Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Went to see doctor

Reluctantly. Super reluctantly.
Literally get forced to do so.

I was only having flu and coughing, I clearly know that am not having a fever. I was merely caught cold while playing water in the rain days ago but everyone was urging me to see a doctor. I hate seeing a doctor when it is not neccessary. (<---note this)

Kononnya the doctor would give me a medical certificate to prove that I am perfectly normal so that I can get through the checkup at the customs.
Helloooooo???? So what if I see a doctor now? So what if the doctor really give me that MC? If the customes check for my body temperature, and *touch wood*, it is really higher than usual, there is no point for me seeing a doctor now.. right???

Yeala, in the end, the doctor laughed at me and said there is not such things and merely prescribed me some conventional medicines. For flu, for cough, antibiotics and painkiller. WTF has my flu and cough to do with that fucking painkiller?? I didn't complain any sort of pain at all.

But can I confront the doctor?? No. because afterall, he still, is the doctor, someone who has spent 7 years (or more) and hundred thousand bucks to be in his current position. Taking medicine makes me feel worse. Now looking at them, am like, fuck, I have to finish them off -not because it is neccessary.
I just don't feel like wasting my 40 bucks.

Grrrrrr..... really. Why force me when it is really not necessary?????

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Chan said...

hmm.. lotsa f word. Painkiller is used if you have fever. Usually when you are badly infected with virus, your body will produce a lot of antibodies, and that causes fever.