Saturday, August 16, 2008

supernatural II

Update: It's not my sis's. Actually I knew it's not my sis's because she always brought them around with her phone. There is a very low chance that she would left it in her bag.
It belongs to someone who you have never expected to be.
Jonathan. =.=
Yes the very loud Jonathan Hing.
Apparently he is the friend whom I will be helping in the song festival.


Yerr... ya know, what happened today really freaked me out.
I know it's the so called hungry ghost month, but that was really... creepy.....

So this is how it happened:
Me, someone who has never used the earphone which packed with the phone, decided to utilise it now because apparently, I will be helping a friend in a song festival and I want to get familiar with the song.

So I found it. And the original one is like this. Without the ear-protector (I'm not sure what's the name).

One day, I took it out from my bag, and gosh, the earphone is completed with the so-called ear-protector!!

No, I don't remember putting them on, I'm not forgetful to that extent anyway. In addition, I know that I didn't put them on because I was too lazy to look for them. Plus, for sure my ears could feel it if I had put them on earlier. It felt much better with the ear protectors.

(Cue: Some spooky music. aiya imagine it yourselves la)

Who is so kind to put them on for me?

Yerr this is so creepy. Could it be the spirit of the pen who has been following me for years? It wants to thank me because I blogged about it? Yerrrr....

Or could it be the spirits hidden in my tibet bracelet that I'm wearing recently? Yerrr...

So when I set this matter aside because I still have to work. I couldn't just let my student sitting there when I was thinking of this.

So I was about to mark her paper and wanted to take out my stationery bag.

And I found....
(Group of violins playing in some really high pitch - minor chord)

Tada. Another set of earphone. =.=

Rupa-rupanya the one with the ear protectors is my sis's. She left it in her bag and I was using her bag.

Aiya. Mystery solved. Nothing special ceh. The ending is so anti-climax. So childish until I thought there was really a spirit who would help me out. Sigh.

p/s: correct me if that thing is not called a 'ear-protector'

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