Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crying baby

So my tears couldn't stop dropping now.... It's just totally out of my control... Yea, now I could cry puas-puas.
Nola, I'm just contracted with red eye disease. But I look exactly like this when I cry.

I had these bloodshot swollen eyes last night but I thought it was because I napped with my contact lens on. Or because my eyes had frequent contact with the salt water in the last few days.

I could only sense that there is something wrong with my eyes when the redness remains after a long tigh tsleep.

Just now bersusah-payah walked to the clinic but damn it, it hasn't opened yet. Sigh you have to know this - I seldom see doctor because I'm too stingy to do so - I always let them heal naturally. So you can imagine how serious it is now. But sheeeee... it's not opened yet!!!!
Eh doctor, do you know it's very difficult to walk under the sun when you have this disease??
Th usual soft warm morning sunlight has gone way too glaring it painfully punctures the eyes. I could hardly open my eyelids just now - it hurts, excruciatingly.

But still, I feel pleased. I realise that I have a neighbour who really cares for me, who came over to ask if I'm okay (she met me while I was on the way to the clinic, with my eyes half covered with tissue paper), who sent me to the clinic (thank you, really. I really don't feel like walking under the sun already), who prayed for me (touched....). I'm really glad that I have such a neighbour. Well she doesn't have this duty of care, but still she voluntarily took up this responsibility (law students sekalian, please don't interpret it in law context)

Now I'm quarantining myself in the basement, because this damn disease is infectious. Plus the basement is dark enough for me to survive in. I'm even wearing shades all day long because really, the sunlight is killing me...

This sounds like those scenes from the movie in which this is just the early symptom of some really serious disease and which I wouljd eventually become a zombie who lost my mind and started to bite people around me and those who get bitten would get infected and started to bite people around them and it went on and on. Duh. Oh yea, I know what movie I was referring to. 28 weeks, if I'm not mistaken.

Or or, this might be the early symptom of me getting blind and this will be the last entry that I could post and you would never had the chance to see that entry I have promised to post anymore. (touch wood touch wood. Can you stop cursing yourselves already?)

Doc asked me not to face the monitor screen too much. So yea.. ciaoz.

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