Saturday, August 28, 2010

I was dumb. Hence I was surprised.

Thank you God I finally have peace in mind.
My auntie had been turning on the TV for hours and I couldn't write with such distractions.
Yes I could just move myself to my room but I am too lazy to do so.

I can't really let my friends read this post - they will laugh at me for being so cheesy.
Or maybe I should write less sentimental so that my friends wouldn't laugh at me even if they read it.

So it was a super spontaneous surprise party.

So I thought it was a normal 38 meet out before Ying Huey (Yim Fui thereof, I'm too used to her nickname, and I am called Shiong Wooi while Mei Yi is called Miao Yii) heading off to Seremban.

Everything started off like a normal night out,
except that Miao Yii was cradling her bag instead of carrying it as usual.
I did question her mindlessly and she gave me some vague answer which I have forgotten what was that la.
Yeap I am not quite of a curious person plus I was busy apologising for being an hour late because of the delay in the church practice.

In actual fact, the cake was in her bag so she has to carefully cradle it.
How dumb was I not to think of that.

Upon arrival at Lavazza,
we sat down and flipped through the menu like any other normal night out,
everything still going on like a normal night out,
except that both of them went to the toilet before ordering drinks.
Okay la there was nothing wrong with that since it was quite a long journey from our place to Lavazza and normal right if their bladders were full by then.
Then Yim Fui went out with quite a nervous look and announced that Miao Yii was menstruating and in need of sanitary napkins.
Well alright I offered mine but leh she rejected, saying that Miao Yii wanted her own and Yim Fui took the whole bag into the toilet.Okay la again there was nothing wrong with this because it's not necessary to let the whole world knows that she was menstruating la, not that she would be entitled any discount also, so it's really okay to fetch the bag instead of the pad itself.
Again I wasn't suspicious of anything because I was busy thinking what to eat and what to drink.The food which attracted and distracted me.

In actual fact, they were trying to contact the boys, knowing that the cafe is near to the futsal centre and put the cake into the fridge.
(I wanted to type put the fridge into the toilet, and after laughing at myself I wanted to type put the cake into the toilet.
Aisay brain is not functioning well wei)
How dumb was I that didn't even come across my mind.

Next we went on 38-ing as usual.
And we were the noisiest table in the cafe as usual.
Everything still went on as usual except that at one point, Yim Fui was winking and shaking head to the waiter!!!
I did wonder for a while and questioned her.
But then again, it was quite usual for us to interact with the staff in the cafe,
so I didn't really bother lah.

In actual fact, the waiter wanted to bring out the cake,
and Yim Fui was gesturing to stop him from doing so, as our friends were not there yet.
I wish I could see the scene of the waiter blowing off the lit up candles.
I wasn't really dumb not to think of that. I mean. Who would?

Everything still went on as usual except that when I was backed from toilet,
they switched place.
They wanted me to sit somewhere where my back face the main entrance so that it was easier for us to talk.
I didn't oblige and went on to sit at a place which I thought was even easier to talk.
Not that they insisted though.

In actual fact, they didn't want me to realise when our friends came in.
How dumb was I that didn't even strike my mind.

Coincidentally, Miao Yii was talked about one of her admirer who sent her messages which sent her goosebumps,
so, sampatly, I browsed Facebook.
Yim Fui grabbed the chance and trying to distract me by asking me to show her more pictures of the admirers'.

Everything went on as usual.
Halfway browsing, I heard someone singing the birthday song,
and I wanted to put my phone down and clap and sing along.
Yealar whenever there is a birthday celebration in public, I clap and sing enthusiastically to it.
How dumb was I.

When I looked up, I saw the hamka gang!!!
One of them had a chocolate square cake with lit up candles in his hand.
(who was that again... forgotten)

How could it be...???
Erm... why not??

Yes of course it could be but....

Alright at that point I was truly surprised and gone totally squint your eyes hard and look at my overly cheerful face!
Erm... not to say that it's a rare scene you could always ask me to show it to you.

I have never thought that it was my birthday celebration!!!
It's like, I have never gotten any unexpected surprises in my life (so pathetic right? Yea. most of the surprises were, sad to say, expected. so those were not truly surprises. Oh yea except for that bouquet of flower on the prom night. That's one true surprise.) and I was delighted until I was about to cry.
Okay I know they wanted me to cry but I did not (tahan. tahan. cannot cry. I didn't wear waterproof mascara that night).
They even had Kin Chung videotaping the whole process.

What could I say about that????

Surprises are really difficult to be thrown, especially when I am the driver.
My friends are really brilliant lah.

How should I thank them???
How could I not thank them???

Not to underestimate my friends, but seriously my friends have always been very cool and very sarcastic and I really never thought that they would work out such a plan lor.

My zimui Yim Fui and Miao Yii were the main organiser lah I know.
There were a lot of suspicious circumstances,
but I was too dumb to realise that lah.
I wasn't being too alert when I was with them.

Somehow I think God did its part too.

Had I not brought Mei Yi and Ying Huey to Lavazza, the party wouldn't have jadi.
Lavazza is a cafe which located near to the boys' futsal centre.
Initially, the boys couldn't make it because they would be playing futsal on the same night.
So technically speaking, they were just passing by (hence all in jerseys as would be seen in the pictures) the cafe before heading to their games.
Nevermind, it was sufficient.
I was touched to the max lah I should say.
Alright not that I am being very unhappy throughout the whole year, my life is not that pathetic la but that one indeed is my happiest day of the year!!!

See I was so delighted until I wore that gum-exposing smiles on my face in all the pictures.

Another thing that was right to the spot:
all this while,
my mei and I had been talking about trying the Classical Opera and guess what?
It so coincidentally that Miao Yii chosen Opera as my birthday cake!!
See she really can read my mind!!
Memang my soulmate....!

Additional surprise!!! Doubling the happiness!!
Lavazza staff thought that it was my birthday,
and they gave us the complimentary set of desserts!!
Boy that was what I had been dying for!!!
Albeit Yim Fui opined that those were the leftovers of the day, I still felt very satisfied!!!
And it wasn't even my birthday!!!
Holy mama how could things go so smooth????

Really people,
thank you so much.
I feel appreciated and I really appreciate it.

Even Carpy sprang out when I opened the glass door.
Poor thing it was 2am and he was waiting for me...!Manja!

According to my grandma he refused to go up to his bed and remained lying in the living room.
How touching it was when you know that someone (or something) is waiting for you at home...

And I feel worry again.
I always feel so when there is too much of good stuff happen at once.
It's like.. I will use up my happiness quota and I can't feel happy anymore...


My said...

hoo hoo~!!
ur happiest day in the year???



good good~!!

btw, carpybee is sooooo cute neh~~
ang gu gu...

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[My] seriously.. how can it not be the happiest day in my life?