Saturday, March 27, 2010

PaD - Tutu

I'm not quite of a girly girl, if you know me well.

I wouldn't have bought it if not for the performance in the prom night.
I didn't get to use it though.
I've changed it to some collared-shirt and vest and shorts and tights.

I am that kind of person who doesn't like to waste stuff (although I bought the skirt for only RM15).
I don't want to abandon it into the closet for only displaying purpose,
hence I put it into use.

This is a legendary picture for the following reasons -
First I don't wear a tutu skirt.
(well, I used to wear it when I was still learning ballet though.
Nevertheless that is obligatory)
Second, I seldom take pictures of my full body in that way because I always feel that I am fat.
Third, I rarely take pictures at four in the morning.

Well, it's indeed a good thing that I finally had to chance to wear it,
(lalalalala no more waste of money)
which I paired with a long tops and studded belt,
and successfully reduced the girliness of the skirt~

Magically, tutu skirt makes me look slimmer than usual. =)

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