Saturday, May 9, 2009

This is why I'm fat

Background music: minus one version of Mim's This is Why I'm Hot

this is why I'm fat,
this is why I'm fat,
this is why, this is why I'm fat.
I'm fat cause I eat,
You ain't cause you don't,
This is why, this is why I'm fat.
(accompanied with some act-cool rapper style nods)
Yea. Cheesecake brownies, got the recipe from the Philadelphia website.
*lalala extra brownie points for me this is the first time I baked brownies and this is the first time I made the swirl and it turned out very beautiful.*

Okay. It definitely tastes much better than how it looks.
(die die wanna cover the fact that it looks ugly)

This is why. Am fat.

Yea. It's about food again.
Sien or not??
You might feel sien but I will never get bored with food lor.
(and this is why I'm fat).

And I feel that ever since I picked up baking, I become more and more aunty-ish.
I paid frequent visits to the grocery store, and I'm loving it.
The comparison of price, sad to say, do excites me.
And I remember I got so high when I visited Cold Storage,
(haiyoh, who would have visited that when I can opt for Giant Tesco Econsave which is more economically friendly????)
because I saw lots of new products that I have never seen in Giant Tesco Econsave.

And when I ran out of sugar, I would head immediately to the nearest convenient store to get it- without even bother to change the super loose t-shirt and 10-buck-pasar-malam shorts which were dusted with flour and cocoa powder.
I couldn't look more auntier with the eco-friendly bag I brought along.

And I just love creaming folding crushing blending (not forgetting eating),
the chemical reactions which happen between the materials simply giving me thrills.
While baking, I even listen bossa nova version of the contemporary pops instead of the original ones which definitely sound younger.

Isn't this sad?
When other 22-year-olds are blogging about parties happenings dance alcohols,
me talk about food.

Instead of a vision of me baking for my sons and my daughters,
Sometimes I have the vision of me (a 90-kg aunty) baking for my nieces and nephews,
who are playing around in the kitchen and keep on repeating aunty!aunty! I want this!! and asking silly questions like aunty! aunty! what are you doing? when it is clear that I am cutting the brownies for them,
because I am too keen to try on new recipes in the kitchen until I have forgotten to go out and mix around and socialise with people and hence I wouldn't be able to expand my social circle hence miss the chance to bump into my Mr. Right hence I would be single for the rest for my life hence I will have nothing better to do in the future because I am single hence I have to babysit my nephews and nieces when my brothers and sisters are working and paktohing with their spouses.


Fine. Am only 22 years old.
Think too much, I know.

I always post up food because I think they look more pleasant than I do (I mean it!).
This time, am gonna make the most pleaant look ever,
the conventional definition of beauty is to have big eyes sharp nose small lips sharp chins and porcelain skin right????

Nah. Here go.Sigh still can't go off from the aunty look (who is just injected with botox) despite having big eyes sharp nose small lips sharp chins porcelain skin beceause of the aunty hairstyle like that and the aunty loose t-shirt I hve mentioned just now.

Suan le ba.
Aunty then aunty la.
*takes a bite on the brownies*
*continue singing this is why I'm fat*

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