Wednesday, March 31, 2010

201003272030- 201003272130

Guess what?
It's so yesterday.
Ah no. It's two days before yesterday.
It's so outdated.
It's earth hour.

I sorta like participated.

I said 'sorta' because I did not get involved actively.
I usually refuse to use plastic bags and polystyrene lunch box anyway. That helps k.
Plus, I am not sleeping in an air-conned room. That helps too~

At least my friends who participated did something:
- they took LRT to KLCC.
- they turned off the phone in that hour.

I was simply curious.
I just wanted to know how would it be when the towers were put into brightness again.
I knew I wouldn't have the chance to watch how would it be when it was put into darkness - I was having class until 8.30pm...

So I managed to watch - but seriously, it was not as impressive as how I have thought it to be.
The lights were turned on by parts.
(now you know meh?)
Yea now I know. I didn't get to watch it last year leh.

After taking a few pictures of the twin towers,
I felt lazy and I started to take pictures of my friends' instead.Yen Yee who is bb-ing.
I think she was uploading pictures.
When I went home I saw an upskirt picture of mine...
And luckily she hadn't slept yet and managed to remove it on time.
Anyway it's been 3 hours since she uploaded it so...
People who have seen it,
please don't feel offended.
We did not did it on purpose.


Yen Ying and Hwai Li


I think that these two pictures are beautiful~ =D
Credits to Hwai Li who managed to adjust the camera in a brilliant way.Meanwhile, bags were playing the role of a tripod.

Last but not least, obligatory jumping pose.
Can't we come out with some other more creative poses??

Then it took us about 45 minutes to go back to Cheras.
Credits to my sufficient knowledge on using the correct (by that I mean free from congestion) route...
(the italic word was trying to express my sarcasm, in case you did not realise)

We went to Ice Room, one of my favourite hangout spots.

Yen Yee. Who was still bb-ing.

Hwai Li

I was eating the dessert so carefully I didn't waste any of them this time.

Hmm nothing really special happened in Ice Room, except that their sponge cake had misrepresented itself as Tiramisu.
Tagging a sponge cake as a Tiramisu doesn't make that sponge cake a Tiramisu, k?
(Yen Ying is one of the many customers who fall into this misrepresentation)

PaD - Backstreet

Let's brainstorm.

What would you think of when I mention 'backstreet'?

Backstreet boys?
Good. We are of the same generation.
Now the young ones are more into Super Junior. And some other unknown bands.

Be more realistic.
Think backstreet.

Dripping drain water.
Running mouse.
Crawling cockroaches.
Peeing drunkards.
Tattoo-ed gangsters in black singlet with golden necklace. (media influence)
Spiderman kissing Mary Jane in some Kama Sutra pose under the rain. (serious media influence)

Backstreet isn't that dark and negative afterall, is it?

Try to jump out from the media influence,
and set the scene earlier instead.
Make it lunch time.

Have anyone ever related backstreet to food?
No... By that I don't mean the vomited substance nor the leftover food in the trash can.

Food. Edible food. Like this.

Very good.
(hahaha no clear subject matter in this picture at all.)

My college is located at Petaling Street - a very busy street.
Petaling Street ain't that bad afterall - it's not all about fake goods.

After studying about 3 years in Petaling Street,
we have discovered several places with good food,
of which, most of them are located at some unseen backstreet.

Today April and I had lunch at the backstreet again.
The variety of food is surprising wide.
I bet you have never tried claypot pearl noodles (aka low she fun; 老鼠粉) in bak kut teh soup yea?
(I might lose my bet.
So.. there is nothing to bet with)
No pictures.
It looks the same like other normal low she fun,
it just tastes different.

Oh.... and the fish head noodles...
Well, nothing special about this - plainly delicious.
What about the hakka mee? And the zha zhiong mee?
Again, nothing remarkably special with regards to these,
it's just, well, tasty~

Yeap. So as you can see,
Backstreet, is about food.
Studying in Petaling Street is not that bad afterall.

-the end-

I can't help but to share this with you.
It's too cute not to be shared!!
April's bookmark in the shape of a giraffe is analogous to Melman on my beloved bottle.=D cute or not???
(yes la I know some of you are showing faces,
thinking: lame. childish. etc.)

Oh and. Third consecutive week of Sushi.
One good thing about being the boyfriends of April's and mine is that you don't have to crack your head to figure out where to bring us for food.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PaD - one lazy afternoon

Life has been so calm as examination is approaching
(calm is an overly nice way of putting it.
dull would be more appropriate in that sense)

The word 'lazy' here is defined as 'not hanging out, not doing anything exciting'.
It's noon now and I think that I will be staying home for one whole day.Books. Highlighters. and GossipGirl.

Minus the books and the highlighters (plus the GossipGirl series),
I can imagine how life is when I am retired.

Now I have a picture of I sitting on a rocking chair,
beside the fireplace,
with a pair of thick glasses meant for hyperopia,
knitting under the warm dimmed light.
(I can knit, by the way)
Oh... a lazy Persian cat would be perfect for the picture.

Jeez. This is so old-schooled (and hot... for Malaysia's weather)
I don't want my retired life to be in that way.
It's way too calm for me.

I guess even if I retire,
I wouldn't stay home like how I am now.
I will be bound by nothing by then.
No books, no highlighters (and no GossipGirl series).


Perhaps I would be bound by my grandchildren.
Plus the plants at the gardens.

Hold on again.

I have not started working,
I have not even graduated,
and retirement had taken place in my mind already.

Again, I am impressed by myself,
for being such a well-planned person.

Well, back to books and highlighters (plus GossipGirl series)

Monday, March 29, 2010

PaD - model of the day

I like it when she smiles.
Precious.Too bad the composition is bad -
it spoils the whole picture =(

This is better though.
It seems like there are so much to tell behind the pictures...

Hi XX~
Hi Leng~
Hi Zhi (yes la I know you don't read my blog but whatever)
Do you miss grandma?
(and her food?)


Sunday, March 28, 2010

PaD - self-pampered

Some of you might be thinking that I was indulging myself in some holy sweetness.
Yes I love eating;
eating is memang an excellent way of pampering myself but I'm not referring to food this time.
(oooooooooo... that's something new)

So it's about...
Yellow dimmed light.
(yes. like you cannot see it)

aroma oil.
(too bad. you cannot smell it)

loose pyjamas.
(you won't wanna wear it.
it's ugly)

deep massage.
(aiks? you can't feel it.)


Yeap. It's about Thai massage.

I think I'm aging.
I started to have backache,
and I feel soreness on my neck and shoulder,
despite that I practice Yoga on daily basis.
(erm... maybe I do it in a wrong way.
I did follow an instructor,
but I quit,
and practise on my own instead)

Assume that I still have another 50 years to live on,
it would mean that I will be having backache for half a century.
How pathetic.

I think it is because I sleep too late.
My body becomes acidic and hence it turns sour which results in the pain.
I try to cure it by drinking lemon juice and apple cider vinegar but it seems that it doesn't work.
(don't laugh at me.
experts say that these stuff would alkalinise [is there such a word] our body)

In the end, massage helps.

For the very first time,
I feel weird when the lady therapist squeeze my butt.
She claims that she's from Thailand,
then there was once I thought that she could be a he,
who went on transsexual operation and turned to a lady,
and started to molest the customers,
and got paid while getting sexual gratification.

Sometimes I'm impressed with myself for being so imaginative.
(for nonsensical stuff)

Then things gone normal after few times.
And I stopped thinking that she's a transsexual.
She is really good in cracking joints,
and has never failed to make the desired popping sounds.
(uber satisfaction.
Syok habis~)

K, another month till the next session. =)
(RM38 for 60 minutes~
faster ask me the location la~~~~)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

PaD - Tutu

I'm not quite of a girly girl, if you know me well.

I wouldn't have bought it if not for the performance in the prom night.
I didn't get to use it though.
I've changed it to some collared-shirt and vest and shorts and tights.

I am that kind of person who doesn't like to waste stuff (although I bought the skirt for only RM15).
I don't want to abandon it into the closet for only displaying purpose,
hence I put it into use.

This is a legendary picture for the following reasons -
First I don't wear a tutu skirt.
(well, I used to wear it when I was still learning ballet though.
Nevertheless that is obligatory)
Second, I seldom take pictures of my full body in that way because I always feel that I am fat.
Third, I rarely take pictures at four in the morning.

Well, it's indeed a good thing that I finally had to chance to wear it,
(lalalalala no more waste of money)
which I paired with a long tops and studded belt,
and successfully reduced the girliness of the skirt~

Magically, tutu skirt makes me look slimmer than usual. =)

Friday, March 26, 2010

PaD - Painful reminder

I don't have unusual fetish for bottles,
despite that my previous post is related to bottles too.
It's just a coincidence.
This is my boss's tumbler which is placed in the pantry, beside the basin.
That's one of the most noticeable area in the pantry.
So whenever I wash my hands or look for food or look for tissue papers or look for drinks,
my sight would automatically lie on the tumbler.

And Leehom reminds me of my crush.

He is a fan of Leehom's. *I guess*
He likes Leehom because he thinks that he looks like him. *I think*
Well, for a narcissist who is so in love with himself,
it is perfectly sensible for me to come out with this thought.

Can die or not?
I still, sorta like, haven't gotten over it -
despite that I tell the whole world that I feel nothing for this person anymore.
It's been about 3 months since our first and last meeting.
(We did not have sex.
You will realise the importance of this piece of information as you read on)
This is, perhaps, my longest term of infatuation in my life.
(I hope. It's not funny to be infatuated with someone who doesn't feel the same for me)

Anyway we have gone parallel - that is, we wouldn't contact each other anymore.
We have had each other's numbers removed from each other's phone list.
He did it first.

How painful.

It bothered me for quite some time.

No explanation you know??
He just removed it liddat.
(k la it's abit weird for him to say,
'wei I have removed your number')
I didn't know until I have accidentally sent him blank message (accidentally? Will explain later) and got this reply:
'what do you mean?
and who are you?'

*me staring at phone screen, dramatically stunned*
Cue Alicia Keys and John Mayer's Lesson Learned:
'He broke... a heart...
And now it's raining...'

*me still staring at phone,
tears started rolling down*


I am not that sentimental.
That, for me, is too cheesy and mushy.

Well I am not quite sure of what had happened,
but according to him,
he 'does not want me to misunderstand'.

Need to delete number or not oh????

Quoting him, he is someone who 'doesn't care about consequences'.
(yea not only he doesn't care about consequences,
he doesn't care about other's feelings too,
perhaps he's just too busy to care for his own's)
Free-spirited konon.
So, it is normal for him to do so.

As for me,
thinking that the number itself is harmless,
I kept it.
But there are few times which I accidentally sent him blank messages and gave him blank calls just because I did not lock the keypad of my phone.
His name is the first on the list so he is often victimised.
Jeeez I am too mature for those childish and pointless acts la.
I don't want him to think that I am a perv who sent out blank messages and gave blank calls hence to make life easier,
I removed his number, as what he did.

Perhaps I would need someone else to replace him.
Meanwhile, just let him stay there la.
It's harmless anyway.

Let's go back to the tumbler.
I need a solution to reduce the frequency of him striking my mind.
Since Leehom's face reminds me of him,
I did something to the tumbler, that is -
No more Leehom's face.
A small turn that make big changes =)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

PaD - Identical

I saw a bottle which is same as mine when I passed by Mr. fruit seller's stall which is located outside my college.

It's common if you find that someone carry the same bottle with you if you are using those kind of colorful transparent Felton bottles but mine is special - got monkey's equation somemore.
(refer to the previous post)

Do you believe in destiny?

I have to write in Chinese.
It sounds more sentimental that way.
Some words just can't be replaced.

It's the only picture I was able to capture because I wanted the uncle to be in it but the uncle was too busy with his business.

What if one day I meet someone who looks exactly same like me?
I heard from somewhere that there are 7 other people who looks exactly like you around the globe and if you meet with one of them one day, both of you would be in great trouble.

I still wanna meet them though.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 PaD - Equation, Dessert buffet, Japanese lady

I've got 3 stories to tell.
I wouldn't have realised that my life is so colorful if not for this Photo-a-Day project.

I know it's limited to only 1 photo a day.
I really cannot decide which one - all of them worth the bandwidth equally,
so I am gonna write them all down.
Well you may say that I have distorted the original purpose of the photo-a-day project,
which is to choose the nicest pictures of the day,
but I feel that it's perfectly alright to pose pictures which represent my life.

1) Nonsensical Equation
Yes I cheated - there are 2 pictures in there where I compiled them into one.
A Poppy Rhinestone XL Shoulder bag for RM20?
Confirm get from Petaling Street wan la........ since you are studying there....

Don't judge me by my look.
I may not look very elegant but I wouldn't act to be one either.
I would rather buy brandless stuff than to buy a fake branded stuff.
My equation meant more than what you have thought it to be.

The first heart = Urge from the bottom of my heart
The second heart could be interpreted into two things:
a) a filthy rich sweetie boyfriend who loves me from the bottom of his heart
b) notes which are earned by my heart -
If I put more effort into working, I would be able to fund for the bag.

Why come up with this equation??

April and I actually find that the formula on my bottle is very inspiring.We decided to come out with our own equation.

Monkey loves bananas,
we love Coach totes,
hence the result of the equation shall be totes.

This is April's.


2) High on sugar
(I cheated. There are 6 pictures here)
It is the T-time buffet at Cititel which cost us RM25 nett per pax.

Looks quite tempting yea?

I told you so, I would be indulging myself into killing sweetie stuff hence I had healthy salad for dinner last night.

Sad to say, the food aren't as nice as how I have thought it to be - I only stayed for one hour.
Guess this is the shortest buffet I've ever had in my life.

Me and April then turned to Sushi King, to have some salty stuff just to neutralise the uncomfortableness cause by the sweetness.

Meanwhile, 2 people came to ask us,
'你是my fm超级万人迷吗?'
(Are you miss/mr. popular from my FM?)
我是万人迷,但是我不是来自my fm的'
(I am miss popular, but I'm not from my FM)

So you think that I answered in that way?
Apparently you do not know me well.
April and I merely gave them 2 humble shakes of head.

When April and I were hanging around, my friend Sam from Johor Bahru called me.
A long story to tell.
Let's proceed to the third story.

3) The lady from the East
So my friend, Sam, who is from JB, is currently hosting a Japanese lady.
She came to KL for a tour, unfortunately, she lost her wallet.
She was suppose to go back to JB tonight.

Sam called me, asked for a favour.
He asked me to go to the Pudu bus station, where the Japanese lady was at,
and to take care of her while Sam would be driving from JB to pick the lady up.
Well, she is a foreigner, she has no cash with her at all,
it's perfectly sensible for me to go over and give her a hand.

So I did.

I found her according to Sam's description - it's not difficult to find a 170cm-japanese-look-brown-hair-spectacled-lady anyway,
despite that I was at Pudu bus station.
She looked at me in shocked when I showed her the A4 paper with her name written on it,
then started to blab about the experience of her being robbed when she got to know that I am Sam's friend.

Knowing that she has no cash, I brought her to Jalan Alor for dinner.
She had chosen Thai food
(which is one of my favourite damn it - which means I would want to eat them damn it again)
Yes no doubt she was the one who had chosen it but I was the one who ordered the food -
eler I know what is good for us anyway.
We had our dinner, and I introduced her my usual activity - mall hopping.

We hopped from Sungei Wang to Times Square and then backed to Sungei Wang again for some good 2 hours,
before Sam was here.

Fortunately, I met an English teacher.
So we could be able to communicate with English.
She is quite amazed with our fetish for Japanese culture when I showed her Daiso the 100 yen shop, the Japanese food fair which is held coincidentally at Times Square and the conveyor-belted Sushi restaurant.

Hmm... we then met with Sam at 10pm +,
who drove all the way from JB,
and had to drive back to JB on the same night.

Not all smokers with tattoos are bad.
At least he is a good one.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PaD - being healthy for once

People who know me well would know that I am a sucker for sugary stuff.

I can predict that I will be consuming large amount of sweeties tomorrow.

Hence, to make myself feel better, I prepared this.
Healthiest dinner I've ever had.
Green and purple lettuce,
shredded beetroots,
shredded green and yellow capsicums,
cherry vine tomatoes,
fresh basil leaves (I am lucky - my grandma planted them!),
mixed with balsamic dressing, olive oil, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.


I can immediately feel the boosting of the anti-oxygen agents.

See, some of you may ask,
Why are you so fat when you are eating these as dinner?

(and some of you might think,
no you are not fat!!!!
For this group of people, kindly ignore this question)

As titled,
I am just being healthy for once.

It is not quite possible for me to lead a complete healthy lifestyle.
Let me tell you why.

Men usually die faster then women.
If I am too healthy, which means I would live longer.
If I live longer, which means I have to be a widow longer because as I said,
men die faster than women,
especially when men nowadays are not health-conscious.
(Ciggy, drinks, midnight football matches, etc.)

There is actually a solution to this matter:
get married to a younger guy,
so that both of us could die at approximately the same time.

But you see, I'm born with mature face.
I even think that I'm too mature for those who are same age as I am.
It is not quite possible for me to get married to someone younger than me.

I cannot be too healthy so that I will die faster.

So some of you may ask again,
what makes you think that you would get married when you don't even have a boyfriend now?

Right, I can't tell.

K. That's all for today.
Enough of crapping.
Tsk tsk tsk such a waste of bandwidth.

(it's only day 2 and I already have difficulty looking for subject matter)

Monday, March 22, 2010

PaD - Administrator of this blog

That is - me.
Don't you think that 'administrator of this blog' sounds more amusing than titling the mere 'me'?
Yes, in the end, they refer to the same thing.

This is one thing I learn from the author of the legal sources,
be it theorists or the legislator,
they just love beating around the bush.
A 30-word-statement could sometimes be summarised into a 5-word-sentence.

Can't they just make life easier?

No, they can't.
They want to make law sounds like a difficult subject so that the law practitioners are able to impress those who are not.

I have strayed too far.
So it's about Photo-a-Day. This is what PaD stands for.
To begin with, I have taken a picture of myself.

Well, it's a portrait lens.
It's perfectly sensible to take a portrait of myself.

The natural sunlight is so soft that it makes everything seems so beautiful - no pun intended, by that I do mean the lightness.

So I have done showering - and I looked into the mirror and I saw myself.
(it would be scary if I don't)
I stared at the girl in there, thought that,
I don't have really sharp features, I may not be stunningly gorgeous,
but I am not ugly, am I?
Why have my self-esteem always been so low?
That's one difficult question to be answered - hence I'm gonna leave it as it is.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hmm I'm still having this infatuation for my new lens.
Hence I've decided to go on the Photo-a-day project - long term commitment for my new infatuated target - until the day I'm bored with it or I am able to find my new love.

I wanted to set a theme on weekly basis but I feel that it is somehow it is restricted.
Hence. No theme~

This project is also known as project 365 - but I doubt that I could stand for 365 days.

Well, we will see.

p/s: I drag my dai sai lou (big brother in cantonese. as in. the older younger brother.[???]) to participate this project too.

It's easier to keep something on when you have a companion down the road - hence my diet plan has never been successful - it is not necessary for my companion (by that i mean you April) to join the diet plan.

RM250 worth of satisfaction

I opened my eyes this morning in an uber relaxing mood,
and looked at my phone, which read: 9.18a.m.

Holy mama fucking shit, I whispered in a tone of which only me myself could hear.
Sometimes I am quite amazed with my fluency of blurting foul words.
(Resolution #2142 is hence broken - but I forgive myself - no one heard that anyway)
I hope that I can be equally fluent in daily conversation too but things always go against the will.
I guess practice makes perfect then.

For your information, I'm having class at 10am sharp,
it usually takes me an hour for preparation,
which includes an early morning refreshing shower;
having nutritional breakfast which usually includes red dragon fruit/kiwi, spirulina oats (or coffee if I sleep less than 5 hours) and ocasionally, soft-boiled egg;
and preparing tea (and sometimes strawberry as snacks) for my consumption in class.
It is Sunday, hence traffic would be presumbly smooth hence it would take me 15 minutes drive to reach college.

I should have woke up at 9am and I am 18 minutes late!!!
So in the end, I am 18 minutes late to class too.

Wait. I have not gone into my point yet. All these facts have no direct link to my RM250 worth of satisfaction.
Well, perhaps they could be linked- it depends on how you interpret it.

Can I stop my grandmother story and go straight into the point?

I woke up late because I slept late - 3.30am is late for me.
I slept late because I just bought something worth RM250 and I played with it till 3.30am.
Yes it sounds wrong - some readers would have in mind that it is some sex toy which I am referring to but NO, you are so wrong if you are thinking of this. Yes la I thought of this because I have polluted mind too.

I still haven't gotten into my point yet.
So I bought a lens.
By that I don't mean contact lens. I don't play with contact lens. I wear them.
It might be inferred that well you wear them + you camwhore = play with them.
Sad to say although I may seem like a narcissist but seriously, I am not one - I am pretty cincai with my appearance and I don't have much of the camwhoring pictures.

K... Seriously, now, straight to the point pretty please.
I bought a camera lens for RM250.
A 50mm f1.8 lens =)=)=)
(I'm not gonna write about what is this 50mm and f1.8 about because I am not a professional.
I bought it for self pleasure - not because I want to become some professional photographer or so.)

The standard market price for this lens is about RM300+- and God I got it about 4/5 of the market price!!
Well it is an used item but it looks new so who cares?
The effect of the usage is identical anyway~

See, there is one thing which triggers my urge to buy it -
the shape bokeh trick.
I leave the explanation to the experts.

In short, by using some simple tools, you could be able to create some shaped lights accordingly.

I used this ruler instead of cutting out or punching out shapes.
I have no idea how old this ruler is - I did not throw it because I think that it could be put into usage one day - perhaps I could pass it to my children and my grandchildren and my great grandchildren then my grandchildren could tell my great grandchildren that nah this one belongs to your great popo/mama - this is how they used to draw out shapes (by then all of them would have forgotten what is carbon pencil and all of them would have started to draw with the drawing palette attached to the computer.)

Can I go back to my shaped bokeh project?
Basically I just have to poke a hole on a piece of paper a move it around the brilliantly invented ruler as desired.

Then I put it in front of the lens like how we put a lens hood.
I tried it with my kit lens but failed.
Hence I am determined to buy this lens.

So this is the original night view from my balcony.
KLCC and KL tower. Don't play play.

This is when I turn out the focus point. I don't know the exact terms for it but basically I just put the lens into the manual focus mode and turn the front part of the lens - again, I'm bad in theory - I don't know the exact term.
And magic happens when you put the ruler in front of the lens.......

Twinkle twinkle little stars,
how I wonder what you are.
I can't help - I am a piano teacher who teaches kids in playing nursery rhymes.

And move the poked paper onto the moon.So cute~!!! The city of moons~!!!!!
Now it looks like the ghosts in the pacman game.

City of arrows.

And then I tried to change the focus point of the lens and it resulted in this. Smaller arrows.
If your eyes are sharp enough, you would have notice that even the KLCC and the KL tower are in the shape of an arrow!!Attempted to turn the arrow to the point to the left so that I can create lame captions such as to the left, to the left but then the ruler doesn't allow me to do so - well it's abit troublesome to do so - too lazy to explain here.

And the mushy cheesy part.Awwwww.... love is in the air.........
Awwwwww... I heart hearts.........

It's no doubt a super simple trick but it is sufficient to keep me satisfied for all night long dy.
Maybe all day long - plus today.
Oh it could be 2-day long - I am still feeling satisfied now.
RM250 in exchange with satisfaction and less emoness, worth it man~

(Chung Shang Hui. You do realise that you are having exam in 2 months time don't you?)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have been seeing these two same faces for 16 hours in the past 48 hours.

How exciting could my life be?

It all started off with me asking them to be my companions to get my IC.

It's not free of charge to get these two jantans to be my companions.
I have to treat them dimsum *partially* alright?

I thought it would be long as I have wasted 3 hours waiting for processing my IC.When '2 is better than 1' is to be interpreted wrongly.

I was wrong - it only took me 20 minutes to obtain my IC though.

BTW, this is JL shaking with my phone.

We then went for desserts at Ice Room at Shamelin Perkasa.Dummies' Guide to be a Good Servant Rule #1: Never show your buttock to the customers

Here. 2 disgusting pictures for ya. Apparently those tongues do not belong to me.
Bubur Chacha (RM8.90 if I'm not mistaken) and Tropical Fruit something (RM9.90 confirmed)..

..which subsequently turned into yoghurt....

My Black and White Sesame (RM7.90) =)=)=)
By the way I have tried all the non-fruity ones.
I find the I like the Black knight (basically it's just the pure black sesame with some pink sago) most but it's more expensive than this Black and White sesame by RM2.
Green Tea with cornflakes and red bean is another good choice too. The combination is weird but it matches with each other quite well.
Lalala I don't have to go all the way to SS15 Subang Jaya just for the Snowflakes since currently I found better desserts in Cheras. =)=)=)

One thing, I've never failed to show my clumsiness.Actually it wasn't entirely my fault - the ice kinda like melted and it fall and then yeap that was how RM2 gone.

After that they went to my house.

And oh by the way, I'm quite glad that Jia Liang still remember the song I have once taught him.

That was when Toby Chiang given chance to hack into my Facebook account, and update the status on behalf of me.

Thank you Toby. As if the world doesn't know that I love food.
They are not blind - they can judge it from my excellent body figure alright?
(the abovementioned statement is meant to be sarcastic - in case if you have not realised yet

They then went home for dinner.
In the middle of the night, they asked me out again because they have got nothing better to do and they miss me too much and they just can't help it.
( again, if you have not realised, I am attempting to incorporate some of the hopes into the reality - it makes me feel like I'm not abandoned and I'm not alone)
Anyway, they decided to go gaming after that and I had to follow - well, I had good time playing Plants vs Zombies anyway. They had to leave before I could reach level 3 T.T

K. That's the end of it.

The next day is not that compact if compared to the previous.

Basically we just went for lunch at Aunty Mei's, and went for movie.

Since the movie would be starting only in 2 hours time, we went to MPH.
Those were the only moment of which me and Jia Liang could get some peace in mind.
Si Toby Chiang just couldn't stop mentioning girls - stalking would be a more appropriate word.
He would just pick random girls on the street and started to talk about it - like how most of the guys did.
Well, I am perfectly alright with it - but I do need a break occasionally. Not only I do need that, even the other guy Jia Liang needs it too. Grr.

Anyway, back to the movies after spending 2 hours in MPH.

I've never thought that Alice in Wonderland such a hot movie until I went to the cinema again today and saw the full house notice.
It was quite easy to buy the tickets yesterday and we got some rather comfortable seats too - as in, not the first 7 rows, etc.
This time Yen Yee went with us!!

Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter - the perfect combination.
Alice in Wonderland aside, there are Sweeney Todd, Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - these movies cannot be more fantastic.
I have never failed to obtain the greatest visual satisfaction from all these movies.

Too bad - the guys do not seem to like it that much.

K. Then that's the end of it - after spending another 30 minutes in the traffic jam.

Back to college life~

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meet my new roommate

Greenie. (I wish to rename him. But then the name was gifted by it's original owner)

Poor thing. He is basically abandoned by my sai sai lou. (to be pronounced in Cantonese. Read: Little brother)

My sai sai lou doesn't have the intention to abandon him anyway.

He bursted into tears when he got to know that he couldn't bring it over to Sabah.
He held the iguana with both his palms, and just let his tears drop onto its body (as if it's dead)

Okay I made the whole thing up.

Yes he memang doesn't intend to abandon him.

He had taken into account that it would be left alone when the family are away from KK. It would definitely starved to death I tell you because it needs 3 meals per day. You can't put piles of vegetables for it like what I did for the hamsters because vegetables, unlike kuacis, would rot.

So in the end, it is left with me and become my roommate.

Well initially, the aquarium was placed in the living room.
I moved it into my room because I spend most of my time in the room so I can let it out when I'm in the room and also I won't forget to feed him by looking at him.

So what I did today is to set up a nice habitat for this thing named Greenie (yucks dull name).

I don't have green fingers and I basically hate gardening because I am a scoleciphobic, i.e., I have fear of worms. Haha do I sound very intelligent by typing that bombastic word? I just got to know it few seconds ago anyway, I googled it.

Back to the fear of worms. The soft fleshy type is the most disgusting creature in the world, be it the legless type (earthworm) or the one with uncountable pairs of legs (caterpillars yucks yucks yucksssss). It followed by the hard-shelled worms, i.e., the meal worms, my sai sai lou's tarantulas' food. By the way the meal worms eat the same thing as I do - oats. (yucks yucks yucks oats now remind me of meal worms yuckssssss)

p/s: I wanted to put the pictures of the worms and I went image-googled it. I cannot stand even looking at the thumbnails of the worms' pictures. It gives me 3 consecutive goosebumps. So sorry. No pictures. You guys go google it on your own. Keywords - earthworm/ caterpillars/ meal worms. Yuckiness to the maxiness.

Deng why have I strayed so far?
I thought I was talking about gardening!

Oh yea, so today, I moved the soil into the aquarium because I wanted to create a mini green house in the aquarium. Putting in foliage into an aquarium is fun! (like playing Zoo Tycoon) I'm so loving I want Greenie to feel home. Au naturale k??
(I didn't realise that there is an ant nest in the soil until I troweled the soil in. So basically now I have 132 roommates instead of 1. Yay I am not lonely anymore~ -_______- i sound like a geek)

Well, the truth is, I am too lazy to clean its poo. The aquarium was initially layered with newspaper. I have to change the newspaper weekly and seriously, it is really troublesome (yea). Hence I tried to come out with some solution so that I do not have to change the paper - alas, create a mini garden. Plus, the poo could be natural fertilizer. Whoa, is Chung Shang Hui brilliant or what?????

I also sprinkled few soy beans and red beans into the soil. It's joyful to witness growth~I give you 50 cents if you are able to spot the red bean~

BTW I hurt my finger while setting up its habitat. Bloody but not painful.
Apparently Greenie doesn't really appreciate the new habitat la.
See he prefer sleeping at that very small area rather than the habitat I have whole-heartedly set up for him.
Sigh when every girl in the world is looking for fluffy mammals, I have a cold reptile as my roommate.
My mei mei's roommate. See how cute and adorable if compared to that Greenie. (sorry Greenie it hurts but it's the truth) Also a creature abandoned by its owner. It was given to the owner by his husband, but something happened between them, hence the owner flew back to Taiwan and left the dog with my family. (the spouse used to be our tenant)

Chung Xiang Zhi if I remain single for life because guys think that I am a weirdo due to the fact that I sleep with a reptile, you will have to pay for my maintenance fee.