Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another 2 gone

Another 2 teeth got extracted today. Note: 2 healthy teeth.

Shit!! I didn't bring back my teeth today!! I left them there!!

Aiks.. forget it... those dentist-wannabe was actually asking for my teeth for practical purpose.. I'm doing something good anywayz...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A letter to my neighbour

Dear neighbour,

Hi there. Please forgive me for my unexpected approach. I would rather keep my identity confidential because I wouldn't want to cause any unhapiness between us - though you have not greeted me since you moved into this neighbourhood.

I know you really love your car. I appreciate that you have a very adventurous hobby. However, your car really is creating some unwanted noise to me. I would have spring out of my house and step at your cute little car but for my grandma blocked me from doing so.

Since it is a remote-controlled car, I have this very brilliant suggestion: bring this small little car to somewhere further - like the basketball court or the park nearby. I would appreciate it if you really do so. It wouldn't be any hard task for you since you have your Rav4 which is always prepared to transport you to anywhere.

I really enjoy some peace of mind when my aunty is willing to rest the tv in peace for a while when she is having nap.

Thank you. I really prefer enjoy my meal without any disturbance. Thank you for your co-operation.

your loveliest neighbour in the neighbourhood

I will miss you~~ dearest teeth

Now I understand how would those who wear braces slim down.

I mean, I don't feel any uncomfortableness while wearing braces all along. Despite the fact that those food would stuck in between the teeth and the braces, I still have my meal as usual. I see no reason that I could slim down like everybody else when I have my normal meal.

However, now I understand.

I tell you... I got my teeth extracted last two days. No, there is, indeed, nothing wrong with them. They are 100% usably alright. But!!! They have to be aparted with my gums because there is no sufficient space for all my teeth to be arranged into a really fit position. Those who have worn braces or those who are wearing braces now, you know what I mean.

Ok, so I got two teeth from my right side of gum extracted, above and bottom each. I found it's really difficult to chew with one side of teeth. Alright, it's not difficult. I'm just lazy. The time that I used to finish a meal has doubled up.


And next week, I will be saying goodbye to another two teeth again. And I can't imagine how am I suppose to chew with 4 spaces between the teeth. You know it's really very geli when the food get stucked in those spaces.

BTW, I'm eating very soft food like ice cream, self-made mashed potato with a lot of butter and some microwave-cooked eggs with really thick cheesy toppings these few days.

I still don't see how could people slim down when they wear braces.

P/s: I'm not showing the pictures of my very healthy teeth here to prove that I really have some A-graded teeth. They are just too gross to be shown.

Monday, February 18, 2008

45 truths about men

Apparently April and Wai Yee showed me this article on the YellowPost dated 15th -21st Feb 2008, and I found it is quite interesting (I'm not a man, therefore I'm not sure whether they are the truth), thus, sharing off with you guys here.

I am pursuing a law degree and the application of the law in the real life is much emphasised. Therefore, I'm doing it here also~~~

Even with all the advice in the word there are somethings abouearn from love we must learn from experience. Here are 50 (liar. Only 45 are provided) of life's little truths on male testosterone and what it makes them do.

1. They think they know everything about women and the bedroom.
This is not quite true. He always say 'I really don't know what you girls want'

2. 'Foreplay', as far as they're concerned, may have something to do with golf.

3. They never admit to pet-names in public, but in private "snugglemuffin" or "poohbear" is his first name.
Can I say he doesn't have a petname? Or.. I don't call his petname (Guess what? it's the boring 'baby') in public coz I just don't want to grab any attention from anyone out there.

4. They honestly believe that white socks look pretty sharp.
True. He always match up his sneakers with white socks. And he doesn't really like to show it off. I mean, what else? A pair of black one?

5. They delight in their own body odour.
Thank god. He is kind of a hygienic freak and therefore I never smell any odour from him.

6. They despise any threats to their masculinity, and therefore getting rid of them is often a real problem. Statements such as "Get Out" and "I never want to see you again" too closely resemble a challenge. Try saying "I love you... I want to get married and ahve your children." He'll leave in a flash, and even leave skid marks on the way.
Bull shit. Real bull shit. My innocent and lovely and adorable and cute look has never been persuasive for him. Instead, it disgusts him (and everyone of you out there)

7. If a man says "I'll call you" and doesn't, he didn't forget or lose your number - he just didn't want to.
I don't remember him saying so. And he really seldom call me if there is nothing important. He never learn the meaning of romantic.

8. Old fat men are supposed to be prosperous.
Let's look at it like this,
'if men are supposed to be tough,
does it mean that women are supposed to be soft?'
And btw, he is not old, and neither is he fat. So...?

9. No matter how much he denies it, if supermodel Gisele Bundchen came knocking his door he'd drop you like ten tones of chopped liver.
Would any supermodel do me a favour on this, please?
Or.. any girl, please??
Oh... maybe some had did it w/o my knowledge.... -_-

10. If he invites you over to his house and cooks more than three meals himself, he's serious.
3 meals, mee + soup + fishball??
I'm not that stupid la. Ok lor, this is one meal. So he is not serious.

11. If its attention you want, don't get involved with a stockbroker.
What if it's a lawyer? Ok. Haven't graduated. A student.

12. Don't try to teach men how to do anything in public.
What?? It's wrong if classmates are teaching each other how to do their assignments??

13. Not one man in a beer commercial ever has a beer belly (or, one presumes, brewers' droop).
True true true. They always look that syrrrruppppp.
Oh yea, this remind me of the fat guy who hold the slurpee in the 7-11 commercial, and he does has a .. slurpee belly.

14. ‘I don't work out to get big, even though I get big really easily. I only do it 'coz it makes me feel better'. Sure.
Sure or not??

15. When he says he loves you even more without make-up, he's lying.
I am not good in making up, what can I say?

16. All men worry about losing their hair.
All human-being worry about losing their hair.

17. Only very insecure men have personalised number plates.
Do you mean that all wealthy men are very insecure?

18. They'll neer ask for directions if they are lost.
True!!! True!!! Truly true!!!
'Can try de ma... this way larr.. should be alright de... bla bla bla bla bla bla bla...'

19. It may take them longer to fall in love, but when they do they fall harder.
This is abstract. It can't be applied in real life.

20. He will never grow out of video games.
True. And sometimes he even chooses games over me. It really pisses me off when he does so.

21. Within five minutes of arriving at a party, he will be in deep conversation with the most beautiful women in the room.
Okay then. Within five minutes of arriving at a party, I will be in deep conversation with the most handsome men in the room.

22. Short men hate their partners to wear high heels wehn they're out in public, but love those stiletto heels in the bedroom.
Oh. Thank god he is not short. I love heels.


Take a break. This is indeed very long-winding. I will continue on the next post. The American's Next Top Model Cycle 9 will be on screen in a couple of minutes btw. See you~~~

Sunday, February 17, 2008

This entry will piss my bf off

I am not trying to compare my bf with anyone else.

But this girl is really freaking lucky. She must have be a very good person in her last circle.

Who is she??

She is Kelly Tan E Li.

Now who doesn't know her??

Billboard in the middle of the busy streets with the picture of a guy who holds a ring (I guess), smiling broadly, with the word, 'Kelly Tan E Li, will you marry me?' on the valentine's day.

I saw this when I was on my way back to from Damansara with my dad.

It was my dad who pointed this to me, said, 'you see this 'sou lou'..'

At the first glance I thought it was some ad or what... but.. hell!! it is proposal!!!

So I started to debate with my dad when he said RM40k really worth a 'yes, I do' and I rebut his statement by saying things like' RM40k for a proposal?! I would rather he buy a car or a trip or something else for me...


Okla.. i was lying to myself. I mean, which girl won't feel touched for this?

At least, he remembers that it's valentine's day. At least, he is willing to think of something creative to make his girl happy. A rare one in Malaysia where most of the guys are kiamsiap and selfish and never learnt to meaning of romantic.

A billboard proposal on the valentine's day. Good job, David.

Okla... go live happily ever after la... no eye see....

*Sigh* sorry.. don't blame me... cause i spent my valentine's day with nothing but working and quarreling...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Home alone


So, they are gone - after a week of holiday.



Phantom of the Mutiara


Being fake. She has never been shy.


McFlurry, anyone?


Everyone of them has backed to Sabah.

Study, work... backed to their own position.

No more nagging, arguing, shouting, yelling and oh yea, laughing, giggling, etc.etc.

*Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock*
Oh, it seems that my clock is making some noise.

*Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap*
And so does my keyboard - only when my fingers are running through it.

The cooler pad- it's so obvious right now.


Music, please.

Sad. I didn't even need this when they were here.