Saturday, August 23, 2008

I wanna shout it out because I'm so happy

Yea you must have thought that I've gone mad because I just broke up and I am happy like that. And ya I know you must have thought that I purposely say all these things to hide my feelings - the sorrow which is deep down inside there.

No!! You are wrong~!!!

My title is inspired by the lyric of some song. Anyway will talk about it later.

*Last Night*
Outing with besties
I am happy. I went out with two besties who did not believe that I am single~~ I know I sound unhappy but I'm not. If you want to insist that I am unhappy okay lar. But pictures would do all the sayings.

I wanna shout it out because I'm so happy that Mei Yi brought me a Hot Pink elephant (which is currently attached on my black and white oversized tote) from Thailand.Feel like cutting off that ugly pout. super pale without lippie. Eyes also super small without all eyeliner and eyeshadow. Arms are muscular if you haven't noticed. Walao.

I wanna shout it out because I am so happy that I was be able to meet them before they fly off again!

I lurve them to bits~ =p

'I am so happy to have you guys as my friends!!'

Professional Development Programme
I wanna shout it out that I am so happy that I have attended a professional development programme (sounds pro, but it's just a seminar which could be attended by any piano teacher) which I was extremely satisfied with. I thought the whole thing would be boring, I thought I would be damn sleepy like how I felt in the last seminar (back to 4 years ago). But no! The presenters have some really great sense of humour and I was pretty amused by their presentation. And I had some really good food for lunch wakaka. Didn't manage to take any picture of the food because I was too hungry.

Anyway here are some pictures taken from the seminar while they are talking about the grade 8 pieces. Well basically the whole seminar is about introducing the new syllabus of the upcoming practical examination by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM in short. Sounds pro. But it's really easy to pass grade 1 of that exam if you hire me as your teacher wakaka). Back to the seminar. I do not have any student taking grade 8 exam thus I did not really pay attention in the end of the seminar where they were covering the grade 8 syllabus. Purely enjoying some songs played by them wakaka. And taken some pictures.

I wanna shout it out because I am so happy that I have attended that seminar!!!!
The very likable presenters Vanessa and Timothy.
As if calling friends haha.

Jessica, Hong Bee, Pearly

I have actually only written '100' beside the word 'grade 8' because I get this bare pass mark '100' in my grade 8 practical examination (out of 150. ya passing mark is 100 and I get 100). What a disgrace. But the two very creative piano teachers who were sitting beside me added the rest to make my '100' become a pig.

No la. I'm not that happy to the extent that I wanna shout this out.

'I am so happy that I have attended a seminar!'
Sounds like a moron if I really shout this out. =.=

Song Festival
I have mentioned earlier that I'm helping out Jonathan in his church's song festival right?

I have actually taken the lyric from one of the song they will be singing tomorrow. Yea, the title is simple - 'The Happy Song'. I feel their happiness *deeply* whenever they sing 'I wanna shout it out!', thus I hope that by writing 'I wanna shout it out' in as this post's title you can feel my happiness too.

Some pictures taken during their practice.Group Pic. Awww.. Most of them were not there yet. No you don't have to search for me. I was holding the camera.

Wakaka Yee Ling the deputy commander of the group covered her face because she was specky. But doesn't matter la. My hand is damn shaky you see.

The guy who has some terrified and magnetic and intriguing voice when he sang 'east to west'. I feel damn emo whenever I listen to it and I feel like crying although I have yet to learn the lyrics. I told Jonathan that I would fall for him if I just listened to his voice (hidden meaning: with his face covered. Damn bad la me =.=) and Jonathan told me *in a very serious way* that he has already had a girlfriend. =.= Si Jonathan didn't realise that it was a joke. I was merely giving compliments in a more creative way la.

Video of that happy song. The very inspiring 'I wanna shout it out' part is at 1:06 if you are interested. Haha can see that specky Yee Ling~

'I am so happy that I will be playing a part in the song fest.!'

Tomorrow will be our big day. Wish us luck~

What a musical day. Again, I wanna say that I am happy because I am closely connected to music today~ Musical is so magical~ (this is a hint to this matter)

p/s: I will gonna miss them. They are Christians. Imma Buddhist. I do believe that religion is not a matter. I hope that they think the same. =(


aLiya said...

wahkah. u are really peaceful. and..ur addicted in putting makes up now!!

oh...and and and.. welcome back to my world. (if u understand me.....)

Cherylmeryl said...

not really addicted..
it's like you said... once you have top you couldn't top...
erm.. did you say this?

Yea I feel it's been so long since you update...