Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Fool

Yea yea yea. Thank you guys, for getting me involved in this very memorable day.

So I've been fooled.
Over similar issues.

The first one goes like:
Tonight free? Jl asked whether u wanna watch movie. I'm also not sure. U call him n ask la.

So I really did. It didn't sound like a prank at all alright?
But but but, I would have thought of it if I were not covered by the enthusiasm of going out.
This friend of mine, Hoe Hoe is still crashing his head in Johor.

The second one, someone else from the same gang, ZC, messaged me:
Later pasar malam mo wor jl ask.

Another which sounded very real. Usually he asked like that also arr.
So I called Jl again, and you know what?
It was a prank again.
Why ya everyone is using Jl to fool me? Ish.
(they will hate me for putting this picture up.
it's taken in 2007 wakaka.)

But hor, I feel happy for being fooled. Haha.
At least I'm remembered.

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