Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Melaka is wonderful!!!

Aiseh... Melaka only ma...

Ceh.. as if you have never been to Melaka before.

Yes, I had been to Melaka,
I had not been to the very famous Jonker Street.... =.= how can???
I'm a Malaysian eh!! Melaka is only 1-2 hours driving distance from Kuala Lumpur eh!!
Sadly, this is the fact.

Right, back to Jonker Street.

I really cannot forgive myself for stepping into this interesting place at my age of 22.
There are so much to shop, so much to see and most importantly, so much to EAT!!

The first stop - the Chicken Rice Ball which no tourists would miss if to visit Melaka.
We missed it. We had it in Muar earlier that day - our host, Terrence claimed that the Muar's one is the original one and it is softer and not stone-like like the Melaka's.
*shrug* no idea. I have not tried the Melaka's - will try it one day later.

First off - cendol. And the Baba Nyonya noodles.
Hmmmmmm cendol is also something that we shouldn't miss while visiting Melaka.
Terrence ordered 3 different flavours - Red Bean, Melaka sugar (so not used to the translation) and durian~~~Imagine how amazing it was when you have the cendol with the cool metal spoon after a long walk under the sun. The contact of the lips and tongue with combination of the cool metal spoon and melting ice is, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... truly, blissful.Anyway, fully melted cendol does not taste good.

After having the super heavy lunch, we decided to walk around and shop around - this is a must arr.
Spent donno how long in choosing bracelets for myself and my sister. Poor Terence - no bench is available in that shop. That's the favourite spot for all the guys who accompany their girl friends (literally girl - friends not girlfriend, geddit??) to shop - isn't it?

=) bracelet. When I visited KK I saw the same too. But more expensive.

Then we headed to shop some snacks. I insisted to buy this and force my two travel companion to finish it because I just wanted to try and I really couldnt' finish this off. Ceh. Doesn't taste as good as described. Maybe I have expected too much. Not that heavenly too.

Besides this, I bought some Mochee with different flavours which tasted REALLY good. I'm in love with Mochee already.

And of course, as tourists we were, how could we not take some typical tourisy pictures??
Selepas itu, we head on to Dataran Pahlawan - no, not to shop. It was a budget trip. We did not go to Melaka for shopping purpose (yea yea yea. Bought something in Jonker Street but those are souveniers!).

Yes yes, you might have guessed it correctly - we went to Nedeje Patisserie Cake House, somewhere I've always wanted to go. It is a cake house known with its Mille Crepe layered cake. Goodness. Am so thankful while get to know that Terence included it into our plan!!! I've been wishing to try out those layered babies when I saw it on my friend's fb pictures.

A tad of disappointed though. It was good, indeed - but not as good as I have expected them to be. It was rather sweet (yes although am a sucker for sweet stuff but there is a limit to it) and am not used to the chewy texture of one of the layer. We couldn't literally sink our teeth into it because the cream was layered with ... I don't really know what it is. I've checked it online - some said it was crust, some claimed it was pancake, but it tasted like neither of them.

Original Mille Crepe (how come it sounds so like Milipede??? Yuckiness to the maxiness). It is like a convention that everyone must order the original something when they try out something new hence we did the same too.

Tiramisu Mille Crepe -Remember? I said I want to try all the Tiramisu possible after I indulge in the one at Alexis.

My favourite is still the non-layered type - we ordered White Chocolate Cheese in Cookies Crust. Fine. I invented the name because I have forgotten the actual name of it.

And then, the vanity begins when Terence awake from his afternoon nap. Yealar we have always been that vain and this is the unchanged fact.

Fast forward to night - where we met up with Terence's friend Theck Ling and the other couchsurfer, Sheryl Cheng. You know what? There are a lot of coincidence in the world. You see, you know that I searched Terence through, right? (perhaps you donno but now you know) and coincidentally, when I showed Terence's picture to April, April told me that she was her online friend. So Terence is confirmed to be my host at Muar, and I decided to look for a host at Melaka. I hence approached Sheryl, who, wasn't convenient to provide me a couch but offered to let me stay at her friend's place. Since Terence later told me that he would bring us from Muar to Melaka and back to his house, I think that it is not necessary to stay at Sheryl's friend's place and I told her about this very kind Muar host who was willing to be our Chaffeur. and hence rejected her offer. Coincidentally, Sheryl knows Terence and asked if my host was him!!
It's a small world afterall.

At night, we went to try this shrimp and rojak which the locals claimed to be famous. We were very full by then but hey! it was a food trip!! It was meant to try out all the famous food at the places we visit!! Hence, we did.

While digesting (to eat more later!) we went to take a ride on the Eye on Malacca. There, I could confirm that I have acrophobia - which was firstly discovered when I took the cable car ride at Genting Highland. Ceh... I have always thought that I was brave and dare to try out anything but.. sigh..Ahaha still keen to take pictures while fearing~

Eh strange enough, I wasn't afraid when I was on the top of a hill or a mountain and look down neither would I be agitated to get myself down when I was on the canopy.Anyway, after the first round, I began to adapt with it and the fear slowly fade off. Perhaps it wasn't the real acrophobia. I donno.

Alright... last stop of the day - Capitol Satay Celup, also something you could not miss when you visit Melaka - hence we did not, although we were already 100% full.There ended my Melaka food trip~

My JB host Sam told me that they recycled the celupan (those sauce that we used to celup, what do you call that??) , this is what which makes the celupan so tasty - anyone could clarify it?? It sounds so ewwwwww alright????

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Went to see doctor

Reluctantly. Super reluctantly.
Literally get forced to do so.

I was only having flu and coughing, I clearly know that am not having a fever. I was merely caught cold while playing water in the rain days ago but everyone was urging me to see a doctor. I hate seeing a doctor when it is not neccessary. (<---note this)

Kononnya the doctor would give me a medical certificate to prove that I am perfectly normal so that I can get through the checkup at the customs.
Helloooooo???? So what if I see a doctor now? So what if the doctor really give me that MC? If the customes check for my body temperature, and *touch wood*, it is really higher than usual, there is no point for me seeing a doctor now.. right???

Yeala, in the end, the doctor laughed at me and said there is not such things and merely prescribed me some conventional medicines. For flu, for cough, antibiotics and painkiller. WTF has my flu and cough to do with that fucking painkiller?? I didn't complain any sort of pain at all.

But can I confront the doctor?? No. because afterall, he still, is the doctor, someone who has spent 7 years (or more) and hundred thousand bucks to be in his current position. Taking medicine makes me feel worse. Now looking at them, am like, fuck, I have to finish them off -not because it is neccessary.
I just don't feel like wasting my 40 bucks.

Grrrrrr..... really. Why force me when it is really not necessary?????