Monday, September 29, 2008


Being a really sampat person, today I went for... for... rrr...

... palm reading.Haiyah. Curious ma. Duh.

Yea very aunty I know.
Call la call me aunty la. Not the first time being addressed aunty. hmph.

So these were what he could predict by looking at my eyes, brows, face, ears, palms, yadda yadda with his magnifying glass:
1. I'm a lucky girl who is carrying 95% of positive luck.
2. I will have a life span of 85 years.
3. I won't meet any major accident in the coming 3 years.
4. I will be a very successful woman in the future.
5. I will have 30+ staffs work for me in the futre.
6. I will get married with a matchy successful man too.
7. I will get married late. (T.T)
8. I will face lotsa failures before meeting my Mr. Right.
9. I will have lotsa of children if I want to. (yay~!)
That's not all he said. But I forgotten the rest.

I am happy for what he said but seriously, this is not what I want.

I want to get married at my age of 26,
give birth to my first baby (preferably a baby girl) at the age of 27,
get another baby at the age of 29.
Or maybe another 2 at my age of 31 and 32 - if possible.
I wish to have 4 children, so that they can chor dee and play mahjong and play Monopoly like what me and my siblings are doing now.
Preferably 2 guys and 2 girls. =D
(yea yea yea dream on. Naive duiz.)
I don't want to face those failures (according to that gong woo lou or fong shui lou or whatever you call him) before meeting the one lar... (duh who wants that?)..
I don't want to get married that late la....

Nevermind. I will only believe in those good stuff~ lalala.
I'm not superstitious to the extent that I would believe in every word he said la.
I don't want my life to be negatively influenced by him lor.
If I believe blindly in what he said, it's very unfair to my 2nd boyfriend lor.
Right right??

Live on~!!!!
(and dream on.... a hubby like my dad and 4 children like me and my siblings~!!)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I seriously hate you guys

I am writing this post because am still waiting for my family.
Haiya dad said they will be backed by 12am and it's almost 1a.m. now.
This is a super duper boring post which you guys shouldn't read.
(erm.. by right, which post of mine ain't boring????)



I hate you guys.

I slept for a total of 8.5 hours these two days because of you guys. Aiks.

I've been so busy in attending meetings with you guys I have got no time to sleep at all.
Must put the blame on you guys.

Look at my schedule. It's awful...

25th September 2008 (Thursday)
Activity : Yum Cha
Time : 9.30pm
Venue : Ahmad Mahyideen
Member(s) : Mei Yi
Adjourned at 12am
(curfew la)

Meeting continued virtually.
Same member,
Adjourned at 3am

26th September 2008 (Friday)

Activity : Breakfast
Time : 10am
Venue : Old Town
Adjourned at 12pm

Meeting continued at Fitness First
Adjourned at 6pm

Meeting continued at night
Activity : Matchmake Mei Yi and Seah.
Chor Di
Time : 10pm
Venue : unknown mamak
Member(s): Mei Yi, Ying Huey, Seah, Jia Liang, Zhen Cheq, Hoo Keng, Goh, Toby
Adjourned at 12am
(too cold man... Really cold. Plus some of the members intended to da gei)

Meeting continued. Venue changed.
Activity : Continue matchmaking Mei Yi and Seah.
Time : 12am
Venue : Shang(me la)'s place
Member(s): Mei Yi, Ying Huey, Seah
Adjourned at 3am

The only meeting with pictures taken.Mei Yi, Ying Huey, Shang

This is Seah btw. Seah is a gentleman. He was the only guy who didn't go for gaming because he volunteered himself to send us back. Wakaka.
Oh that is me if you have not realised yet.
Have nothing to do with Seah. Just.. putting it upfor the sake of putting it up.
Haiyah hammie has covered my mouth. In both pictures.

27th September 2008 (Saturday)
Activity : Updating each others
Time : 10pm
Venue : MSN chatroom
Member(s) : Mei Yi, Ying Huey, QQ

Meeting is still on.

And it's 1.19a.m. now.

*update: meeting adjourned at 1.43a.m.*

Still have class tomorrow. eeeeeeeeeee......

How come dad mom zhiboy lenggirl are not backed yet?????

Yayyyyy!!!! They are *finally* backed~!!!!

~me signing off bye bye!!!!~

Friday, September 26, 2008

So... I'm a Virgo?

Yeap. Virgos are known as hygiene freak.
However, there are exceptions for every general rule.

After reading this post, no one would dare to marry me anymore.
I will be single for the rest of my life.
Haiyah that doesn't matter because I have set out an alternative plan if I didn't get to marry.

Anyway, that's not the point.
So, Raya term break is around the corner.
Hence, those staying at the east will be coming back~!!!
My dearest Leng girl, and Zhi Boy, oh also XX...
not forgetting.. my mom!!!

My mom...a typical mother.
She would just nag because of anything. Trust me.


Eventually, this is what would happen - to avoid getting nagged.

Come come, let's play a game:


Wow I've got nothing to say about this because I really got nothing to say about this~!!Ching~(seriosuly. no much differences on this.)

Wow I'm so hardworking I did all those notes. On the floor.Ching~
Wow I'm such a perfectionist and those are the bajus I have worn and took of and worn and took of (x5) before getting a set of outfits which suit me the most
And I'm so busy I have really got no time to put them back to the closet.Ching~
Wow I'm a brilliant bimbo and this is such an easy way to pick a right bag to match with my outfit~!!!Ching~
Well. Ain't that difficult ya??
(okay. you have my approval to shake your head, and say 'terrible.' or 'horrible'. or whatever adjectives you could think of.)

And NO!!!

I'm not that kind of push-everything-under-the-bed-to-make-them-invisible type of person lorrr!!!
(because I can't)

I really tidied them up nieh~!!

That was what happened during the term break in June.

You haven't seen what happened / what is happening / what will happen in the coming term break.

Next post. I promise. Wakaka.
(seriously, no one is willing to marry me anymore if they read the next post because it will be 10x more terrible than this.
Be mentally prepared)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Update (26092008):
While doing my brother's assignment,
found out that the Royal Government of Cambodia was formed on 24th of September, 1993.
2409 again. -.-

Oh ya it's 24th September.
Was telling JL that I was sad because KC has left and I couldn't get my crush out of my head and that's what he said.
yea it'sFai's (note: Weng Fai, not Ling Fei the ex) birthday.

24th day of September.

I almost forgotten about this day.
A day which had mean so much for me.

2 years ago, he hold my hand for the very first time.
My very first time.
My hand was in his while I called Fai, greeted him birthday. (I still remember what was I wearing btw. Gengness)
They were having party for Fai, which I couldn't join because I was in KK.
It was merry on the other side of the phone, and quiet here. What a contrast.

A year ago, my hand was still in his when I called Fai.
However, things have changed a lot.
We had been through so many things in that very own year.
Arguments, jealousy, LDR, dissatisfaction, and sooooo much more.

Tonight, my hands are on the keypad, typing this post.
Nop. My hand is no longer in his, and will not be in it anymore.

It's only 2 years ago?
I feel like it's a decade ago. Some long lost memory. Something buried deeply down there. Somewhere in the corner.
Browsed back that Lovey Dovey Baybee folder. A total of 1259 pictures. Wow.
Well, not really a pure bitter relationship. It's a bittersweet one.
Delete? Of course not! I appreciate every moment me and him have had.

Oh and those friendster testimonials which expressed our affection towards each other while we were in those LDR days.
Haha me and him used to be that geli before. So comic man.

Friendster? I totally forgotten about that Lovey Dovey Baybee album.
We have broke up for so long and that album still silently lying there.
*click* edit.
*click* delete.
I'm on myself now.

Take Rihanna's word.

but it's over now.

(Just take this line. Not the entire song
He didn't cheat on me. He's a good guy in this sense)

Any difference?

1. It's good to have companion (depends). I'm *kinda* enjoy to be alone in the car.
I feel free to listen to any songs I like, as loud as I can, and sing as loud as I can. Hehe.
Me imitating amateur driver. Very gan jiong.
Not sure why they wanna stick to the steering wheel.
Have a better view huh? Don't think so.
Erm.. am not that pro btw.

2. Well no one is gonna run to the parking lot while it rains.
Hence I'm bringing umbrella with me.Didn't bring umbrella on the first day of lectures.
Hence have to cover myself with those super heavy 2nd-handed textbooks.
Oh ya one more point. No one is gonna carry my heavy stuff for me.
(me damn vain I admit. Still camwhoring [twisted face nyaha] while raining. Wakaka)

3. He's no longer my companion to here and there.
Which makes me spend more quality time with my friends.

4. I have to finish everything on the plate by myself.
Hence I'm fatter by 3 kgs.
(offtopic. I'm having sorethroat now because coursemates suggested to have Nando's for lunch and we did. Wakaka.)

5. No more expectation and disappointment. No more hopes and despairs. No more happiness and sadness. Yea u get my point. Needless to bring the explanation on.

What else? Is that all?
If it is so, it's awfully sad.
Too bad. That's it I guess.

A friend of mine said,
'that's the difference between guys and girls.
Girls talk about guys after breaking up.
Guys don't.'
Well I did. At least in this post, I did.
I just feel like writing it. Because it's 24th Sep.
Well it would be the last time of me writing about him- unless my next relationship coincidentally started off on 24th Sep too. Wakaka.

Btw, it's good to be single.

Oh and... Weng Fai, Happy birthday!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


You turned back, waved at us, and continued walking.
Smaller, and smaller, and smaller. And gone.
JL :It will be my turn.
ZC :hmm... yours or mine first?

... So you guys will be going off too. Very soon. I thought.
And I will be left alone here.

While heading to the car, JL started to say,
I'm bluffing if I say I'm not sad.
While on the way to pick him up, I started to feel very upset.
It's the same route,
I picked him up, to hang out with him.
but today, I'm picking him up, with the purpose to send him off,


Listening to his sentimental talk, I teared. (damn you LJL)
Fortunately you guys were walking in front of me.
I have always been so macho that I shouldn't be seen crying (-.- macho? you cry even while watching Corpse Bride la. Macho). Sigh.

On our way back, the sun was rising.
Me: Oh look, how beautiful those rays are!
ZC: Those are just clouds. I wanna sleep la.
Me: But can I assume that those are rays?
ZC: Anything. But those are really not rays. I just wanna sleep. Still can sleep for another hour. My class from 9am - 5pm k?

How come sleeping is all in his mind?
His friend has left! and he might not be able to see him next year because he himself will be leaving too~!!
No heart one. =(

Oh. Perhaps I am the naive one.
Leaving only ma, right? He'll be backed ma, right?
Well, perhaps, I should just get used to it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I look slim only when..

I pose like this.

Who cares if it is over-exposed.
Wah look at my arms. Freaking skinny man~~ (for once. =.=)
I swear I didn't photoshop it.
Hooiseh I also never thought that I could be so slim you know. Hooiseh hooiseh. (-.- enough la)

(p/s: you have my approval to call that girl in the picture 'faker')

Nah another one.
Yea I know you have seen this in my birthday post. But I still wanna put this up (again, because I look slim).
Need more to support my point ma.
(walao. super vain.)

BTW I haven't manage to lose that 3kgs. How now cow brown? Haiyah haiyah... T.T

(shit. even me myself cannot stand my bimboness. *goosebumps*)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

split personality. QQ. SOS!


是的。 繁體字。


(soh mok. 講話講清楚些leh.)





(soh mok?? 你做了心臟轉移手術?

(你很沒有品leh. -。-)

(淪sohmok 鬼陷啦。


Friday, September 19, 2008

The greetings~!!

So 19 days after my birthday, 7 days after QQ's birthday, it is be Mei Yi's~
Wow. 3 virgos in a row.

At 12a.m. sharp, I called her, talked nonsense, which has nothing to do with her birthday.

And she got kinda irritated by it, hence started to send me messages in her offline mode.
Btw, I printed this after she went off. Don't bother the time.

And me being me, insisted not to wish her, talked about my crush instead,
who, according to her, may look like this:

I then went on to talk about mooncake festival.
And mooncake.
And my weight.

That 'fat mou' refer to her mooncakes.

And she started to be very pissed off with my behaviour.

I 'fat lan za' de la. She said on the phone.

OK loooor. Happy Birthday lorrrrr.
I said in return.

So difficult to please her.
You see I even sent her that partying emoticon leh.
But she insisted that she couldn't feel it.
And she opined that the emoticon looks like one who is making faces than one who is partying.

I told her, I would consider wishing her if she showed me how that emoticon did -
lie on the floor, shaking head, arms and legs at the same time.

That was when we started to think of viewing each other, despite the weak signal at her side.

It is really our day you see. Normally we couldn't be able to connect regardless of the countless attempts.

Today, we succeeded in our first attempt!!!!
And we were like.. sure cannot one lar.. haiyah.. those lines so lousy.. haiyah heeyah hee he haih haih doesn't matter la...
and all of the sudden we saw each other's face!! -unexpectedly~~~

Mei Yi threaten to take a picture of mine when she got to know that I was topless. muahaha.Hence me behind the pillow~
Lalala nothing to be seen.

My last minute work. Haiyah my eyeliner just gone like that (nvm. It's some cheap brand anyway. Nyahaha)
I purposely wrote it that way, thinking that it shall be alright when displayed in the webbie.=.= Shut up. I was still on the phone with her when I did this lor. I could have done better if I were to be given more time. (excuses -.-)
Stains left on the bed T.T. That's waterproof eyeliner btw....

But.. turn out to be.. Alright at my side, but terbalik at hers. Effort wasted sigh.

Wanted to do like those PETA famwhore but nay... cause thought of blog about it.

Finally grab something to wear. Her very elegant candid look. =.=
Us very happy on the phone. Because it's FREE~~
Mei Yi got to call me for FREE because it's her birthday~~ Lalala~~`
Fortunately she thought of that before my credit ran out.. =pToo bad. She will be having exam tomorrow. T.T
And her laptop was running out of battery. T.T
We couldn't really talk much. T.T T.T T.T

We ended the night by me singing birthday songs.
Btw, she was brushing her teeth while listening to my voice. Yea she called me in the toilet. What a remarkable place. -.-A night to remember.=)

Monday, September 15, 2008

T.T 3kgs T.T

Yea. A post about my weight.
Hence guys, you need not to go on reading.


My weight has increased. T.T - T.T - T.T
By 3 kgs. T.T - T.T - T.T - T.T
From 4x to 5x. T.T - T.T - T.T - T.T - T.T
In one week. T.T - T.T - T.T - T.T - T.T - T.T

My friends who have not seen me for a week will be so surprised when they see me.
I guess they will go like...
Ohmigod? You are Shang? How come you are so...
And they won't continue on, because they don't want to hurt me by continuing saying 'fat now?'


Nola. That won't really happen.
Whenever I complain to my friends that I'm fat (I don't usually say this. Will only say it when they want me to try on some free-sized shirts) , they will give me some irritated expression and say things like..
Are you kidding me?

I beg your pardon?
Excuse me?

... to express their disagreement.
(In the end I really can't squeeze myself into those shirts. Wakaka. See.)

And one of my friend said, 'you are freaking thin lor!'
He used the word 'freaking'.

I just don't get it.

Well, I am wearing size L. L! Large!(and going to XL now)
What's wrong with me saying that I'm fat?


The tremendous change on me could due to:
1. My obsession for mooncakes. And cheese tarts. And egg tarts. (learning baking from grandma. Yep.)
2. My craze for microwaved cheesy egg in the middle of the night. Say like.. 2am?
3. I'm single now. No one is sharing my food. Hence I'm eating bigger portion of meal now. (haiya. Don't wanna waste food. Imma good girl.)
4. I'm too lazy to work out. Has been too geeky recently. Books, laptop, piano are my closest friends. Sit sit sit sit and more sitting.
(serve me right. T.T)


From today on, I will gonna start on some diet plan.
Cut down sweet stuff.
No more supper.
Work.. out.
(lazy la.)

And don't be surprised by the much much much much rounder me when you see me next time. -.-

Okay end of bimbotic post.
Guys would never understand why girls are so concern about their weight.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sungai Congkak wakaka~

Gonna upload all the pictures taken at Sungai Congkak because:

1. I feel sien

2. I am waiting for dad

3. Friends left the group conversation

1:28:29 AM
uLtRaMaN LzC <(0\/0)>, blackkeng, rayden
bye bye lar kc
1:28:29 AM

rayden has left the conversation.
1:29:01 AM
uLtRaMaN LzC <(0\/0)>
[c=48]ÇhêRÿL[/c=47], blackkeng
kc sim dah
1:29:02 AM
uLtRaMaN LzC <(0\/0)>
[c=48]ÇhêRÿL[/c=47], blackkeng
wat nw
1:29:09 AM
uLtRaMaN LzC <(0\/0)>, blackkeng
don't knwo really..
1:29:18 AM
uLtRaMaN LzC <(0\/0)>
[c=48]ÇhêRÿL[/c=47], blackkeng
slp lah
1:29:21 AM
uLtRaMaN LzC <(0\/0)>
[c=48]ÇhêRÿL[/c=47], blackkeng
apa lagi
1:29:38 AM
uLtRaMaN LzC <(0\/0)>, blackkeng
1:29:42 AM
uLtRaMaN LzC <(0\/0)>, blackkeng
but am not gonna sleep first
1:31:09 AM
uLtRaMaN LzC <(0\/0)>
[c=48]ÇhêRÿL[/c=47], blackkeng
1:31:11 AM
uLtRaMaN LzC <(0\/0)>
[c=48]ÇhêRÿL[/c=47], blackkeng
i sim lah den
1:31:13 AM
uLtRaMaN LzC <(0\/0)>
[c=48]ÇhêRÿL[/c=47], blackkeng
1:31:16 AM

uLtRaMaN LzC <(0\/0)> has left the conversation.
1:31:44 AM
huh....every1 chau dah?
1:31:58 AM
1:32:05 AM
u r late
1:32:05 AM
The rest of the conversation is not really important.
Just look at that system message - yadda yadda has left the conversation. That's my point. =(
Suddenly feel so empty.

4. Someone applied pressure =p wakaka...*someone.. let me know if you mind I wrote in that way.. erm...*

5. Wanted to write it before Jonathan update it on Thunder-Sam. Yay I win.
It's been one week and he has yet to update. Bahhh.
Yoh I want pictures la.

*people, click to enlarge. That's all. The rest were really blur. You really wouldn't want 'em.*

So those were what the guys did~

Guys are guys...

Wow how macho wakaka...

Hooooooisehh masculine.. erm... not really seem to be so.. ahem..

Yea. Still free to be camwhores.
(you see my camera sucks. Left with flash, right without flash. both suck)

When they started to feel dulan because they couldn't build the fire. (oh they successfully did it at last)

And us girls??



Spending our own sweet time with the stream~
What.. we did offer to help lor.
But they didn't really need our help.
Don't believe in me.. ask Yann and Ling, hor?

Erm... speechless...

Didn't get to take any pictures at night, for:
1. I was too hungry.
Those chicken wings were way too yummy. The most delicious chicken wings I've ever had.
Btw, I love roasted marshmallow.
2. My camera sucks.
3. I was too lazy to bring the camera around because I wanted to eat.

After dinner...

Some of them watched Zohan.
Some of them chor di.
Some of them played some game which I don't really understand. Some strategic war game or what.
Some of them played show hand.
Some of them went for night walk/watch.

And I was under the 2nd and 5th category. Nyahaha. Night walk/watch was fun. But then Jonathan was insane. He suddenly sprang out from no where - half-naked. Yuck. Orang Minyak.

While the guys were sleeping...

Girls were awake in the room. Gossiping.
So yea, now I know a lot. Wakaka. Self-satisfaction.

Slept at 4 something. -.- Girls being girls.

3 hours later...
Woke up =( because I had to leave at 8.00a.m. -.-
For work -.-
Cannot play water with them - not really sure if they did play or not.

Me looked way too happy in this picture. Over-excited. Exaggerated happiness. Wakaka.
You see my version really not nice lor. All the guys looked so sleepy. Psssttttt.

And then Wing suggested a picture of us taking pictures of each other taking pictures of each other... am confused.

Voila~~~ My version~~ which sucks...

Wing's version~!!

Finally, me. Wow wearing the same old stripey shirt again. Haiyah this shirt easy to manage ma. Don't have to iron.

Okay. Dad is backed. Ciaoz. Wow class tomorrow. Haha lectures on Sunday. Will talk about it one day.
Anyway. Nitez.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My unlucky day (primary school english essay question)

There are several things which could really drive me insane:
1. Couldn't find something which is of utmost importance (which happens quite often)
2. Getting late to some important event (which happens quite frequently)

3. Couldn't find a parking space (which happens everyday)

Yeap, this morning, all of the above-mentioned happened at once and well, I gone nuts. (not forgetting that my menstruation cycle started last night - doubly the insanity)

I start working at 9am. Woke up quite early, took some sweet time to get myself ready and enjoy my super yummy breakfast (dinner leftover wakaka)

At 8.45a.m., when I was about to go off, I looked into my bag to check if I have brought everything, shit, my wallet wasn't there.
(so this is point number 1)

Search through all the possible areas, which included my room, the music room, toilets and all my bags, failed. Started to feel frustrated because wanted to go off without carrying i.c. and driving licencse but my grandma insist that I should. Grrrrrr...

Then, decided to ignore her because it was already 8.53a.m. Headed to my Wira, and guess what? Yay, I found my wallet in the car.
The luck did not last though, double shit, the car failed on me again.
Couldn't start off the engine - either due to the stupid battery or the moronic starter or the idiotic automater.
(not sure if I'm using the correct technical terms, my dad told me last night)

Arrrrrr.... Decided to use dad's car, triple shit, couldn't be able to find the car key.
(yep, this falls under the first point)

Thought I had to go through the whole process again, luckily, able to locate it in the first bag I went through.

*commercial break*
wakaka so feel like being a camwhore tonight.

Yea the car key and the wallet which had driven me mad. And me wearing pianoforte shirt. I love my job~

Okay, back to the business.

Shit it was 8.55a.m. by then. It took me an average of 9 minutes to reach my work place - meaning, I will be late for at least 4 minutes -.-.
(point number 2)

To my horror, there was no parking space nearby my workplace - at all. People are rushing to the market because tomorrow will be the mid-autumn festival. Quadruple shit. I have to park at somewhere which is at least 329m away from my workplace.
(mmm.. you are right. The 3rd point)

It was already 9.03a.m. by then (wow, 1 minute faster than average. good job). Hence, without caring much about my image, I ran in my pumps and miniskirt. -.- Faster imagine me running. Really very funny I tell you. Oh, I was holding my bag on the right hand and hugging some books on the left. Imagine... funny right?? =.= =.= =.=

That's not all, I put a sudden brake when my workplace is one step away from me, took a deep breath, gracefully walked in, and greeted everyone elegantly,pretended that I had been walking daintily instead of running like a mad woman. (bitch -.-)

Fortunately, my manager told me that my student was not there yet. Wakaka.

Aiks... Virgo is my horoscope, but how come I don't behave like one? I'm so disorganised and careless to the extent that I didn't even have an exact place to put my car keys and wallet. -.-

Friday, September 12, 2008

QQ the cutie cutie

The first cutie is an adjective, while the second one is a noun =p

I wanted to write an emo post about how I miss you guys that I had a dream of 3 of you leaving me and me woke up, tearing. However, I don't think I want to cry again on our besties' 21st birthday~~
[still, the fact is, all of you have left me. =( ]
*wipe tears and resume to smiley face dramatically*

Anyway, it's your 21st birthday!!Truly wish *from the bottom of my heart* that you have a wonderful birthday~!!!

Yep. Happy birthday Qiao Qing~!!

Hey I tell you what, my original plan was to collect kisses from Ying Huey and Mei Yi, and send it over Aussie to you... But!! failed. =( Will let you know why we fail. A really funny discussion haha.

It has almost been 7 months since you left us, no fear~! 5 more months to go, and we will be reunited again~!!! Looking forward to that recelebration of our 21st birthday... Wakaka~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why why why why treat me like that?

Couldn't sign in Msn just now. That messenger is really essential in my life you know. I am happy enough even if no one chats with me - but fortunately there is always someone who is as sien as I am wakaka.

But tonight I couldn't sign in~!! What's wrong with the messenger? How can how can?

But then~!!! No fear. My favourite man has backed~~!!!He's in my room now~!!! I have not seen him for.. like... 2 months?
(I mean my dad, btw)

Chatting with him wakaka...

[doubt arises: ceh. bluff la. chatting with him still can write, still can chat online meh?]
Alar, we don't chat face to face. He is lying on the floor while me sitting cross-legged, facing the laptop which is placed on the floor too . Grandma is here too, she is sitting by my bed, joining in the conversation. A very casual chat~~~ All of them are in my room. Can you feel the warmth?

We talked about dad's work, we discussed about how hot-tempered is my sister (wakaka), we gossiped about the relative who seek for financial assistance for his wife has just given birth to a baby boy. We talked about my birthday prezzies too~ aiyerr I love that one by my hot-tempered sis. Will talk about it one day~

*aiyerr grandma suggested that we should sleep now. sigh. Well it's 1am. It's late for them*

Tomorrow will be a day to be anticipated~ wakaka. Dad promised to bring me dim sum for breakfast and japanese cuisine for lunch~ food food food food food~~ haha well ya Imma despo because it's been almost 2 weeks since I last eaten dim sum. Wakaka.

Wait a minute.. Breakfast? Which means... I have to wake up early?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Imma lazy fat girl

My steps are so light today~!!!!
(erm... not physically light. Couldn't be physically light. I had eaten 2 scoops of ice cream, usual lunch, 2 mugs of oat, 1 cup of hot chocolate, 2 paus, 1/2 mooncake, a dumpling, a bowl of veggie today)

I had been humming and smiling throughout the day~! (until a frail old man who passed by me on the street asked me 'gam hou xiu meh?' - 'what so funny?' in canton. hmph. perv.)

I'm not sure why I was so happy.
It could be that I found a parking space which was very near to the entrance while I went to meet up with my trainer.
It could be that some of my students absent because they were having UPSR.
It could be that I didn't have to starve - I got to sneak out and buy 2 paus for my dinner because my student was absent~~ ^^
It could be that my life had been sailing so smooth.. erm except for some incidents which happened a couple of days ago. Haiyah I actually had written a very long post about it but.. really.. not gonna publish it.

Yea I know I felt grumpy this morning because I had got nothing to do!!
Anyway I felt much better after sleeping again~~ ^^
That's not the end of the day.

Something happened just now which left an imperfection for my happy mood. Yer.
Not really something serious - my car ran out of fuel *almost*.

The engine gone dead twice. Eh no. Thrice~!!
First time at MRR2.
Second time at Connaught - Kajang highway - fortunately I drove at the emergency lane.
Third time - Petrol station. Woohoo.

Freaking panic lor. Still cool enough to turn off the air-con and radio. (wakaka. brilliant. =.= yea yea yea. Common sense. I know) Had actually started to think of who to seek assistance from if it really ran dead. Mmm... Ying Huey's parents or Mei Yi's parents will do. Or perhaps just ran to the petrol station and buy it myself. Yealar I really don't like to trouble my friends.

And you know, when the engine gone dead, the brake and the power sterling wouldn't work at all.(haiyah I know you know, but I really didn't now. Yea now I know)
Damn dangerous. I almost hit a car while turning into the petrol station - yealar I was still driving it when the engine gone dead because I really don't think that was the appropriate spot to stop my car.

Haih. That was the consequence of being lazy. I didn't refill petrol because I didn't have cash + I was lazy. I didn't have cash because I was too lazy to withdraw it from the ATM machine. Haih haih haih. Really gotta stop being lazy.


Boring post ahead cause I'm in a super boring mood. Sieness to the max.
Do not read on if you do not wish to be influenced by my boredom.

Warning: I will be using very lan see type of language because I feel so boring now and lazy to use my brain to pick appropriate words.

11.30a.m. Haih. Usually I would still be sleeping. Or in class, if any.
Yea, this is why I can't find anything to do now. Hence, am here, typing this boring post.

Am leading a damn healthy lifestyle today.
Woke up at 8am, because promised 2 of my favourite guys to jog with them. One of them even played big 2 with me until 3am. Wakaka.
Really have to work it out man, been eating too many mooncakes. Imma good girl, sacrificing myself and helping family to clear off the mooncakes because they should not eat too many sweet stuff. Wakaka.
Anyway, back to the jogging. I went there 10 minutes later than them. Jogged alone for a while because friend didn't bring handphone along, hence couldn't contact them. Manage to meet them anyway.

After about an hour of jogging/strolling/walking, we decided to eat something. Went Old Town.
Sigh, no point jogging you see. Burnt calories, and then gain back later. Btw I could never resist ice-cream. Haih haih haih

Then decided to dota. 3 players, how to play? Then they said play against computer. =.= Fun meh? No one is gonna warn me before attacking me =.=. Wakaka. Anyway, it's better than doing nothing.

Anyway, plan cancelled due to lack of parking space. Yerrrr. Suppose to be dotaing now. Yerrrrrrr.

And that is why. I'm here. Sien sien sien sien sien. Another hour before meeting up with my trainer. 1 hour. Sigh. What can I do now?

Oh! Maybe I should sleep. Good morning.

p/s: For those who have the patience to read till the end, congrats. I have warned you that it would be a super boring post with super zabalang language ya?

Short update of my day

Update. Finally. Related post click here.

Special thanks to YC a.k.a. Nata who had spent 2 hours to send me the 100++MB zipped folder and her bf who had taken those lovely pictures.

Date: 29th August 2008
Venue: Putrajaya
Event: MIFC Final

Let's start off with..

me~ =.=

And me again~
Putting this because I look slim here wakaka

Yay girls again~

Birthday girl n' birthday boy n' the melted cheesecake

Group pic. Photographer: Ah Yung

The girls again and that raspberry yogurt + milo powder

For you have forgotten my prezzie! -.-

Again, thank you, Ah Yong

I still love them. They are still my favourite guys~~

Happy belated birthday~ To me n Chin Hong. Wakaka.