Thursday, June 25, 2009

Muar is.. mmm...

If you think that Muar is a boring place to be,
think again.
Alright, you are right,
Muar, indeed, IS really a boring place.

I spent 3 days in Muar, and I enjoyed the whole trip to bits.
It was the companion that matters.=)

we should also thank our very animated host who also took up the role as a photographer, chaffeur, companions, tour guide and friend.

So we started off with chicken rice.
Seriously, there is nothing special about the chicken rice.
(hence no pic for it)

Selepas itu, we went to the temple.(terence said that we could tell others by saying that the pic was taken in Thai. Duh.)

We then headed off to Gunung Ledang~

We made it to the peak -
Terence claimed that there would be less visitors, and the water would be cleaner.
Ain't easy, but worth it~

Then we had heavy dinner - really heavy.
Oh jian.
Chao Kuey Diao.
Fish Head Beehoon.Kuey diao on otak-otak leaf.

Hmm... that's more like a food trip.
Didn't take much of pictures because the food ain't special too.

Night ain't boring too - who would feel boring with a handsome Golden Retriever as companion?

End of day 1


Yes la yes la, when everyone else is talking about Japan Hongkong Taiwan Africa yadda yadda, I'm here to talk about Jb.
So April is backed for some reason, I continued on with my planned journey to the south.
(will talk about those wonderful days in Muar)
I'm glad to be able to surf this couch,
when you have a private room and private bed and private computer and private everything for FREE at some totally strange place,
who wouldn't?
Will talk more about this some day later.
Gotta go for dinner now~

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Me is at...

Somewhere ulu.

And me is lovin' it~~~=.=
as if never seen pineapple before.

(small voice: yeama. Really never seen baby pineapple with purple flowers ma)
(p/s: show you guys some day later. In different cam)

Continue when am home~

Monday, June 22, 2009


5 days
4 dresses,
3 shorts,
2 tank tops,
1 jacket.

3 states,
2 travellers,
1 (can't think of any. Fill in the blank.)


Saturday, June 20, 2009


When there is no update, there could mean two things:
1. Too busy to blog
2. Too free hence nothing to blog about

Sadly, I belong to the latter one.

Something. Please happen.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's bothering me now?

I won't call that infatuation. Far from it.
So you see, I have done with my exam, and currently enjoying my 3-month-break.
I am not gonna find a job because I'm working part time all along and I think that is sufficient for me - I just wanna enjoy my holiday.
My point is, I am so free now and I have got nothing better to do hence I have stuffed something really wuliao into my head.

Before I go on, I shall tell you guys a story - a very childish one.

So one fine day, Shang and her two friends were shopping in Mid Valley when they saw Barney the purple dinosaur hanging around, shaking hands with visitors.
So Shang was pretty excited (not sure why she was so) and wanted to shake hand with Barney too, but the Barney IGNORED her, and turned to the other side, which made Shang gone grumpy exaggeratedly.

When she turned into Threepointsix her friend told her, 'eh, that guy out there asked if you need him to get the Barney for you'.[I will call him the hairband-guy(THG) from now on - because he was wearing a hairband] Fine, Shang really didn't realise that. So she didn't bother and continued to shop.
[Side note: She saw one Adidas windbreaker which she really likes but she didn't bring enough cash and she has lost her debit card and she has no credit card thus she didn't get it. She saw one Disney bag that she really liked too, but her friend commented that it looked like a diaper bag - well maybe it is meant to be one, but anyway, she didn't get it either.]

Fast forward. They went to Vincci and Roxy and noticed nothing special.

So they headed to Adidas outlet store, because Shang wanted to see if there is other colors available for the jacket she has spotted (auntie Shang also wanted to compare the price - although she knows that there would be not much of difference). Her friend told her that thg's friend (let's call him the Black-Shirt-Guy [BSG]) was also in the shop - but they concluded that he was merely a staff and he was there to get the stock.

While they went out and headed to Diva, they were stopped by THG.

THG asked Shang if she could be his friend - and Shang stunned.
Well, being someone who is not conventionally pretty and fat, she would have never expected that someone would approach her - in the mall.
(at this time, reader would think: ceh. I have been approached for the thousandth time already. but I have never blogged about that
or ceh. why advertise as if it's really a big matter
The fact is that: I'm not bragging about this approach - you will know the point of this post later)

Where were we? Oh yea, approached by THG. Shang refused to give him her number because... Shang's parents have thought her not to give numeber to stranger. =.= No la. Shang just didn't feel like giving it to him - just, feel. So Shang offered him her e-mail address instead - but he didn't want that. Alright, THG actually gave Shang his phone and asked her to key-in her address but sadly, Shang had been a loyal SE user and had forgotten how to use a Nokia, hence Shang didn't make it.

Then donno how, THG turned to her friends, and there, BSG who was standing beside him, stepped in, and talked in a really soft voice,
'you don't give him la. you secretly give it to me la'

So being a law student (bullshit la), Shang always take 'FAIRNESS and JUSTICE seriously. So she thought, haiyah, since she rejected his friend, she should treat his friend the same too.
She secretly liked BSG because she thought that he's cute. really cute. Especially his smile - which looked abit embarrassed. But yea, fairness and justice, she refused to give her number to BSG too.

Then, they continued shopping as if nothing had happened.

And, while looking at the cup of green tea in front of him, Shang started to regret.

You know Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? (or something like that. PTSD in short. I don't really know the exact name but yea, something like that).
The victim won't feel anything on the spot. Instead, the feeling would arised after months of even years after the incident.
That's Shang's case. Just an analogy to be drawn to PTSD. It has nothing to do with traumas. Just, regrets. She didn't feel anything at the moment she rejected BSG but the feeling of regrets arised after hours of it.
She should have given her number to BSG because he looked quite okay nieh.

As mentioned, no one would have thought that Shang is pretty at first sight, the probability of being approached is already low low low low low, being approached by a guy who looked okay, in the mall somemore, is like, striking lottery okay?
(there is a possibility that BSG was trying to get her number for THG but still... Let me dream on okay?)

Anyway, back to Shang started to feel regret.
And regret and regret and regret...
Until 3 days later, which means today... still regret.

End of the story.

Beh tahan right?
Childish right?
I know that I will laugh at myself when I read it in the future - it's really too childish and naive.
My friend Mei Yi who was the witness also wanna died listening to my rantings. And some of my other friends felt like strangling me and knocking my head to the wall when they knew that I didn't even remember how the BSG looked like. I donno how old is BSG, I donno where is he from - basically, I know nothing about BSG. I only know that BSG was some one in Black Shirt - hence, BS. And I only know that THG's nick name is Ah Xiang and yea that's all.

Now want to look for him also cannot.

Gah. If I were to go to Pangkor or the church camp, I wouldn't had bumped into him.
And I should have gone to the church camp I guess. Grr.
It's so irritating.


Childish right???? Too deeply poisoned by Serendipity. (btw, it's a movie.)Sigh sigh sigh.

Biologically 22, physically 27, mentally 17.

We will see la. We will see how long will this stupid stuff haunt me.
Maybe I will totally forget about this tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. Or Saturday, when I bump into a red-shirt guy or a white-shirt guy who looks better than BSG. (But I can't even recall how BSG looks like. Duh)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

When west meets east...

Creative or what?
When I tried to crush the Oreos into crumbs with food processor,
and failed miserably,
my grandma suggested me to use this - the thing which is older than my dad~

Eh it works very well leh!!!!
I'm gonna take this thing to my matrimonial home if I ever have the chance to get married.

Is there an English name for this thing??

Aloha!! Cristine is backed!!!

Ahahahahahaha Cristine... I just can't stop laughing when I see this name.
No, there is definitely nothing wrong with this name, it's absolutely feminine, elegant and normal.
(yea it would be better if a 'h' is added at the appropriate place)

But it's just too funny.
You know what? It used to be my name.
Btw, I gave myself the name 'Cheryl'. My parents didn't name me that.
I did it because of the reason laid down by Rafflesia Pong - people usually find it difficult to remember chinese name.
'What? Shang - what?' 'Shang Hui. Think of Shang Hai la if you forgotten my name.'
*few minutes later*
'Eh, Shang Hhhh...'
Yea, that's what happened when I meet with new friends.

Anyway. Cristine is definitely not that case.

The story goes like that:
So one day, Mei Yi told me I named myself Cristine.
It is something which happened 12 years ago.
She is repainting her house now and found a book which we used to pass it on others would write some stuff so that we would remember each others after graduation.
We called that 纪念册. Remember?

The said book, with rules somemore
(Mei Yi don't worry, we won't laugh at you. Everyone else is doing the same thing).
And just look at those rules...Translation:
1. Please keep it clean
2. Please do not tear.
3. Please do not simply draw.Can I consider this as simply drawing?
4. Please do not use Magic Color - as it will be printed to the next page!
5. Please put souveniors.

6. You must write down your name, Christian name, class, best friends.
7. You could only write 3 pages at most.

the said 'Cristine'.I guess I simply named myself because it was the rule to write down ur christine name and it's better to obey it.

Nickname.. 蜈蚣. That's Milipede.
I used to have such a nick.
I donno why I have that nick until Mei Yi hinted me,
Neh, your surname is Chung ma, then people call u Chung Chung - 虫虫(worms in Chinese), then that's why u get that name lor.
Liddat also can.

That's not all. Check this out.

刘青云 and 米雪 used to be my favourite star.
Come on la. This is really funny okay?
Beh tahan...
Was working when Mei Yi sent me the message, reminded me of this - can't stop laughing and student thought that she played something wrong to the extent that I laughed until like that.
I guess they were in some really popular soup by then - I'm not the only one who wrote this leh.
It's embarrassing okay?

And you know I'm special.
And I've always been the special one.
Take a look at this, I'm the only one who had 3 signatures. In red.

Plus, your friend would probably love you more if you put some so called 'souvenior' into the envelope attached at the back cover.
Some put name cards, some put bookmarks, and the most popular ones are those sailormoon stickers- which used to be my hobby for collecting it.
Uber childish okay??
But that was what we used to do!!
Don't tell me u don't watch sailormoon or Power Rangers by then. Btw my favourite character was Sailor Mars, the coolest of all. If you don't, then you are OUT.

And you know what? The ultimate achievement in collecting the gold cards was to get 4 complete parts to form a huge sticker.
Completing the 2 parts is already difficult - much depends on lucks.
But fred not! If you get the sticker which you already had in your collection, you can exchange it with your friends anytime.

Last but not least.

I fail to translate it without losing the rhyme.
Good if u understand chinese because this is really funny.
Donno why I left such stupid stuff on ppl's book.
p/s: btw, I was a loser in playing those girl-games like batu seremban and rubber band hopping.
Every other girl has a set of it but I don't - I simply donno where to find cloth and most importantly, I donno sewing at all by then.
Tsk tsk tsk, loser.