Sunday, February 17, 2008

This entry will piss my bf off

I am not trying to compare my bf with anyone else.

But this girl is really freaking lucky. She must have be a very good person in her last circle.

Who is she??

She is Kelly Tan E Li.

Now who doesn't know her??

Billboard in the middle of the busy streets with the picture of a guy who holds a ring (I guess), smiling broadly, with the word, 'Kelly Tan E Li, will you marry me?' on the valentine's day.

I saw this when I was on my way back to from Damansara with my dad.

It was my dad who pointed this to me, said, 'you see this 'sou lou'..'

At the first glance I thought it was some ad or what... but.. hell!! it is proposal!!!

So I started to debate with my dad when he said RM40k really worth a 'yes, I do' and I rebut his statement by saying things like' RM40k for a proposal?! I would rather he buy a car or a trip or something else for me...


Okla.. i was lying to myself. I mean, which girl won't feel touched for this?

At least, he remembers that it's valentine's day. At least, he is willing to think of something creative to make his girl happy. A rare one in Malaysia where most of the guys are kiamsiap and selfish and never learnt to meaning of romantic.

A billboard proposal on the valentine's day. Good job, David.

Okla... go live happily ever after la... no eye see....

*Sigh* sorry.. don't blame me... cause i spent my valentine's day with nothing but working and quarreling...


小虎虎的思忆部落格 said...

i got nothing on valentine day lover didnt prepare for it while i was rushing to shop for chocolate...sigh....sad sad oso....

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

let's be sad together.
For we did so much and didn't get anything in return~~