Monday, August 30, 2010

It's an assss' post

I purposely added another 2 S so that you wouldn't think of it as a post of detailed description of a buttock or a donkey.
Nor am I enraged with anything so please don't take the asss here as a vulgarity.
By this, I do mean the alphabet 'S'.

See, this is an amazing alphabet.
Stuff which begin with an S are splendid:

Too bad, my post is about neither of this.
BTW, save the shit.
I know some people are mentally imbalanced,
when someone speaks of good stuff,
they think of the opposite the rebut the speaker's statements.

Let's go back to the assss' post.

So it was Sunday.
See. Told you so.
It is an undeniably fact that both Saturday and Sunday are the favourite days of the week for many of you out there.
And both of the spelling start with S.

A bazaar will be held at Mist Club, hence April and I decided to check it out.
We need to find something to fill up our boring Sunday.
K I swear upon my body weight that it was not pre-planned.
It's so happen that we were wearing stripes.

Whoa daytime Mist.Good thing about daytime Mist club is that it's not misty at all.
Since it's a fashion bazaar,
no one is allowed to smoke (start with an S as well, but this is not good),
hence air was clear,
albeit there is still some leftover smell which trapped in the fabrical stuff in the club.
Well, it's good to enjoy the blasting music without having to breathe in the choking air.Look!! The DJ was wearing stripes as well!!

Shopping has always been girls' favourite activity.
Well it is not necessary to splurge in order to enjoy the joy in shopping.
Window shopping could be quite satisfying...
Alright, I feel guilty saying so and I can't go on anymore.
Window shopping can never satisfied my desire.
The ultimate purpose of shopping is to bring something home.
The whole process of shopping would render pointless and it's a waste of time if you end up nothing in the end.

It still doesn't mean that I have to spend lavishly.
Now I have to clarify something - some people thought that I am highly maintained.
Eh.. Please la. I am in actual fact a cheapskate.
I can safely say that I seldom buy normal price item - unless the original price is RM25.
I am more stingy than how you have thought I was.
I would rather spend more for a gastronomy adventure rather than for fashion.

Okay anyway,
so the fun part of shopping is something in the middle of splurging and buying nothing.
It is the discovery of something worth its price, something of which, when seen, looks more expensive than its cost.
(BTW, I just bought a second hand 50mm f1.8 lens for RM230.
Yea I heard your small voice: walao RM230 she said cheap. She is rich lah. but wait!
The first hand price of the lens is about RM330.
The 2nd hand would usually priced at about RM280.
You are lucky if you are able to find one at RM250.
So am I not the luckiest person to be able to get one at RM230??
It's not a super old lens in the first place!! The warranty period last until May2011.
Nah this is what you call a smart shopper lark)

Alright back to the bazaar.
The whole point of going to the bazaar is to hunt for cheap stuff.
Smart Shang has fulfilled this point in the satisfied level.
In the end, I only bought a top and a shorts - both of them are under RM30.

So it was still quite early when we done shopping in the bazaar.
We decided to continue our journey to Jalan Telawi.I heard small voices in you again: Hooiyoh Bangsar oh high class people oh.
That's what my friend teased me when I told him that I was shopping over there.

Wait lah. I haven't finished talking yet.
I did not manage to get anything from those boutiques at Telawi street - because those clothes cost more than I would want to spend.
Well, I believe that in most of the cases, it is not that you can't afford those pieces of clothes.
You can, if you want to get it.
It's just... it is overpriced lah.. it costs more than it is worth.

Okay I ended up buying only a laptop skin (RM15) and a handphone strap for my sis (RM5), *the said laptop skin*
after climbing up stairs and stairs and stairs.
Good way to burn calories though.

After a long while, we started to get hungry.
Unlike some of the Twitterians, we don't whine about it.
We do something more practical, like, hunting for food.

We ended up having something start with S again, (save that shit!)
Sushi it is!!
Double S this time, it's Sakae Sushi!!
Alright it's nothing fascinating about eating Sushi, so I have nothing much to talk about it.
Erm... Except that I terpoured April's green tea while attempting to get the menu.
And... Except that I was being clumsy while refilling my green tea and showered the table with hot water.
And... Except that I left my laptop skin at my seat and the staff kindly sent it back to me while I was paying at the cashier.

Nothing special other than this.

You see, I am one of those people who think that a perfect meal shall end with desserts.
I can safely say that I am addicted to sugar.
I will suffer from sugar withdrawal symptoms such as feeling sleepy, having runny rose, etc. if I don't give myself regular intakes of sugar.
I know, this is bad for my health but I just can't help it.
You know, it's like smoking.
It's not that I have ever tried smoking, I just feel that they can't quit because they encounter the similar problems too.

Anyway, I need some sugary stuff to satisfy my sweet tooth.
Hence cupcakes we went for!!We went for Bijou's which cost us RM5.50 each cupcakes.
Yes I know it's rather expensive for a cake because you could simply get a muffin for RM2.50 from King's but as I've said, I would rather spend more on food.

Sweet tooth's satisfaction.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

I was dumb. Hence I was surprised.

Thank you God I finally have peace in mind.
My auntie had been turning on the TV for hours and I couldn't write with such distractions.
Yes I could just move myself to my room but I am too lazy to do so.

I can't really let my friends read this post - they will laugh at me for being so cheesy.
Or maybe I should write less sentimental so that my friends wouldn't laugh at me even if they read it.

So it was a super spontaneous surprise party.

So I thought it was a normal 38 meet out before Ying Huey (Yim Fui thereof, I'm too used to her nickname, and I am called Shiong Wooi while Mei Yi is called Miao Yii) heading off to Seremban.

Everything started off like a normal night out,
except that Miao Yii was cradling her bag instead of carrying it as usual.
I did question her mindlessly and she gave me some vague answer which I have forgotten what was that la.
Yeap I am not quite of a curious person plus I was busy apologising for being an hour late because of the delay in the church practice.

In actual fact, the cake was in her bag so she has to carefully cradle it.
How dumb was I not to think of that.

Upon arrival at Lavazza,
we sat down and flipped through the menu like any other normal night out,
everything still going on like a normal night out,
except that both of them went to the toilet before ordering drinks.
Okay la there was nothing wrong with that since it was quite a long journey from our place to Lavazza and normal right if their bladders were full by then.
Then Yim Fui went out with quite a nervous look and announced that Miao Yii was menstruating and in need of sanitary napkins.
Well alright I offered mine but leh she rejected, saying that Miao Yii wanted her own and Yim Fui took the whole bag into the toilet.Okay la again there was nothing wrong with this because it's not necessary to let the whole world knows that she was menstruating la, not that she would be entitled any discount also, so it's really okay to fetch the bag instead of the pad itself.
Again I wasn't suspicious of anything because I was busy thinking what to eat and what to drink.The food which attracted and distracted me.

In actual fact, they were trying to contact the boys, knowing that the cafe is near to the futsal centre and put the cake into the fridge.
(I wanted to type put the fridge into the toilet, and after laughing at myself I wanted to type put the cake into the toilet.
Aisay brain is not functioning well wei)
How dumb was I that didn't even come across my mind.

Next we went on 38-ing as usual.
And we were the noisiest table in the cafe as usual.
Everything still went on as usual except that at one point, Yim Fui was winking and shaking head to the waiter!!!
I did wonder for a while and questioned her.
But then again, it was quite usual for us to interact with the staff in the cafe,
so I didn't really bother lah.

In actual fact, the waiter wanted to bring out the cake,
and Yim Fui was gesturing to stop him from doing so, as our friends were not there yet.
I wish I could see the scene of the waiter blowing off the lit up candles.
I wasn't really dumb not to think of that. I mean. Who would?

Everything still went on as usual except that when I was backed from toilet,
they switched place.
They wanted me to sit somewhere where my back face the main entrance so that it was easier for us to talk.
I didn't oblige and went on to sit at a place which I thought was even easier to talk.
Not that they insisted though.

In actual fact, they didn't want me to realise when our friends came in.
How dumb was I that didn't even strike my mind.

Coincidentally, Miao Yii was talked about one of her admirer who sent her messages which sent her goosebumps,
so, sampatly, I browsed Facebook.
Yim Fui grabbed the chance and trying to distract me by asking me to show her more pictures of the admirers'.

Everything went on as usual.
Halfway browsing, I heard someone singing the birthday song,
and I wanted to put my phone down and clap and sing along.
Yealar whenever there is a birthday celebration in public, I clap and sing enthusiastically to it.
How dumb was I.

When I looked up, I saw the hamka gang!!!
One of them had a chocolate square cake with lit up candles in his hand.
(who was that again... forgotten)

How could it be...???
Erm... why not??

Yes of course it could be but....

Alright at that point I was truly surprised and gone totally squint your eyes hard and look at my overly cheerful face!
Erm... not to say that it's a rare scene you could always ask me to show it to you.

I have never thought that it was my birthday celebration!!!
It's like, I have never gotten any unexpected surprises in my life (so pathetic right? Yea. most of the surprises were, sad to say, expected. so those were not truly surprises. Oh yea except for that bouquet of flower on the prom night. That's one true surprise.) and I was delighted until I was about to cry.
Okay I know they wanted me to cry but I did not (tahan. tahan. cannot cry. I didn't wear waterproof mascara that night).
They even had Kin Chung videotaping the whole process.

What could I say about that????

Surprises are really difficult to be thrown, especially when I am the driver.
My friends are really brilliant lah.

How should I thank them???
How could I not thank them???

Not to underestimate my friends, but seriously my friends have always been very cool and very sarcastic and I really never thought that they would work out such a plan lor.

My zimui Yim Fui and Miao Yii were the main organiser lah I know.
There were a lot of suspicious circumstances,
but I was too dumb to realise that lah.
I wasn't being too alert when I was with them.

Somehow I think God did its part too.

Had I not brought Mei Yi and Ying Huey to Lavazza, the party wouldn't have jadi.
Lavazza is a cafe which located near to the boys' futsal centre.
Initially, the boys couldn't make it because they would be playing futsal on the same night.
So technically speaking, they were just passing by (hence all in jerseys as would be seen in the pictures) the cafe before heading to their games.
Nevermind, it was sufficient.
I was touched to the max lah I should say.
Alright not that I am being very unhappy throughout the whole year, my life is not that pathetic la but that one indeed is my happiest day of the year!!!

See I was so delighted until I wore that gum-exposing smiles on my face in all the pictures.

Another thing that was right to the spot:
all this while,
my mei and I had been talking about trying the Classical Opera and guess what?
It so coincidentally that Miao Yii chosen Opera as my birthday cake!!
See she really can read my mind!!
Memang my soulmate....!

Additional surprise!!! Doubling the happiness!!
Lavazza staff thought that it was my birthday,
and they gave us the complimentary set of desserts!!
Boy that was what I had been dying for!!!
Albeit Yim Fui opined that those were the leftovers of the day, I still felt very satisfied!!!
And it wasn't even my birthday!!!
Holy mama how could things go so smooth????

Really people,
thank you so much.
I feel appreciated and I really appreciate it.

Even Carpy sprang out when I opened the glass door.
Poor thing it was 2am and he was waiting for me...!Manja!

According to my grandma he refused to go up to his bed and remained lying in the living room.
How touching it was when you know that someone (or something) is waiting for you at home...

And I feel worry again.
I always feel so when there is too much of good stuff happen at once.
It's like.. I will use up my happiness quota and I can't feel happy anymore...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

it's complicated

That does not apply to my relationship status.
I am single, simple as that.

By that, I am referring to my current mood.

I shall be happy.

My exam result has just released.
I did not pass in flying colors, but at the very least, they are running, or walking, if you want to put it that way.
I made it through to CLP anyway.

I shall be happy.

I was once happy.
I have never put any expectation over my result.
All I ask of is just to get a key to CLP - and now I've got it.

Everything has gone so well, until that image flash my mind.

My dad.

Being the eldest among the siblings,
he is putting high expectation over me,
that I shall be good, as I am always the role model for the younger ones.
I got rather decent result last year, which leads him to expect of the same from me this year.

I texted him to result, and 'second lower is a sure thing for you lah...' is what he has replied in text.
'anyway, you still deserve a congratulations.' he added.

Later, my dad called me.
I could sense disappointment in his voice.
I could hear myself convincing him this is not that important, as long as I get a decent result for the Certificate of Legal Practice.
It is not that important, as long as I make competent presentation in an interview.

Well, he responded by saying that his not-so-excellent result is anything but something to assist him to have his current achievement.
Yes I have to agree.
He made an attempt to comfort both of us.

Dad, you phailed lah.

You added something about the master degree in law.
Yea, with my result, I can't get a key to that door.
I could do MBA though, I told my dad.
Erm... I hope.

My eyes welled up as soon as I ended the call.
I could then feel the warmth of tears on my cheeks.
It should not be that fashion.
I shall be smiling.

I have disappointed my dad.
I am sorry.

Now I'm thinking, I have been a good nerdie girl for 3 years,
am I doing it for myself or my dad?
Come to think of it,
my dad was the one who chosen this path for me.
I was aimless afterall.
While people ask me, why law?
I would say, I have nothing better to do, and my dad wishes that I could be a lawyer.
That's the truth.

Still, I am happy for myself.
I gave in my best.

CLP, here I come.
At least I'm still on the right path.

p/s: my dad is the best man in the world,
don't you ever think low of him.
He just expected highly of me, and I did not meet his expectation.
That's all.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The narrator

I think I have been reading too much I have started to narrate my own life.

When I had my hands off the book, I could hear a faint little voice echoing in my mind, trying to search through the sea of vocabulary to describe whatever I was doing.

Erm I can assure you that I am not having any psychological disorder.
(most of the psycho patients say so anyway but that's different.
I am perfectly normal.
I am having holiday, perfectly relax, what could possibly make me go cuckoo?)

See, at the current moment, my narrator says:

While her fingers were still moving across the keyboard,
frequently pressing the backspace button to erase off the errors made,
her eyeballs rolled to the side while she was still facing the laptop.

She could only have a clearer mind so as to generate a better thought when she was not having thousands of letters in sight..

Yealar. Something like this lah.

The little voice wouldn't just go away.

See see it's coming again.

She frown.
The thought that she has a voice in her mind made her feel so sick.

Die lah. I can't get rid of the voice.
It's like I have turned into some character in the book and the author is trying to describe my thought, my movements and my everything so the reader could get what I am doing now.

Perhaps I really should take a break from reading.
For the past few days I have became a total nerd that I even brought a book to the buffet lunch.
*gasp* it's coming again.

The yummylicious little treats were placed before her but it seemed like her eyes were locked to those lines and nothing else could attract her attention.
This is not usual.
Food used to be at the position of the book - her eyes were locked to the food and nothing else could attract her attention.
'One more chapter,' she thought.
Chapters after chapters, the delectables still remain untouched.

Things are getting serious as food does not intrigue me as much as a book does!!
Food used to be top of the list and it is definitely unbeatable okay?

My holiday shall not only about books.

I shall start doing something else.
I can't just stick my butt onto the couch whole day and indulged myself between the lines.
First, churchmate is calling for my assistance to become the pianist for their songfest.
Yes, I will go, despite that I am not close to any of them and I am not a believer and I have different mindset with them but hey, it is something else beside books.

Second, one of the twitterian (hi CK! I doubt you will be reading though) will be having birthday celebration tomorrow at Yuen's and yes I will be there, despite that I have lose interest in food and the buffet price I will be paying does not worth the amount of food intake but hey, it is something else beside books.


Okay at least I am not going entirely anti social.
Good for me.

She's here... Again....

She smiled in satisfaction at her outing plans which are sprinkled over the calendars,
thinking that she has a life,
and it's not all about books.

Please go die you little prick.
I don't wanna hear your voice anymore.

Secretly cursing her little narrator, she squinted her eyes, as if it helped in getting rid of it.
Back in her mind,
she clearly knows that it is not that easy.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Right just look at the title.
That is the exact mood of mine.

Grumpy it is.

So you may have heard from me: I've been assigned a very heavy task by my dad.

I have to escort my mei to the college.

- Wake up!!
Rising unnaturally against my biological clock (my sleeping time is set at 2am-11pm) makes me grumpy.
It could be the alarm. Or the knocking on the door (by Carpy!!). Or the drilling sound from neighbour's renovation.
Whatever it is, I don't feel good being waken that way.

- Makan
In a rush.
I have no time for that!!
I am running late!!
Oh no. Not me. My mei will be running late if I take my own sweet time.
Right. 3-in-1 oat. One gulp. Gao dim.
Should add some fruits into my diet.
It's messy to eat dragon fruit, kiwi requires slicing into half and I have to wash off the pesticide on the strawberry before eating. Gah screw it! Let me stress again, I have not time for that! My mei is waiting in the car already!!!

- Getting ready
Be fast! I better be!
I have to shower!! I usually do not wash my hair at night and 24 hours of not cleaning it would leave it greasy! Yuck.
10 minutes for cleaning up and arrrrr..... no time for drying my hair.
And what to wear????
Arghhh I have no idea!!!!
Haiyah I will just grab whatever it is on the bed.

-Main task
To keep an eye on mei when she's driving.
As I have stressed before, I slept at 4am. Sleep deprived. How to be alert when I am at the passenger seat doing nothing??
I doze off instead - which I'm not supposed to be.
When I open my eyes, what I have in sight is the college's parking area.
Every amateur driver pursues terrible parking skill - I used to be one too
That's another main thing in the job scope - direct my mei when she's attempting side or reverse parking.
After 10 or 15 minutes when she's finally got into the parking space, we have to wait for the lift to get to the ground floor.
My task is done at the moment.

Look for some place to hang out for 3 hours.
Summit is not a place for shopping.
What to do laaaaaaaa???
K manage to hang around in a zombified way for 3 hours,
it's then time to get back to my mei

-Main task.
Refer to the above section.

My life sucks right.

Not so.
Erase off the negative elements, let's inject some optimism into life.

-Rise and shine
Hmm how awesome is it to rise when the sun ray is still comforting warm, instead of the piercing hot one.
I went to the slumberland quite early the night before and boy my body loves it too~

- Gastronomy study
No rocket science required.
It is indeed fabulous to kick start the day with muesli and milk.
Kiwi, strawberry and dragon fruit do add some colors to my breakfast.
A cube of Cadbury chocolate with mint filling wouldn't hurt much.

- Clean and beam
It is vital to have a fresh me for the fresh day - greasy hair do serious damage to my image.
My hair loves Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration by the way - not only does it keep my locks moisture, it leaves a pleasant smell too.

- Solely soul sisters
That is the main point of the job - speed controller.
Chatting is always welcomed even it is an amateur who's driving provided that a slightly experienced one keep an eye on the amateur.

- Hang out loud
Books and laptop is my best company when I'm alone.
The only stuff that bothers me is whether I should go for green tea or coffee.
3 hours would never be enough when you experiencing a pulse-quickening read - by this I mean Dan Brown's.
Oh plus, I could update my rotting blog - that's what I'm doing now.

- Way back home
Routine in the car repeated.
More chatting and laughing.
Packed some tidbits for mei - jamming back from Subang to Cheras could be really time consuming.

See. Things could be much more fabulous!!!
In fact, the second scenario happened on the first few days.
Things turn sour over time.
In addition, I slept at 4am - it matters. Scroll up to the first step, I feel grumpy if I don't wake up in the natural way. The whole regime torn from the very beginning.

Sigh. So in order to have a good day, I shall start sleeping early.