Sunday, August 31, 2008

The actual day

So this is the most frequently asked question on/after your birthday.

'So how was your birthday?'

I will gonna answer that I celebrated it earlier. Hence didn't celebrate on the actual day.
There will be two possibly asked questions.

1. 'So how was the celebration?'

Wow. Long story. Refer to this post. Nyaha.

2. 'So what did you do on the actual day?'
Nah. That's the point of this post. I just gonna say go read my blog whenever people ask me.

This morning, my friends asked me out for badminton.
I thought that the weather was very good, not too sunny not too hot, thus I decided to go swimming instead of playing badminton.

Aiya the badminton court and the swimming pool are the facilities of the same condominium anyway. Could join them anytime if I wish to, which, I did later.
I suck in playing badminton. I started to learn at my age of 20 because I did not like to play games which I wasn't good at. Wakaka.
I still suck anyway. I wasn't playing basically, they were coaching me on how to play haha.
Mmm, after their coaching, I still.. suck. Anyway.

Later on, went McD's. Toby spent me, kononnya to celebrate my birthday.

I followed them to CC because they've got no enough players for dota. There were five of them, and they need one more player to form a team. Well ya, that was how I got dragged into their game. I'm not a regular. To be honest, that was my very first time playing dota in a CC. =.=

It was damn hilarious la. An absolute friendly match. Freaky friendly. The opponent who sat beside me would warn me that when he approached me, so that I could run off. They would even taught me what item to buy. After all they just need another player. Haha.

Horrible game, man. We played two games anyway. Next time I will ask my brothers to teach me. I did ask my ex to teach me but for some reasons, he didn't get to do it eeee...

Now I truly understand why are guys so addicted to dotaing at cc. Playing at cc is definitely different with dotaing via garena at home. Without those screaming shouting cursing laughing teasing, dota is just another boring game. In addition, there are too many leavers on Garena. Alar no sportmanship at all.

After 2 hours of playing, we went home masing-masing. I took a nap, and showered, and here I am, typing this post while watching tv.

Oh what a dull day. Swim-badminton-dota-sleep. Basically that was how I spent my day~ Quite happy though hehe~~

Happy birthday to me~ Nyahaha.

Whoalamak... too obsessed with myself...
Happy independence day Malaysia!!!

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