Thursday, August 21, 2008

It is so magical

I so want to write about it but I do not really wish everyone to know.

I don't have much readers but this matter pretty much concern one of my reader.

Sigh how. Does has that password-protected system?

Anyway I will still write about it - but later. I'm waiting for a time that it wouldn't have affected what around me that much.

Fingers are damn itchy. Aiyerrr... I so wanna write about it..

Nevermind, I will let you guys know something else. I'm dying my hair now. Wakaka. I will let you guys know the end result. This is not the first time I dye my hair anyway. I did once and the result was superb. Wakaka. I spent RM21 for some RM80 result. What a brilliant saver I am.

Haiya nothing to write about. I really want to write about that matter. Okay, that's fine. I swear upon the result of my hair that I will write about it in 3 days.


cocktail_ring said...

I totally understands about your feelings, I also experience the same like you. I feel like sooo... wanted to write about some matter, but you will care about who will know it & does it has any side effect for you ya?

Sigh... I also wish that blogger has something to do with it, if blogger can sense that who is not suppose to read that regarding blog, it will be very good, what say you?

So...what is a blog for?

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

A blog, for me, is a place to let out all my rantings. I wanna let those who concern of me know how do I feel, what's happening to me.
But for certain matter, I really wish to keep it from some parties. This is hard wei....

cocktail_ring said...

Exactly... Sometimes lead to too much concern so called 'concern' means kaypo la..


Normally it turns out concerns from those people that I dont expect from.

What to do?