Sunday, February 24, 2008

I will miss you~~ dearest teeth

Now I understand how would those who wear braces slim down.

I mean, I don't feel any uncomfortableness while wearing braces all along. Despite the fact that those food would stuck in between the teeth and the braces, I still have my meal as usual. I see no reason that I could slim down like everybody else when I have my normal meal.

However, now I understand.

I tell you... I got my teeth extracted last two days. No, there is, indeed, nothing wrong with them. They are 100% usably alright. But!!! They have to be aparted with my gums because there is no sufficient space for all my teeth to be arranged into a really fit position. Those who have worn braces or those who are wearing braces now, you know what I mean.

Ok, so I got two teeth from my right side of gum extracted, above and bottom each. I found it's really difficult to chew with one side of teeth. Alright, it's not difficult. I'm just lazy. The time that I used to finish a meal has doubled up.


And next week, I will be saying goodbye to another two teeth again. And I can't imagine how am I suppose to chew with 4 spaces between the teeth. You know it's really very geli when the food get stucked in those spaces.

BTW, I'm eating very soft food like ice cream, self-made mashed potato with a lot of butter and some microwave-cooked eggs with really thick cheesy toppings these few days.

I still don't see how could people slim down when they wear braces.

P/s: I'm not showing the pictures of my very healthy teeth here to prove that I really have some A-graded teeth. They are just too gross to be shown.


april said...

no can get cash for it..TOOTH FAIRY!!!!

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

I'm giving cash for that...

Shirl said...

lolx... i only sacrificed 2 teeth.. how come you need to pull out so many?.. urs isnt that bad is it?