sigh. Sadly am not born with that.

By the way, is the naked director Yeo Joon Han himself?


joonhan said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for watching Sell Out!

Actually, the original/official title of the film IS "Sell Out!" For some reason, the other version got circulated around. It was just a title design we used in the film and on our posters.

And, uh, no, that Yeo Joon Han is not the director himself, ha ha.

Thanks again and take care,
joon han

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

*check the whole thing again*
*discovered lots of grammatical errors*
*more shy. bury face into pillow*

[joon han]
thanks for clearing my doubt on that naked director. wakaka.

Anonymous said...

gosh...shang,u got Joon Han's reply ya...what a big surprise!
i also jz watched tis movie's seems 2 b a new wave 4 local movie...a good job has been done.
I found tis movie is very closed 2 us especially 4 me coz tis movie not only talks abt Malaysian behavior n thought, but it's also shows d reality of our media/broadcast industry nowadays in terms of d viewers' demand on reality show, d unappreciation of art among Malaysians, v can always see those mixed bloods on TV screen bcoz of their 'pretty looking', Malaysians cant talks abt gov even though as d last word, etc...haha...funny...
such a creative black humor 4 all malaysians 2 watch ...
I also felt funny wif tat 2 scenes of waiting makes me recall 'In The Mood For Love' by Wong Kar-wai...haha...
Overall, it's really a movie tat worth for our support n appreciation :)

by Elaine Cheng