Saturday, February 28, 2009


Got this from a forwarded mail.

Not really used to forward mails - thus share with you guys here.ooi don't just scroll off you know. Must read.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Something which put a smile on my face

Remember my cream cheese buttercream sugar cookies coated with white chocolate, mocha and bittersweet chocolate? (phew that's very mouthful)
Just scroll down a lil' if you have no idea what is that. It's on the last post.
So to prevent myself from eating it (super high cals k??), I gave them to someone special.


My student.Kinda like force him to pose with my cookies (I didn't tell him I baked it though wakaka).
Andrea is my youngest student.
I'm not giving the cookies to the old one because my cookies are damn ugly and those more matured one normally judge the cookies by its looks and therefore think that my cookies are not yummy.

Aiyerrr wondering what makes the cookies so delicious right?? wakaka.
Man how come I'm so perasan one?

Andrea choosing for the second one.
What's the indication? He loves it?? nyahaha.
Haiyah basically they have the same ugliness.
Yea I"m using Famous Amos cookies box again.

Oh yea there's more. Paris (sadly, she has the same name with that whore tsk tsk tsk) the princessy sweetie who always bring along her softies, and forces me to babysit her cat and dog while playing the piano.Dog.

And meow who was sitting together with the dog on my lap while her mommy was playing piano.

How can I not love my job??

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lulala Lulala Lula Lula Lay

Made with love,

Okayla, actually not.
Just made with some leftover cookies + some leftover cream cheese buttercream + some leftover white chocolate + some left over dark chocolate + some nescafe.

Although it's a mixture of leftover stuff, but try imagine this.
You sink your teeth into it,
on the first layer, the half-melted chocolate with a hint of bitterness, just abit, not too much,
and you go on to the second layer, bitterness reduced, and oh.. the coffee aroma,
who knows that's the combination of melting white chocolate and nescafe beans?
Nonono that's not all.
And then, bitterness gone, you start to feel a tinge of sweetness, fairlady-white chocolaty sweetness, heavenly sweetness.. ooo lala..
When you thought that that's the ending, no! hold!
Now.. the essence of the truffle, oooo... some finely-crushed sugar cookies combined with melted cream cheese buttercream... ah....

bitterness sweetness and some cheesiness.. wooo..

Alright. That was just for illustration purpose.
Basically you won't be able to have this feeling. Every layer is just too thin.
What you will do is just eat it as a whole, hence you will have those bitterness sweetness coffeeness cheesiness at once. Not by layers.


The ironic thing being... I didn't eat it and I wouldn't eat it because I couldn't eat it.
I have to fit into a cheongsam on this Saturday night.
Sunday morning. Wait for me baybee. Wakaka.

Haha too obsessed with it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wow I'm so hardworking

In conjunction with the mock exam, I'm gonna write something which is related to studies.

*just found this table lamp from the shoe cabinet. It's been hidden since donno when. What a waste!*

I am a maniac, someone who can't really sit still. This does not change when it comes to study.
I study at different places at different time.
No it doesn't mean that I study at the college library from 10am-1pm then move to national library from 1pm - 5pm then move back to my house from 5pm - 10pm.
I don't study THAT much.



Normally I won't be home in the afternoon.
But if it's so happen that I study in the afternoon, it would be at the basement.
Everywhere else is so warm and one member in my family is very noisy (I don't wanna rant but you will rant 1000000x more than me if you were to stay with her) and spoil my study mood (if I ever have any) except for the basement.

It's quiet, it's cool.

But normally I would end up lying on the sofa, and.. Fall asleep.
Nap, to be accurate. A 3-hour nap.
I always feel uber regret everytime I wake up and I will go non-stop 'shit la, shit la' for wasting the precious time but then... I could hardly learn from my mistake.
I told myself, nap a while only yea, nap a while only yea but somewhere inside me is so rebellious and chose not to listen to this disciplined me.
That's very sad.

Oh where was I?
(recently tend to stray easily from whatever I'm talking about. See I'm doing it now)



Yay my room. My favourite place on earth.

The terrible thing is, the same thing which happens in the basement will happens in my room. Especially when I have a bed which is 10000x much cosier than the sofa.

I normally will go like, haiyah I have been sitting for so long and it's so not good for my spine and I shall rest my spine for a while and thus I shall study on the bed in which,
I end up doing what the bed is mean for - sleeping.walao such a posture. No wonder need to rest my spine.

I always feel uber regret everytime I wake up and I will go non-stop 'shit la, shit la' for wasting the precious time but then... I could hardly learn from my mistake.

I still constantly resting my spine on the bed and end up sleeping.

That's very sad.


I love midnight. The quietest moment of the day.

This is.. actually a dining table. But it somehow has become my study table.
It's very suitable to be a study table okay?
1. It's very big
2. Stationeries are within reachable distance
3. God is here watching me
4. No sofa nor bed around

Oh wait, you don't study in the morning?
Erm... I normally wake up during lunch hour. Thank you.

[just taking a short break from studying. Shall back to it now. ]

Post-Valentine's day

I guess after days of writing about this, I shall bring it to an end now.
Guess what?
~Mission Accomplished~

So I had prepared 3 sets of cookies + cards, intended to give them to 3 of the most precious people (besdes my family of course.) in my life.

The first one being Ying Huey.
You know what, she's the one staying nearest to my place.
I don't feel appropriate to waste 5 bucks to send the item via poslaju to her, so I was thinking of being my own postman, since I often pass by her place, and it's only 5 minutes of driving distance and 10 minutes of walking distance to her place. I would have reached her place by the time I finished a medley.
Being the usual lazy me + I was driven by all sorts of excuses... The cookies are still in my fridge.
Sad case huh?
Ying Huey, trust me, I WILL send you those cookies.

Alright next.
Mei Yi!!
I sent the items all the way to Kedah!! some 500km away from my place? As far as I'm concerned it's not that far. 300km? Could be. Let's assume that it's 300km. The most wonderful thing is that it only cost me 5 bucks. 5 bucks for 300kms in just 3 days!! Lalalalalala uber happy can?


So I made the most accurate calculation and arranged the cookies nicely accordingly like this.[yea I am very stingy. The box looks very familiar yea?
Yes that's the famous amos heart-shaped box.
See I am so environmentally friendly that you guys should learn from me. Nyahaha]

You know how it looked like when it reached her place?

This. duh.

Abit disappointed lor. But hey, stupid me should have anticipated it as I didn't take any steps to prevent them from moving away from their arrangement.
It would be a miracle if it arrived in the way as how it was sent.

(I have half a dozen of her pictures posing with the box but I haven't had her permission to post the picture yet. So... Yea..)

Alright, 3rd one... QQ!
You know it's the first time I sent out something overseas and I attempted EMS courier service but when the staff weigh the item... I was shocked. Literally. I thought it would be some 30 or 40 bucks and I told myself if it hits 40 bucks I wouldn't go for it, I would opt for normal courier service instead.
Guess what?


Freaking 90 bucks to send out something which costs less than 9 bucks (I guess)? No... I love my friend but.. nonono our friendship isn't measured in that way. The staff saw my shocking expression (cause I literally went like 'wah!!') and suggested registered post, which only required some a payment of 10 bucks, and which I had chosen, and which was very reliable because my baybee arrived on the 6th day I sent it out~!!This... actually worse. All those hearts have fallen off.

Doesn't matter. As long as she's happy.
I guess she is though.

QQ and Henry. They are so cute okay? I always want to know how would their baybees like... ^^

Anyway. Mission accomplished. Yea. That was my Valentine's day.
Single also can be very happy on Valentine's day k?

Phew. End of the Valentine's day series.

Happy Valentine's Day

In this post I shall sum up what I did for Valentine's day.

So you see, I have so used to do something for someone to make that particular someone happy on the Valentine's day because I had been doing something for the last 3 years hence I did something on this Valentine's day. Something I had never done before.Plus something I have always been doing.
In the next post I will let you guys know who would be the recipients(plural plural wakaka) of all these because I'm still waiting for something.

Oh yea mentioning Valentine's day, I had the crappiest Valentine's day in year 2008. I hope my future Valentine's wouldn't be crappier than it as it was really crappy enough. I'm not that strong to bear another crappy Valentine's day.
[p/s: being single is not crappy]

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Counting down to Valentine's day III

Yea, 9 days after it, I'm still writing about this St Valentine's day.
Fear no, the date can be varied ma...

Nah... this was something I did for Valentine's day~~Not bad la... Tell me it's not bad la..
It's the first time I did fondant and royal icing k..
And it's the first time I did those decoration k..
Tell me hmmm this Shang Hui really talented how come I never know one har?
=_= bear with my perasanness. Need to boost up some self-esteem. It's been very low since the Valentine's night.

But... That wasn't the first time I baked sugar cookies.
For my first time... sigh.. The texture of the cookies was like dog biscuit. Super hard can? Not that I have tasted dog biscuits before, I'm making the assumption that dog biscuits are hard on the basis that the dogs make the 'krok krok krok' sound everytime they eat those stone biscuits. Anyway, the taste wasn't too bad.

This time, the texture was quite soft, but it was too sweet. I'm not sure if our sugar is too sweet if compared to those western one or they have a really sweet tooth, I always follow the recipes to the tee (not only these cookies lor) but they always ended up way too sweet.
When I complaint that it's sweet, it's really sweet.


My tools. Thanks to Nora's colorful heart-shaped sugar hearts. Otherwise my cookies would just be some boring white hearts. Dull.
So far so good yea? No problem spotted hor?
Now I zoom out more to let you guys see the problem...

Yes I was decorating on the sofa. I wanna watch tv while decorate afterall. Multitasking muahaha.
Can see the circled things or not?
Come, let's zoom in, and I will let you know what were those things.
Nah. Isn't it clearer now?
Come la I zoom in more to let you guys see what the heck that was.

Some really cute colorful thousands and hundreds..
Super cute right?
And I'm very proud spilling them off right?

Let me tell you a story.
So I was decorating in full concentration, with the cookies tray on my lap,
and while I was putting the blue heart on the cookies, I felt an ant-bite on my thigh and my thigh reflected with a super slight move and the whole cookies tray tripped over and...

those thousands and hundreds rolled out from the bottle.. and onto the sofa they went..
yay.. way to go..
freedom is what they are asking for. There they go.
oh you know what. They might have been planning this for very long already, you know how Nemo and gang plan to escape, yea, these thousands and hundreds are planning the same thing.
They have discussed with the ant so that the ant bite my thigh and so that my thigh reflected with that super slight move and so that the whole cookies tray tripped over and so that they could rolled out of their bottle. Yes, this probably would be the case.


I hate cleaning up you know...
Especially when it comes to these... thousands and hundreds... Literally.
How to pick up all of them?? one by one?

*just when you think that I'm stupid...*

Nevermind!! No fear!!
Because my dad just bought me...a.. vacumm cleaner.

For the purpose of vacumming the seats of the car because the lazy me had never vacummed my car ever since my grandpa left it to me, which could trace back to year 2003. And it was the first and the last time I vacummed the seats because my dad wanted to sell it in a satisfactory condition to my relative. There you go my Wira. Literally.


Hooiyoh~~Yea... =.=|||

And so... after cleaning, I continued with my work.
But... few minutes later, another ant bit me again and...
Haiz. I guess I am the clumsiest girl in the world.

[no, the truth is, after seeing the successful escaping incidents of the thousands and hundreds, the hearts gone very envy and thus they discussed with the ant and asked the ant to bite my thigh so that my thigh reflected with that super slight move and so that the whole cookies tray tripped over and so that the hearts could fall out of their bottle and voila! freedom.]

Congratulations, hearts and thousands and hundreds. You guys ended up in the dust bag of the vacumm cleaner. Hearts, thousands and hundreds, meet dust and hair; dust and hair, meet hearts and thousands and hundreds.

p/s: I hate to call those colorful tiny beads thousands and hundreds but folks, that's their name.

Friday, February 13, 2009

CNY cookies overdosed

You might be thinking,
'Hell.. this girl is gonna talk about that extra few pounds again..'


Pictures are self-explanatory,
scroll down~You know, the day before yesterday, I was cleaning my room and saw the eyedrops specialised for this kind of infections.
I bought it for 16 bucks about a month ago to cure the same problem.
I was thinking, haiyah, damn wasted la. Just used once.
Literally once, because it is very effective and upon that one time of usage, the swell gone.

Then you know what, God really reads my mind,
He gave me the same problem again so that I can use my eyedrops again and thus, it isn't wasted.

And.. Yay? The eyedrops isn't wasted?

see la.. eaten too much of cookies.. that's why..

And that's not all...
The other consequence~

wakaka very proud cause it's been so long since the last time I had nose bleed.

Guhonness strikes

Guhon = Kiamsiap = Kedekut = Stingy = Thrifty *ahem*

For real?


Not much difference though.

Nah see. Told you so.
Don't have to compare too much la.
It's still me anyway.

Reflections are fun to play with.

Counting down to Valentine's day IIB

Don't know what's a rolled fondant?? Google it..~ Wakaka...

Lazy to post more...
Tomorrow la...

p/s: William, see, I did what I have promised...
I'm not THAT layzee...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Counting down to Valentine's day II

Something wrong with google today.

can't do anything which relates to pictures.
can't upload pictures.
can't view pictures.



I swear I'm not being lazy~

Counting down to Valentine's day I