Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 'Prom'

Yes. Do note the apostrophe.
As mentioned in the earlier post,
that prom carried no characteristic of a prom at all.

Firstly, it was held in a meeting room.

Secondly, which was related to the venue - there is no dance floor in the meeting room.

Thirdly, again, which was related to the venue as well - the stage is as small as ATC's classroom's stage.

Fourthly, bad bad bad management as the they turned off the air-con half way through just to get rid of us.

Fifthly, there is no proper smoking room so well yea you know the consequences.

Alright, last two does not make a prom night did not seem like a prom night,
it's just make a prom night a terrible one.

Anyway, despite all these horrible stuff,
we still manage to achieve the maximum of happiness throughout the night.

See, the core lies on the people.
So what if you are given a really grand place but the people is boring?
If I were given a choice,
yes, I would choose great people over great place~

From the very beginning:

This is how I sorta like book the place for my guys because I went there quite early.Manuscript wei, don't play play alright?


Food were awesome.
It's subjective anyway - some of the attendants gave negative comments over the main dishes.
Ceh it has nothing to do with me - I didn't have much of the main dishes - Aprilbitch did feed me some anyway.
Desserts are good.
Chocolate tarts.
Strawberry yogurt cheesecake.
Bread pudding.
Whoa.... stop it.
Bad news - that I couldn't eat before the performance.
It was really pathetic - I could only look at the food,
if I would be full by merely looking at them,
I would have had bloated already.
I had been looking for them for freaking long but still couldn't eat them.
Okay I lied.
I took a few bites of the potato salads.
And a few bites of those desserts.
Those were some unsatisfying bites anyway.
I paid alright? (stop behaving like an aunty)

Good news - I was the first one who performed - so basically I could eat all I could after the performance~ Bwahahahahahahahahahhaahha~

Damn. Adrenaline rush whenever I have food in my mind.
Where was I?
Oh food.
There was nothing exciting except for the food.

Oh wait..
There were something better...
The people!!
They were truly awesome!!!!!

Come, I let you see what we had done on that night....
First off, the serious one.

The sexay (?) and untitled.
Macho(???) and cute(???)See Daniel was gone as he knew himself -
he couldn't join the cute force no matter how.

Wait. I suppose that the whole idea of prom is not about taking pictures right?
Yes, supposedly, prom is about flirting tackling dancing (and eating) but jeeeezzzzz there is no dance floor!

So yea right. Let's continue with the pictures.

Now, me and April.

The lala 1-2-5 pose.

I tell you.
Chung Shang Hui will no longer be Chung Shang Hui if she stops making silly (and idiotic) faces.
I swear to you - I will make this kind of stupid faces even if I'm in wedding gown
(yea right provided that if someone is willing to take me with him)
That someone...
what takes you so long to appear????

April-the LadyGaga-wannabe's mug shots
No wonder Ceddy addresses her as a bitch

And mine...
Oh yes, Ceddy does call me a bitch too

*I will laugh at you la if you are tilting your head*
*and note my fingers*

Was taking pictures the only source of fun??

Not really.

Trust me.
We are not that vain.

We did find some of the performance rather amusing.

I especially like the closing act performed by the Music club,
they were doing a medley of some Disney songs~
Ah... Nostalgia...
It's been years since I watched a Disney movie.
Eh no. I watched Enchanted .. few years ago.
But still.. years.
I'm 23 as per 2010, by the way.

Alright, till then.

*awkward way of ending the post. Yes I know*

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First and last solo jazz performance in my life

As titled.

The consequences of this performance:
1. I managed to shed off a few pounds - bwahahahahahahahahahahaha
2. I hurt my butt while practising- I thought I could not split anymore but it turned out to be alright
3. I hurt my spine - painful till today
4. I hurt my left inner thigh - hence couldn't really point my toes properly...

I have no idea where all the guts came from.
I guess money has the greatest power of all.
See, students who are involved in the performance would be entitled to a special rate of the ticket,
yea right, discounted by RM20 from the original rate, which makes it a good RM40.
Yes yes yes I am stingy like that.

I did not realise that the stage is carpeted and it is that gigantic until the night of rehearsal,
a night before the real thing.
I couldn't really do my slides on the carpeted stage and apparently, there is no room for me to move around as well.
In the end, I had to modify my steps.
On the night itself,
I then realise that the space was more limited as that drum and the keyboard have almost taken up half of the stage.
What to do?
pandai-pandai la....

This, perhaps, would be my first and last solo jazz performance in my life.
In the end, I didn't get to win anything,
but, kolotly speaking,
I really appreciate the opportunity given.
Conclusion, I was pretty satisfied with my own performance,
at least I tried~~~~not bad yea?
I quit ballet at my age of 14 by the way~

Now, the video,
if you are interested..

2 of all~
Yes yes yes I am a narcissist like that.
I love looking at myself in the video.
Different angles ma.

Note 2:13, that was where I made the mistake because I wanted to smile at the camera bwahaha.
I was basically looking at the sound engineers because I wanted them to tune up the volume - but I forgotten what's louder in Malay, so I was just smiling to them like an idiot.

By the way, the stick is basically a curtain rail from Daiso.

will write about the prom night on the next post.
A prom night which does not seem like a prom night.
Which prom night is set at a room which does not have a dance floor???

Oh... maybe I should write about Audrey Wilson's fabulous performance which you should not miss it.

*credits to Vern and AnsonTeo and Jessica for the beautifully captured pictures*
*credits to AprilLim and JoannaAudrey for the brilliantly captured videos*
*credits to YimFui and MiaoYii for assisting on the audition video*

Monday, January 11, 2010

The rest

"You know what?
I only had one boyfriend before."

"What about the rest? fling?"

I gone speechless.

There is no point of defending myself I suppose.

There is no the rest.

That dressy boy

Come, let me show you my collection of clinchers/belts.

Modeled by my very fashionable sai sai lou.

I swear that it was done voluntarily.

It wasn't my idea in the first place.

Guess it's something in him.
He's born with it.
Inherited from him.
Dad in kimono

why is he so cute??
Can I have a man like him???