Sunday, March 21, 2010

RM250 worth of satisfaction

I opened my eyes this morning in an uber relaxing mood,
and looked at my phone, which read: 9.18a.m.

Holy mama fucking shit, I whispered in a tone of which only me myself could hear.
Sometimes I am quite amazed with my fluency of blurting foul words.
(Resolution #2142 is hence broken - but I forgive myself - no one heard that anyway)
I hope that I can be equally fluent in daily conversation too but things always go against the will.
I guess practice makes perfect then.

For your information, I'm having class at 10am sharp,
it usually takes me an hour for preparation,
which includes an early morning refreshing shower;
having nutritional breakfast which usually includes red dragon fruit/kiwi, spirulina oats (or coffee if I sleep less than 5 hours) and ocasionally, soft-boiled egg;
and preparing tea (and sometimes strawberry as snacks) for my consumption in class.
It is Sunday, hence traffic would be presumbly smooth hence it would take me 15 minutes drive to reach college.

I should have woke up at 9am and I am 18 minutes late!!!
So in the end, I am 18 minutes late to class too.

Wait. I have not gone into my point yet. All these facts have no direct link to my RM250 worth of satisfaction.
Well, perhaps they could be linked- it depends on how you interpret it.

Can I stop my grandmother story and go straight into the point?

I woke up late because I slept late - 3.30am is late for me.
I slept late because I just bought something worth RM250 and I played with it till 3.30am.
Yes it sounds wrong - some readers would have in mind that it is some sex toy which I am referring to but NO, you are so wrong if you are thinking of this. Yes la I thought of this because I have polluted mind too.

I still haven't gotten into my point yet.
So I bought a lens.
By that I don't mean contact lens. I don't play with contact lens. I wear them.
It might be inferred that well you wear them + you camwhore = play with them.
Sad to say although I may seem like a narcissist but seriously, I am not one - I am pretty cincai with my appearance and I don't have much of the camwhoring pictures.

K... Seriously, now, straight to the point pretty please.
I bought a camera lens for RM250.
A 50mm f1.8 lens =)=)=)
(I'm not gonna write about what is this 50mm and f1.8 about because I am not a professional.
I bought it for self pleasure - not because I want to become some professional photographer or so.)

The standard market price for this lens is about RM300+- and God I got it about 4/5 of the market price!!
Well it is an used item but it looks new so who cares?
The effect of the usage is identical anyway~

See, there is one thing which triggers my urge to buy it -
the shape bokeh trick.
I leave the explanation to the experts.

In short, by using some simple tools, you could be able to create some shaped lights accordingly.

I used this ruler instead of cutting out or punching out shapes.
I have no idea how old this ruler is - I did not throw it because I think that it could be put into usage one day - perhaps I could pass it to my children and my grandchildren and my great grandchildren then my grandchildren could tell my great grandchildren that nah this one belongs to your great popo/mama - this is how they used to draw out shapes (by then all of them would have forgotten what is carbon pencil and all of them would have started to draw with the drawing palette attached to the computer.)

Can I go back to my shaped bokeh project?
Basically I just have to poke a hole on a piece of paper a move it around the brilliantly invented ruler as desired.

Then I put it in front of the lens like how we put a lens hood.
I tried it with my kit lens but failed.
Hence I am determined to buy this lens.

So this is the original night view from my balcony.
KLCC and KL tower. Don't play play.

This is when I turn out the focus point. I don't know the exact terms for it but basically I just put the lens into the manual focus mode and turn the front part of the lens - again, I'm bad in theory - I don't know the exact term.
And magic happens when you put the ruler in front of the lens.......

Twinkle twinkle little stars,
how I wonder what you are.
I can't help - I am a piano teacher who teaches kids in playing nursery rhymes.

And move the poked paper onto the moon.So cute~!!! The city of moons~!!!!!
Now it looks like the ghosts in the pacman game.

City of arrows.

And then I tried to change the focus point of the lens and it resulted in this. Smaller arrows.
If your eyes are sharp enough, you would have notice that even the KLCC and the KL tower are in the shape of an arrow!!Attempted to turn the arrow to the point to the left so that I can create lame captions such as to the left, to the left but then the ruler doesn't allow me to do so - well it's abit troublesome to do so - too lazy to explain here.

And the mushy cheesy part.Awwwww.... love is in the air.........
Awwwwww... I heart hearts.........

It's no doubt a super simple trick but it is sufficient to keep me satisfied for all night long dy.
Maybe all day long - plus today.
Oh it could be 2-day long - I am still feeling satisfied now.
RM250 in exchange with satisfaction and less emoness, worth it man~

(Chung Shang Hui. You do realise that you are having exam in 2 months time don't you?)


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[Anonymous] well it sounds like a spam but u sound like my friend. hence i've decided to keep ur comment. hi n bye.

Mei Yee said...

exam isn't come in 2 months time.. its less than tat.. its 1 month and 19 days~~~ :(

munak said...

its called the bokeh effect :p nicely done

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[Mei Yee] I really didn't realise this.
[munak] thanks!! greatest achievement in my life so far!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol.. cooool..

guess who. said...

bye and hi.