Monday, April 27, 2009

Sex and the city and Land law

How the hell could they be related to each other?

Somehow, it works for me.
I guess it works for every law student who takes Land Law and law of trust,
who, is currently studying like hell.

Yea, when Carrie Bradshaw offered to contribute to the purchase price of that Manhattan penthouse at the Fifth Avenue,
I can't help but to think that she wants a share in the house.
This smart girl is trying to establish a common intention that she would own the house too.
Hmm. I wanna be like her.

Fellow classmate, we call that resulting trust or constructive trust, yea?

*shakes head*


Anyway, am gonna continue watching it now.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nah. Mah Paya Trip

As promised.

Paya dive trip.

I'm quoting the conventional line used by most of the bloggers:


Quite boring la this line.

Anyway, too lazy to come out with captions,
so.. yea...
Pictures are self-explanatory anyway.

Ta......daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!=.= what the heck?
Literally, lots of pictures.
*proud. Eyes look up* Nah. Never seen so many pictures at once before leh??
Tsk tsk tsk.
I started to fall in love with my creativity driven (which driven by laziness).

I'm not that lazy.
I am lazy - but not to that extent.

Nah. Here's some normal one.*credits to Mike. And Yen Ling*




Smile. =)

(ironically, Study.)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Latest addiction

No. Not midnight baking.
On serious diet now.

Type in
Then type 'j-a-z-z' on the search panel.
Turn off the screen, leave the lappie on - just let it flow.

Best accompanied with a cup of mint hot chocolate.
(did I just say I'm on diet?)
Option, rose tea. Or see-doh-beh-lei tea.

What a delightful afternoon,
with my law text books.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The heart of the matter

All the people in your life who've come and go,
They let you down, you know they hurt your pride.
Gotta put it all behind you' cause life goes on.
You keep carrying that anger, it'll eat you up inside.

(The heart of the matter - Don Henley. I prefer India Arie's version though)

How true.
I wish to bold up every word becaue every of them just truly reflects how I'm feeling now.

Yes yes yes it's about the same old matter again.

There is only 1 ppl in this world who let me down,
who hurt my pride;
but there are much more who tried to bring me up again,
who tried to lead me out of the darkness,
who tried to show me hopes when life sucks.

You know who you are,
you who said that 'we will prefer single rather than to have someone like him',
you who said that 'fortunately you dumped him',
you who said that 'you look great',
you who said that 'we will figure it out together',
you who said that 'so cheap one that guy',
you who said that 'we will stand by you',
you who said that 'treat it as charity lor',
you who said that 'being psychotic is better than getting jailed up'

Dear all, you know who you are.
(psstt... if you really know who you are,
come get me,
I owe you breakfast.)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I don't wanna get any pet anymore

Staring at the packet of the so called veterinary formulated kitten food with a blurred vision,
I have this question in my mind,
what is going to eat this in the coming days?

I think my kitten can't make it through tonight.
She can barely moved her body,
but she can't meow now.
She opened her mouth,
I know, she was intended to meow,
but no voice has came out.
I miss the super noisy her.

When I fed her milk,
the milk flowed out of the side of her mouth.
Yes, she is not capable of swallowing anything now.

I can't do anything now but to pray.
Namo Amitabha.
How I wish it is not 11pm now.
I doubt any veterinary clinic is still operating.

Don't die.
Give me a chance to bring you to the vet.
Give me a chance to feed you the kitten food I have specially bought for you.
Give me the chance to buy you a scratching post.
Give me the chance to buy you those ding-a-ling toys.
Give me the chance to groom you.
(yes shaddup. A cat isn't same with a dog. She will groom herself. Yea)
Give me the chance to love you, to sayang you, to pamper you, to spoil you.
Just, give me a chance to do all these for you.
Just, please.
Don't die.
Live on.
Stay strong.
I can't really relate this word to her now.

No picture of the super weak meowmee.
I really can't bear to capture a dying creature,
like how Kevin Carter did to an African child, with that infamous vulture.

Looking at the super skinny and weak kitten,
and speaking of the African child,
I suddenly have the urge to sponsor a child via World Vision.

update (12.42am)
Every blink is accompanied with tears.
I tried to examine her just now.
It's not shocking to see that there is no longer any movement on her stomache.
I hold back my tears for few minutes, and gave her a clearer examination.
Really. No movement.

I laid my hand on her head, and swept over it.
She's still warm, her body is still as soft.
It's still alive.

I gave her a longer observation,
she opened her mouth once in a while to take in air,
struggling through.
The pain is excruciating. By that, I don't mean the kitty. I mean my heart.

I'm gonna pray for her.
I'm gonna sit by her, until she takes in her last breath tonight.
I'm gonna make sure that there is someone to greet her goodbye.

Long term memory lost

Flipped through my textbooks.
Noted with my own understanding in Chinese.
Very semangat in the first few months of the course.

The shitty thing being I can't really remember I have done all those.
Then what's the point of studying in the first few months?

This explained why last-minute studies work for me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

That Saturday night

It's been ages since I had proper dinner.

I usually just have 2 mixed packets of spirulina instant cereal or french vanilla instant oatmeal or 3-in-1 hot chocolate or black sesame cereal.
2 packets, and that's all.
(and still that fat T.T)

That's why, that meal I had in Hardrock is really highly hugely heavenly heavy.
This. Shared by 4 girls.
(There were more btw)
Thanks to Yen Yee's birthday (erm.. which falls on 22nd of April instead of the 11th)

Oh and, we really love taking pictures.Not in the sense that we love to be in the pictures.
Just, this time, we are taking pictures of others taking picturesLike,
Yen Yee capturing the candle light;

Yen Ying capturing Yen Yee with that super nice Esprit keychain;

Nat capturing the card and the keychain.

And me capturing our drinks.

Neither of us had thought of being in the pictures.

Except for someone who is not within the context of us.p/s:

Perfect Nap

Nothing beats waking up from a 3-hour afternoon nap in the evening,
without having the contact lens on
(which has never failed to contribute to the swollen eyes),
without having my hair tied,
without having the makeups on,
without having my dirty shirts on,
without having anything on, to be precise.

Accompanied with the scent of the olive oil body scrub,
and the direct contact of the skin with my super soft and light comforter.

Understanding that am lying on my own bed,
instead of the couch or by merely resting my head on the table.

Nothing beats an intentional nap.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's raining (raining) oh baby it's raining

And I didn't bring an ella-ella-ella eh.
And currently I don't have a baby.
So I shouldn't be singing this song.

Okla speaking of this I finally could figure out something positive about my ex.
He used to run to get the car which was about half a km away from our college while it was raining.
Anyway, it suddenly came across my mind because I so felt like eating Tiramisu after class but then it was raining and I didn't bring an umbrealla and I was wearing white hence I didn't wanna run to the parking area.

It dampened my mood and urge of eating that piece of blissful tiramisu plus that Oreo milkshake
(which is a good thing = less calories + no need to waste money) and I ended up making mushroom soup (which is less blissful) at home instead (with cheese and eggs. Still high cals then muhahahahaha).

But but but. No fear.
Ngek ngek ngek.
Bonanza Promotion at Sushi King!!!
Woo lala!!!!
April here we go!!!!

Btw, lesson of the day:
to bring an umbrealla along - I only have two days of classes left anyway.

duh. what a fragmented and boring post.
Weather. Food. Then food. Then weather again.
I guess I have lost the creativity to write.
duh duh duh.


Pronounciation of Strawberry in Hong Kong style.
Really don't get why they pronounce it in that way.
File = Fy - Low
Cast = Ca - see
Proposal = Poh - Pou - Sou
Social = Sou -Shou

Why am I talking about this?
This entry should be solely about see-doh-beh-lei aka Strawberry la.

So it's been ages since the last time I ate strawberry -
to the extent that I have forgotten how a strawberry taste like.

So one fine morning, my grandma bought me a box of strawberry - and guess what?
I can't help but to think that I'm eating my body butter when I'm chewing the strawberry.
I love that scent of that body butter but I really never thought that the real strawberry tasted exactly like that.
*On a side note, I guess guys don't like this scent because my ex told me that it is too strong and it almost have it suffocated (yea yea yea I memang had that intention to kill him by putting this strawberry body butter by then and there won't be so problematic now if I ever made a successful attempt) and my ex-crush thought that I smoked a strawberry flavoured ciggy. =.=
Yealar now I only put it before sleeping for my own pleasure since guys often complain about that.*

Yealar, mint is more problematic when it comes to this kind of confusion.

So I baked some meringue kisses for my sis, thinking that the first batch was too sweet,
I added some mint to give it a tinge of freshness.
Sadly, she said my kisses tasted like toothpaste.

So I made a cup of hot chocolate for my lil' bro, thinking that pure chocolate was too boring,
I added few drops of mint essence.
Again, he wondered why I added toothpaste with chocolate, n asked if it's really edible.

So I made a cup of peppermint tea for my ex, thinking that it's not the same ol' boring one and thought that he would like it.
Haih, he said that he felt as if he was drinking toothpaste.

The worse is one which happened last night. My friend Nat took a sip of lemon+lime juice and said that it tasted like toilet - she is using some floor cleaner with lemon extract.


What la. Terrible confusion we have now.
Guess you guys have the same feeling too.
Food should not be treated like that la.
Food is food. Cleaner is cleaner. Toothpaste is toothpaste.

Btw, I officially announce strawberry as my favourite fruit~!!
(and strawberry body butter as my most preferred lotion)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Meomee again~

Check this out - when we first found it.Woola. Garang.


Shoebox + towel = cozy cozy cozy
(and my bro showered it with Shokubutsu when I was not in. Damn stupid lar him.
Doesn't he know it's pantang to shower a cat?
Common knowledge leh man.
Especially a kitten??

And and and... It started to drink milk now!!!

Oh and...I still haven't forget about my hammies yet.


Btw, it's sleeping.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


This is suppose to be a super long + super angry post.
I was furiously typing the whole incident out when my brother told me that there is a kitten abandoned at our backyard.Spot the kitten. Nehhhh. There. Below there, corner left.

A really really small and noisy and fierce and noisy and cute and noisy kitten.It was lying with its sibling's corpse (which assumed to be starved to death) when my brother found it at our backyard, with maggots crawling over its shivering body. Yucks. Really poor thing. Ooi? Where is the mother???
I was so keen to care for this poor thing until I have forgotten that I was really angry.
(not to say that I have totally forgotten about that incident but at least I could temporarily get it out of my mind)
It's super cute can? It has the most piercing and innocent pair grey-blue eyes I have ever seen on a cat. So alluring and so demanding but really, I don't know what it wants la.
Oh and oh, check out its color. Fine, nothing special about its grayish-brown hai but then my grandma said that it could be a mix-persian. Faster la. Agree with me. Say yes, it's a mix-persian cause really, it looks like one, but not as arrogant as one.

So it was raining and you know what happened to this poor kitten?

Soaked. Like... totally. Top to tail. Tsk tsk tsk. Poor thing.

Hence, I quickly brought it into the bathroom and dried it.
Within a minute, it fall asleep - which is really rare. Just look at its size compared to my palm.
You know what? For the very first time, I feel like I don't want a baby anymore. This kitten keep on crying and it refuses to eat. It cries and cries and cries and cries, for hours whenever it is not sleeping. Well, at least babies do play and do smile and do eat right? This kitty is just different. It just cries. I am wondering why won't it feel tired. I really don't know what it wants la. Those experienced ones suggested that it might be scared and it needs its mother but really, what can I do to comfort it?
I tried to pat its back, it cried even louder.
I tried to feed it milk (with my hammie's bottle), it refused to eat, and continued crying.
I tried to rub its stomache to stimulate its bowel movement (I didn't know that kitten doesn't know shitting), but still, no poops are discovered, and continued crying again.

How nice if I could just read its mind. Now I can only pray for this poor lil' cutie.

Just. Please. Don't die. And please. Eat.... Live on....

Thursday, April 2, 2009


What goes around comes around,
what goes up must comes down.

People, do believe.

Last time, I used to ignore his calls. As an angry girlfriend.
Now, it's his turn for not picking up the phone. As an ignorant debtor.

It will come back to you one day.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Fool

Yea yea yea. Thank you guys, for getting me involved in this very memorable day.

So I've been fooled.
Over similar issues.

The first one goes like:
Tonight free? Jl asked whether u wanna watch movie. I'm also not sure. U call him n ask la.

So I really did. It didn't sound like a prank at all alright?
But but but, I would have thought of it if I were not covered by the enthusiasm of going out.
This friend of mine, Hoe Hoe is still crashing his head in Johor.

The second one, someone else from the same gang, ZC, messaged me:
Later pasar malam mo wor jl ask.

Another which sounded very real. Usually he asked like that also arr.
So I called Jl again, and you know what?
It was a prank again.
Why ya everyone is using Jl to fool me? Ish.
(they will hate me for putting this picture up.
it's taken in 2007 wakaka.)

But hor, I feel happy for being fooled. Haha.
At least I'm remembered.