Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It is wonderful to have a guy to do something for you

A handsome one, to be precise.

Cooking a dish, washing your car, (insert whatever stuff you guys have done for your girls and those you girls have had the guys done for you)
(no. I do not treat my guy a slave)

In my case, it would be making a drink.

Yes, sad to say, he's paid to do so.

Seriously, despite he was in that boring collared Starbuck uniform and that ugly apron,
with a pair of not so glamour khakis,
(I didn't note what shoes he was wearing because he was behind the counter)
he is still more attractive than 47 out of 50 the candidates of the Cleo Most Eligible Bachelors.

Girls out there, check out someone tagged 'James' at the Times Square branch.

(speaking of guys, my debtor told me that he would be coming over to KL on 2nd April,
but I still haven't heard of him...
Should start to expect the worst,
at least no disappointment.)


april said...

eh..lets go and get his number...second round *bucks .. come. i must ask~ !!

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

Yes yes~ I received a Digi rewards: 10% off RM6.50 breakfast @ Starbucks!!!
means.. means.. it's destined!! that we should go again... nyahaha...