Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I love my job

It's so boring when it's not a working day. Well ya, relaxing myself to the max but somehow it's boring. Suppose to be listening to those fragmented melodies now, but the music centre is having term break. Yea, that's why. Bored at home.
I love my job. Despite all those screaming shouting scolding advising lecturing etc etc you could hear from my room, I still love my job.

My lectures do make them cry. It only works on kids below 12 anyway. No they won't cry if I shout on them. But if I say things like,

'do you know that your parents earn very hard to send you here?'
'if you are really not interested, just let me know kay?'
'why do you think your parents bought the piano for? to be decoration?'

'do you know how many bowls of mee you can buy with your tuition fees?'

(I know this is funny, and I do understand they don't really understand that. But I just somehow said it out. Did your piano teacher do the same to you too?)

yea, they will be teary~~ wakaka...

Anyway, show you guys my youngest students.

So cute you can't resist them. They are in the same class. Both of them are 6. The girl prefer playing piano while the guy loves doing theory work (well, stickers and coloring, you know).

Each of them will purposely shout, 'Teacher, I tell you something, but you don't tell Anderson/Ashley.'
And they will start whispering. Normally it's about where will they hangout in the weekend or what movie they will watch or have watched. So cute~~~

I wish that they stay in my class so that I can be their matchmaker nyahaha.

And my oldest student, Jol Ann.
She is 4 years younger than me so we talk about almost everything. We share her (well I don't reveal much of myself nyaha. Imma good listener) matters arise from relationship, academic, friendship, etc.etc. So it's like me and my ex-teacher too. =)

Oh show you guys my cutest ex-students in KK. I left them because I was coming back to KL.

Walao. This girl is super talkative you know. She asked about EVERYTHING. Ya, including relationship. And she is only 5. Woow.
The brothers who wear the same outfits EVERYTIME. Well they are not triplets.Neh you see I'm wearing blazer because it is provided. Looks more like a piano teacher wor. Luckily I can wear t-shirt and jeans (even bermuda shorts~~ ^^) at my current workplace nyahaha.

Oh and my colleagues. We have been knowing each others for 6 years. Freaking 6 years! Oh my gosh people, time flies. I feel that the MYUSGA performance is some yesterday thingy. Lots had happened among us. Had crush, and crashed; in a relationship, and broken. I miss those days. They were the one who started my midnight mamak session - that's why my family hate them LOL. Well I was 16, most of my friends didn't go out late night that time (btw I'm still having curfew at my age of 21).

We don't talk much now. Everyone is busy with their work (except for me who is like damn free now=.=). It's been so long since we go Ahmad Mahyideen (favourite mamak spot). =(Our hottest topic is to gossip about students. Muahahahaha.

And my ex-colleague from Century Music Centre. My farewell =(.So wanna go back and visit them now.

Oh my workplace.

Nay. This is not my room. I was just replacing my friend. I 'm not sure what is this big mirror for.
This is like a waiting area for students. And oh, during 1 week or 2 before theory exam, there will be lotsa students sitting here, doing extra pass year questions. Just don't understand why can't they do it at home duh.
Yay this is my room. Spacious, clean, comfort~ Could be too cold at times.
One bad thing about my job. I could never keep my nails. Well you know, role model.

No way.
That's why...
Wakaka. Removing it while driving to work. Totally forgotten before work.

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