Friday, March 20, 2009

Psychotic bitch

This is a post which does not really worth reading. Just another post to voice out my behsongness. Yea dearest ex you are so right I am so gonna blog about it.

Psychotic bitch. I am referring to myself. I am a good friend, a good daughter, a good sister, a good granddaughter, a good girlfriend, a good girl as a whole, but I clearly know that I'm not a good ex-girlfriend.

You know what? I've gone all psychotic when I got to know that he is now in a relationship. Okay la no, he didn't really tell that he's in a relationship. But being a smart and suspicious girl I am, I could guess it from his tone. The way he tried to hide something, the way he tried to avoid something and the way he ignored my calls (plural plural). Keep on saying not convenient bla bla bla. Afterall I had been in a relationship with him for 3 freaking years, so I kinda like understand him you see.

He admitted it (vaguely) after bugged by me. (*shake head* psychotic bitch) Yerrr damn zun la my intuition. Then I kept on bugging him (*shake head* childish psychotic bitch) and got to know a fact or 2 about that girl. He even said that 'that girl very good de lor. She never forced me' =.= yeayeayea. Because she is so good that she accepts the original him. She never forced him to quit smoking (hello neither did I. You stopped it for me. I just said something like I don' t want a smoker bf. You went on and quit it and I didn't force you) and never forced him to go back home early. Hello again. You bastard said that you have no money to go out with me (we were going dutch all along) but then you have money to fulfill your very happening nightlife? You go, guy. Found someone who super matches you, someone who comes from your world. If that's the case why did you come after me last time? Duh.

Frankly speaking, I feel sour. Alright I have to stress that NO I don't have any feeling for him anymore (yes yes dear readers I know that you are guessing so but seriously NO. But still even if I said no you will say something like ceh you don't wanna admit only ma but seriously, no. don't have) I'm feeling sour because he has the money to court a girl, to paktoh, but has no money to clear the debt???!!! WTF WTF WTF

I was in the gym room when I confirmed that he has a new girl and spent donno how long on the steppers but I didn't feel tired at all. Was trying to convert madness into energy and yes, it worked superbly well. I so feel like spending 35 bucks (yes AirAsia is that cheap) and fly to KK just to get that 1.2k from him face by face. Urrrrgghh.

Haiyah seriously donno what to do now. I read what I've typed minutes. Realised that I'm a super childish psychotic bitch. Shang shang shang. Cool cool cool. It's just 1.2k (T.T noooooo. Don't use the word just. 1.2k is a lot for me!) Chillax la girl!! Shit la I'm talking to myself now. I'm splitting myself now. I guess I'm in a serious need of a psychologist.

p/s: btw I made it 1.3k. For interest incurred thereof. It's been more than a year okay. And for.. psychiatric harm he caused to me because he has a girlfriend before I have a boyfriend. Afterall he said he wouldn't go for another girl ma and he broke his promise. (okay seriously this excuse is super lame. I'm not that selfish la afterall I asked for the breakup. It's just an excuse to make him pay the additional 100 bucks. - if he ever pays)

End of a post by a chilidsh psychotic bitch. Shall transform back to the mature angelic girl now. (=.=) Live my own life la. Shouldn't bother so much about an ex's relationship status now.


aLiya said...

hmmm, good one. Probably you should just call his gf for the money. Or maybe, should just call his gf's parents for the money.

Probably its just you, but 1.2k is not JUST 1.2k. Even if its 120, it is also not Just 120. you should seriously crack your head out to get back the money. Afterall, he shouldnt be oweing you anything.

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[aLiya] I wish I know who his girlfriend is. But she's innocent.
Imagine your current bf's ex (choi our bf won't be owing any girl money) ask from you.

Shirleen said...

hmmm.. if u really want to get him outta ur life.. think of it as a charity to him (i mean the money) that way, there is no need for extra madness and sadness and betrayal.
still, what had happened had happened. If he is with someone else, it's his choice.
Sometimes breaking up is a good way of getting you out of something you're not seeing with your head yet.
get what i mean? :)

cheers gal..