Monday, July 28, 2008

Let him tell you what is a true smile

I am not really close to this guy.
When a girl say a guy 'cute', she normally mean that guy is handsome.

I don't define cute in the same way. Frankly speaking, this guy does not have those drop dead gorgeous model look. But still, I think that he is cute.I'm saying this because of his smile.Remember what I have written in my previous post?

I said,
'There was once, my chinese teacher asked me in the class: "If you could only choose one thing in your life,
what would it be?" "My smile =)". I proudly answered that weird Q she tossed to me, accompanied by a playful grin, showing off my rabbit teeth. That was the real me.'

People said I look hot yadda yadda, but I don't think I look good in those pictures because I can't see me smiling. You see, how a smile is important to me.

I know some of the girls who smile to the mirror, try to catch the best angle of themselves so that they look good in pictures. Well you look fabulous, you look attractive... but so what? That smile is so not real.Girl, let me know if you don't like your picture to be here.

He, the guy who doesn't need to practise smiling in front of the mirror, but still, manage to show us the beauty of smiling.Just look at his smile. (Or grin wakaka)Not those really layaning type of smile,
Not smiling for the sake of smiling,he is smiling from his heart, and look at his eyes, smiling eyes.Wonderful. Incomparably true smile you see.


BUT!! try to imagine this,
so you learn the power of smiling,
you started to smile with your heart,
with your eyes,
with every muscle on your face,
and you confidently flash your smile to everyone you meet in the day.

Then, you back home, look at the mirror, intend to flash the last smile to yourselves before preparing to sleep, and to your horror, you see...


That damn spinach you had for lunch was stuck between your teeth - for one whole day.


Don't you wish that you have never smiled throughout the day?

So Nigel, I am giving you this~~Braun OB S18 toothbrush.

Actually there are some other options of oral care available at RealMart the online shopping centre, such as the Braun D12 Vitality Precision Clean - Oral Care - D12 and the Braun Oral-B Toothbrush - D8013 Bright. The reason of me giving Nigel Braun OB S18 because... because.. erm... it is the most expensive one.

Well, I don't mean that you have to carry that toothbrush everywhere and brush your teeth everytime you have your meal (although it is recommended by dentist)

And I don't mean I have ever seen spinach stuck between your teeth too.
But since your smile has become your icon (at least I do think so), I will be happier to see some more flashy smiles~ (cue: Ching)

Keep on spreading that art of smiling~ ^^People, just smile, showing off your teeth.

Like this.Smile. It's not the end of the world=)

*credits to - Nigel himself. All the pictures are stolen from his blog - without his permission. =p

Oh and, thanks to Nuffnang and Realmart, for giving me this idea to blog about. I feel like typing something tonight but I have got nothing to blog about.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

This is so not me

It seems that I have done lotsa things which are not of my style.
[refer to the previous post]

I have never thought that I would be a so called model.
I didn't even know there was such thing as free shooting.
I didn't know photographers who need models for their shootings would actually post up bulletins on Friendsters.
Thanks to April.
Eh you look at my shoelaces. I'm 21 this year and still have not learnt how to tie shoelaces properly. Macam budak wakaka. And by the way, this pair of heels cost me RM20 only~ Brilliant buy~
And oh, someone commented that I showed my ketiaks quite frequent (and this pretty much disgusted Arthur wakaka).

But Toby Chiang, I don't use shaver nor Veets, I used an epilator, which would instantly plucked off those unpleasant hair, leaving my armpit clean and smooth and fair. And that is why I dare to show them off wakaka.
Nah. All those 'showing off the armpit' pictures you meant.
Not a professional model, can't expect that much.
Really don't know how to pose lor. Plus, I did this shooting for fun only.And Toby, if you can ever find 1 hair, I give you one cent for each. Wakaka.

Tadaaaaaa...... The ultimate one. Showing two armpits at once. Come come, 1 cent for each hair you found.But hor, despite the fact the I have nice armpits, my arms are flabby.

Yuck. So unpleasant.This black babydoll top is actually not as nice as how I thought it to be. I bought it in Bijou Bazaar for RM25 without trying it on. =p

Although I have received some compliments,

But I feel that this is so not me.
There was once, my chinese teacher asked me in the class:
"If you could only choose one thing in your life,
what would it be?"

"My smile =)".
I proudly answered that weird Q she tossed to me, accompanied by a playful grin, showing off my rabbit teeth. That was the real me.

My face looked so dull in these pictures without my smiling. My smiley face has gone.

I miss it.*Actually this is also a fake-it pic. I remember vividly that I was crying because I was damn stressed up. My besties thought that some shootings would make me feel better*

I guess I was just afraid, and lack of confidence. I am wearing braces, and I am not willing to show them off. It's not easy to get shooting for someone who is wearing braces.

Well, that's why I said, these pictures are so not me.


Anyway, let me tell you guys, actually it's not easy to 'act slim' lor. I have this 28-inch-waistline and the photographer kept asking me to 'tuck in your tummy, show off your breast' (not that long, he just said deng hong kat put in cantonese). And you know what? Actually I had been constipated for ... god knows how many days. (Chung Shang Hui you are writing gross stuff again. Wakaka) You see, there is really no space for me to tuck in that full-of-shit tummy. Damn difficult.

And hor, browse up again and take a look on that turquoise and purple top.
Belongs to the photographer. (I normally don't wear such tops. And I can't afford to own a piece of Guess)
In size XS.


I am a typical size M and how the hell am I going to squeeze all my flesh into some size XS top?

And you see, I did. And that is why the outcome are terrible - that is also why I didn't post up much pictures of me in those two tops.

Oh and by the way, I am selling that dress. Of course not the same piece. I've taken this piece because it kinda match with my heels. My favourite purple. Ngek ngek ngek. I'm selling the other two which are in different colors - yellow and green. Someone thought that it's from Solemate. Not that expensive, babe. Wakaka.

Nah, my blogshop.

Lastly. lesson of the day.

"Huh? Even a chubby girl who wear braces and has zero knowledge and experience in photoshooting like her can get free shootings?"

Yealar. Can. Those who wish to get free shootings, just go and search for those yadda yadda freelancer group in friendster.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I can't believe it

I was one of them.

Those girls in sheer white halter top, white cheerleader skirts which are not more than 10 inches, with fluttering fake eyelashes and tacky glossy lips, who were trying to increase the sales of the newly launched product.

Showing off those new products by the company which hired them for RM100 a day, with RM3 of commission for each item sold. And oh, flashing their delicious smile just to attract more customers. Mine couldn't be any delicious with the braces anyway.

Oh, my, god. I can't believe that I would be one of them one day.

So one day my friend April texted me and offered me this job at Low Yat Plaza. The paid tempted me + I had got nothing better to do these few days since bay bee has gone. So I went for it.

3 days, standing in front of the booth, with 3 other girls which are obviously looked more delicious than me, and 5 other guys which two of them were the supervisors, for freaking 12 hours. Oh, not that long. I was just exaggerating. We actually had 2 hours of break.

Those 3 girls are, you know, those really short and cute type in some UK size 6 figure. I looked gigantic if compared to them, at least I am half a head taller than them, and I am at least a UK size 10. All 3 of them were wearing fake eyelashes for those 3 days, except for me, who layered and layered my eyelashes with mascara, trying to be make it look fake, just didn't want to be alienated. Anyway, I was still alienated because I didn't put thick foundation and glittering eye shadows because I only have those normal type. Oh and, I wore braces.

They were being nice to me, face to face. But my friend heard them talking about me - in a negative way. Sigh. Expected.

Let's talk about the guys. The fattest one only talked to pretty girls, i.e., he didn't talk to me at all throughout these 3 days. The slimmest one looked very shy and seldom talked, but he was good in selling products. The last one, whom my boyfriend feel very jealous for, was being close to me. We got to know we stayed near on the first day, and took LRT together while going and returning. Sigh, sad to say that, I didn't spend my lunch and dinner with girls, I spent with him.

Alright, enough talking about people.

My job.

I was pretty lucky on the first day. I managed to hit the minimum sales target. I didn't talk much though.

The 2nd day was suck. For the first 7 fucking hours, I didn't manage to sell out even one. My persuasive skill wasn't that good I guess. I talked until I got ulcers and yet, I still had to still continued going on like 'MP3 or MP4, sir?' Suck. Freaking frustrated. I couldn't handle it easily. Almost wanted to cry. I could feel the tears in the corner of my eyes everytime I shouted 'MP3, MP4, sir?' Haih I just couldn't hold my tears. Why am I like that...

I hid in the toilet, trying to calm myself down by taking few deep breaths (what... the toilet in Low Yat Plaze doesn't stink okay? Don't believe go try lahhhh). I squatted in the cubicle, buried my face into my palm, tried not to think of the zero sales. Tried to make myself feel better by taking an 'oh I'm so pathetic' syok sendiri picture. Sucky to the Maxi. Oh I was really so pathetic.

Frown. Eh I think I look kinda cute in this picture leh. No wonder so many lalas love to take pictures with this angle.

For the 3rd day, I decided not to work hard. I enjoyed my job to the max, I showed off those products as if I really really liked it, and chattered with customers who approached me. I didn't think of the sales target at all. It was really okay if I got a zero. I don't care. I don't mind. Just let it be.

Surprisingly! I managed to get the highest target among these three days. -.- -.- -.- Why la god wanna treat me like that. Sending me a message like don't have to work so difficult la, work so difficult no use one, take life easier la.

This is the first time I feel that it is painful to gain something.

Oh anyway I exchanged my painful earning with a Fitness First membership. Walao. Who can teach me how to save money arr??

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Traveled all the way from Bandar Tasik Selatan to KL Sentral, then to Subang Jaya, then back to KL Sentral again, to Bangsar. Then take a cab from Bangsar to KL Sentral, then back to Bandar Tasik Selatan. 1, 2, 3, 4.. whoa, have been through 25 stations. Alone.

Sigh. This is not the first time I took a train. I have took it for many many many many times.
But it's the first time I went through so many stations alone. I felt that I have traveled back to my old days, those days while I was wearing the frameless specs, wearing white collared shirt and that skyblue pinafore. Those days when I did everything alone. It wasn't that I didn't have friends in those days. I didn't like to trouble my friends. When I shopped, I didn't like my friends to wait outside the changing room. When I was lost, my friends didn't have to share my troubles. Yep, I assume it my troubles. I have tried walking from Leisure Mall to my house which was located in Taman Connaught, alone. It's like.. 2kms? I didn't drop at the station which was nearest to my house because I craved for the Apple Pie / Oreo McFlurry which were only available in Leisure Mall by then.

Everything has changed. Now there is a McDonald's which I could easily reach within 5 minutes of walking distance from my house, as compared to the freaking 30 minutes to Leisure Mall. And I have not used to be alone, after pampered by my boyfriend, my family and my friends. I did everything with someone else. I have lose the ability to be independent.

I have totally changed. I need a companion for everything I do. Where has all my consideration gone?
Today, I have gained it back. Independence, it's in my hand now. I have to, although I don't really wish to. I understand that 21-year-old girl should not be too reliable. I could see the world clearer today - because no one was there to be with me. I could hear the snoring of that lady who was sitting in front of me. I could see that Malay girl banged on the train's window to ask those selfish ones who were blocking the entrance to move to the centre. I could see that little kid was still happily playing with his mom despite the warm and suffocating environment in the KTM.

I wanted to share my happiness of buying some awesome dresses for RM25 at Bijou Bazaar. I wanted to complain when the train was delayed for 15 minutes while my customer was already waiting me at the destination. (sorry Melissa, if you are reading. Really sorry) I wanted to make faces when I felt suffocated in the crowded train. I wanted to pinch someone when the taxi driver was telling some lame jokes. But I couldn't. There was no one with me today.

I was being independent for one day. And I will be facing more of these days.

Alone. No. There won't be this picture without the assistance of my friends. Turned my head to the other side because I was laughing.

Acting alone? Now you really are.

God knows me well


You see, I was being grumpy because I kept thinking that I would be very free. Though I had to send my brother all the way to Petaling Street to meet his girlfriend who stayed at YWCA. -.- It was not that he couldn't drive nor he didn't know the way, it was simply because my grandma was worried that he couldn't drive or he didn't know the road, which was totally contrary to the fact. It's like going back to college even on my holiday. 13kms of distance. What a good sister I am. Quite reluctant to be a good sister anyway.

Sigh. Ying Huey wasn't free to layan me because she had to busy with her school orientation. So I have to back home. I couldn't go shopping because I didn't have the mood to. Shit I have lose the interest to shop. Anyway, I went home after that. (Then gotta go all the way to Petaling Street to fetch my bro when he's done)

I was being sulky (partly was because of those stupid menstrual syndrome) for lack of companion. My boyfriend is with his family at Sabah, QQ is enjoying her summer or winter at Queensland, Mei Yi is enjoying the breeze and the fresh air at Kedah and Ying Huey is busy with her school orientation event. Others.. studying, working.. Find your collegemates la... Ceh as if I have not thought of it before. Most of them have backed to Kampung. Not much of KLites in my college.

Anyway, when I turned into a junction, I saw Ying Huey!!! I got very excited and horned and tried to waved with her, showing my brightest smile, hoping that she could see me. But she didn't. 1 second after that, I heard a 'BANG!!!!!!!!'. Okay la, not that loud. it's just a 'BANG!!!'


I crashed into a lorry with a metal container. But thank god. It wasn't as serious as last time. I still could drive my car. Was being quite nervous but not as nervous a
s last time. Last time tried to act cool but couldn't. I cried. Today was better, I even waved with the driver in the Kelisa who offered to help. I slowly reserved the car, then drove off again.

Well, I was thinking,

God knows me well.

I was ranting (to myself) about how free I would be in these few days because I am lack of companion to go anywhere. Then, God heard me and gave me this duty. I had to contact the insurance agent, the repairman, Jia Liang who is going to bring me tothe repair shop because he knows that place well, explain to my family of what happened yadda yadda. Oh gosh. My life was so packed now. I've got so many things to do now.

Thank you god.
See. Not that serious.
Really. Not that serious. Luckily the front light wasn't crashed. I wouldn't have to replace it.

For those whom may concern, I'm okay~
Oh by the way, my hamster gave birth to five babies again.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Midnight Ranting

I wanted to put the title 'Now I realise I love you guys so much -_-' but someone said that I have been using these kind of titles recently - which some of them not even related to the post. So I'm using a super boring (although those You know I love you yadda yadda title is not less than boring but at least it makes people think why am I using that title) title which could directly tell the story of the whole post.

I feel damn depressed now. No, depressed is not the right word. It's hard to describe this feeling. Everytime I had fun with my friends, I would feel so - especially if I come home after 2am - which is like super rare for me. Tonight I met 2 gang of long-time-no-see friends and had lots of fun listening to the rantings of a heart-broken friend in the first gang and taking pictures with a DSLR camera and sharing the stories of the two friends who will going to leave us soon. So, do the math, means my depression level was doubled up. These two are some of my favourite gangs, the pianoforte gang and the Connaughtian gang. And I was meeting my favourite gangs at once - can you say I'm not the luckiest girl in the world?

Really gotta thanks Yen Yee for making this happened. The story went like this. It were Yen Yee and me who set the date, ignoring the fact that I wouldn't be able to make it on this day. But we have to make it on the date because the two main characters, i.e., Hwai Li and Kai Zhen whom we set the whole thing for could only make it on these day. We thought of making the farewell party separately but.. you know.. it wouldn't be that fun. Actually Hwai Li also suggested me to leave the first event half way on and joined them but I refused to because I have an ability to lose my way. Anyway, Yen Yee thought of the most brilliant idea in the world which is to moved the venue to somewhere near my dinner.

Okay let me talk about my first dinner. It was Kah Hoe's 21st birthday and his mom who really really really appreciate it decided to celebrate it in a big way and organised a dinner for some close relatives and Kah Hoe's friend at Kam Lun Tai, Sri Petaling. Kah Hoe is my so-called brother in the so-called 'musical family'. It sounds lame but, well, it was music who brought us together. Very ngam ma. Oh by the way it was a buffet style dinner instead of a 9-course meal one. And one weird thing is that they are using polystyrene plate instead of the plastic one. Anyway, I had fun listening to the rantings of the hear-broken stranger to the family, Hon Kit (he was a stranger because he missed the performance who connected us). No I'm not that cruel but I'm pretty sure that everyone was feeling funny instead of sorry for him because he made it in a very funny way and he didn't look sad. Sad at here *point to the heart* maybe.

So after that my friends went to meet me there and led me to Island Cafe, Jalan Kuchai Lama which is quite near to Sri Petaling [Yen Yee, Thank q..........]. Omg I felt I was so important because there were 3 cars who waited for me just to lead me. Nola it was just the gathering point.

Basically it didn't go like a farewell party while more like a secondary school gathering as the attention of the night was not paid promptly to Hwai Li and Kai Zhen but instead to that deck of cards and the DSLR camera which belongs to Yeng Chern's boyfriend.

We had some really precious moment, in catching up with each others and taking pictures. I was glad that I was in this chit-chat circle instead of that Chor D circle -_-. It seemed that they were the strangers to our gang because there were no connection between us at all - oh, except for the bill and the tables. What la you guys. At least give some face to our two friends who will be going to leave us soon okay? And there is this guy, who would just spend his sweet time, say like, at least 45 minutes in talking on the phone with his girlfriend. -_- No exception for every gathering. Oh ya, otherwise, he would kept smsing. His friend told me this guy's average phone bill would cause him RM800. Crazee. But doesn't matter la because he is kind of wealthy - at least he drives a Volvo S80 haha.

Ceh why am I keep talking about this guy. Anyway once again, thank you Yen Yee. I would have missed all those if I chose not to attend, which was the earlier intention. Sigh. But it ended.

And that's why I felt so... oh, I know what word I can use. EMO. It's a word for every feeling which couldn't be described. Emo is a word which is much utilised by the lalas and the ah bengs but I don't care la. I'm feeling EMO. I was surrounded with the laughters and those bilibalas just now and all of the sudden, it turned so quiet. I could only hear the tickery-tick sound of the clock and the tap-tap sound of my laptop. Dead Silence. I feel emo tonight.

p/s: And Hwai Li and Kai Zhen, your thank you message make me feel like crying.


Something pleasant to neutralise the sight you have seen earlier

Me again

Something nice to neutralise what you have seen earlier
It will go on by this sequence


Beautiful people


Beautiful people
Sick of seeing ME??

MORE MEsssss!!!!!

See I was teaching my so called son JL of how to be retarded~

The retarded mother and son~

And it seemed he was pretty obsessed to it.
I'm out of caption.

Define 'yong sui'.

Good kissers we are. The wide one and the sharp one.
Eh I tell you, I can lick my own nose... can you?
Pictures credit to Jayz Yung~

Taking a picture of the display of the camera.

The original one....
Taken by Arthur.
People's boyfriends love to take beautiful pictures of their girlfriends', this guy is different...
Always ask me to make all kinds of goofy looks, which I never hesitated to do so.. haha..
What to do la... Never look good in any picture...
Make some funny faces.. At least it makes you laugh... You didn't? Alright, at least it makes myself laugh~

Okay back to the farewell...
Putting this up because Elaine looks so cute~!


Farewell Hwai Li~!! Farewell Kai Zhen~!!