Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First and last solo jazz performance in my life

As titled.

The consequences of this performance:
1. I managed to shed off a few pounds - bwahahahahahahahahahahaha
2. I hurt my butt while practising- I thought I could not split anymore but it turned out to be alright
3. I hurt my spine - painful till today
4. I hurt my left inner thigh - hence couldn't really point my toes properly...

I have no idea where all the guts came from.
I guess money has the greatest power of all.
See, students who are involved in the performance would be entitled to a special rate of the ticket,
yea right, discounted by RM20 from the original rate, which makes it a good RM40.
Yes yes yes I am stingy like that.

I did not realise that the stage is carpeted and it is that gigantic until the night of rehearsal,
a night before the real thing.
I couldn't really do my slides on the carpeted stage and apparently, there is no room for me to move around as well.
In the end, I had to modify my steps.
On the night itself,
I then realise that the space was more limited as that drum and the keyboard have almost taken up half of the stage.
What to do?
pandai-pandai la....

This, perhaps, would be my first and last solo jazz performance in my life.
In the end, I didn't get to win anything,
but, kolotly speaking,
I really appreciate the opportunity given.
Conclusion, I was pretty satisfied with my own performance,
at least I tried~~~~not bad yea?
I quit ballet at my age of 14 by the way~

Now, the video,
if you are interested..

2 of all~
Yes yes yes I am a narcissist like that.
I love looking at myself in the video.
Different angles ma.

Note 2:13, that was where I made the mistake because I wanted to smile at the camera bwahaha.
I was basically looking at the sound engineers because I wanted them to tune up the volume - but I forgotten what's louder in Malay, so I was just smiling to them like an idiot.

By the way, the stick is basically a curtain rail from Daiso.

will write about the prom night on the next post.
A prom night which does not seem like a prom night.
Which prom night is set at a room which does not have a dance floor???

Oh... maybe I should write about Audrey Wilson's fabulous performance which you should not miss it.

*credits to Vern and AnsonTeo and Jessica for the beautifully captured pictures*
*credits to AprilLim and JoannaAudrey for the brilliantly captured videos*
*credits to YimFui and MiaoYii for assisting on the audition video*


Shirleen said...

LOL.. no wonder.. but at least u covered up.. so if people don't pay attention they won't realize the mistake.. :D
admire your guts.... happy for you.. :D

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[Shirl] yealar. that could be my greatest achievement in my life I guess...

Ceddy said...

OMG DARLING YOU CAN DO THE SPLIT!!! SEXXXXAAAY!!!! Fuck this I shouldn't have missed the performance! Woolalala! Nice work babe!

yapthomas said...

I guess not many in the hall appreciate Jazz. By the amount of noise being made while you are performing. Maybe that's just typical Malaysian dinner lah...

I must say, nice dance...