Sunday, July 27, 2008

This is so not me

It seems that I have done lotsa things which are not of my style.
[refer to the previous post]

I have never thought that I would be a so called model.
I didn't even know there was such thing as free shooting.
I didn't know photographers who need models for their shootings would actually post up bulletins on Friendsters.
Thanks to April.
Eh you look at my shoelaces. I'm 21 this year and still have not learnt how to tie shoelaces properly. Macam budak wakaka. And by the way, this pair of heels cost me RM20 only~ Brilliant buy~
And oh, someone commented that I showed my ketiaks quite frequent (and this pretty much disgusted Arthur wakaka).

But Toby Chiang, I don't use shaver nor Veets, I used an epilator, which would instantly plucked off those unpleasant hair, leaving my armpit clean and smooth and fair. And that is why I dare to show them off wakaka.
Nah. All those 'showing off the armpit' pictures you meant.
Not a professional model, can't expect that much.
Really don't know how to pose lor. Plus, I did this shooting for fun only.And Toby, if you can ever find 1 hair, I give you one cent for each. Wakaka.

Tadaaaaaa...... The ultimate one. Showing two armpits at once. Come come, 1 cent for each hair you found.But hor, despite the fact the I have nice armpits, my arms are flabby.

Yuck. So unpleasant.This black babydoll top is actually not as nice as how I thought it to be. I bought it in Bijou Bazaar for RM25 without trying it on. =p

Although I have received some compliments,

But I feel that this is so not me.
There was once, my chinese teacher asked me in the class:
"If you could only choose one thing in your life,
what would it be?"

"My smile =)".
I proudly answered that weird Q she tossed to me, accompanied by a playful grin, showing off my rabbit teeth. That was the real me.

My face looked so dull in these pictures without my smiling. My smiley face has gone.

I miss it.*Actually this is also a fake-it pic. I remember vividly that I was crying because I was damn stressed up. My besties thought that some shootings would make me feel better*

I guess I was just afraid, and lack of confidence. I am wearing braces, and I am not willing to show them off. It's not easy to get shooting for someone who is wearing braces.

Well, that's why I said, these pictures are so not me.


Anyway, let me tell you guys, actually it's not easy to 'act slim' lor. I have this 28-inch-waistline and the photographer kept asking me to 'tuck in your tummy, show off your breast' (not that long, he just said deng hong kat put in cantonese). And you know what? Actually I had been constipated for ... god knows how many days. (Chung Shang Hui you are writing gross stuff again. Wakaka) You see, there is really no space for me to tuck in that full-of-shit tummy. Damn difficult.

And hor, browse up again and take a look on that turquoise and purple top.
Belongs to the photographer. (I normally don't wear such tops. And I can't afford to own a piece of Guess)
In size XS.


I am a typical size M and how the hell am I going to squeeze all my flesh into some size XS top?

And you see, I did. And that is why the outcome are terrible - that is also why I didn't post up much pictures of me in those two tops.

Oh and by the way, I am selling that dress. Of course not the same piece. I've taken this piece because it kinda match with my heels. My favourite purple. Ngek ngek ngek. I'm selling the other two which are in different colors - yellow and green. Someone thought that it's from Solemate. Not that expensive, babe. Wakaka.

Nah, my blogshop.

Lastly. lesson of the day.

"Huh? Even a chubby girl who wear braces and has zero knowledge and experience in photoshooting like her can get free shootings?"

Yealar. Can. Those who wish to get free shootings, just go and search for those yadda yadda freelancer group in friendster.

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