Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Run for a Reason

Sassy much.
I'm not sure if I've grown, or running has become a trend.

Apparently more and more people are paying for distance running. 
Whenever there is a race, my Facebook wall will be flooded by the related pictures. 

2 years ago, I would be very impressed if one told me that  he ran a half marathon. Or 10km. 
I would never in my mind imagine that I could repeat the same thing for that long. 

I mean, how many steps is a complete set of run constitute of?
Maximum, 4. 
1. Left leg steps forward, while right hand holding a fist with a 90-degree elbow punching a little upward. Lift right leg backward. A little. 
2. Hops a little. By a little, I mean very little. Less than one second.
3. Right leg steps forward, while left hand holding a fist with a 90-degree elbow punching a little upward, an simultaneously, right hand reverts to the original position. Lift left leg backward. A little. 
4. Hops. Repeat step 1.

It sounds very complicated, isn't it?
Trust me. It's easy. 
You just gotta try these four steps. 

And for a half marathon, if you going at my pace, you repeat this 4 steps for 180 minutes. I can complete 1 set in 1 second (no, you really don't have to be impressed). So in 1 minute, I will be doing 60 sets. In order to complete 21kms, I will be doing roughly 10,800 sets.

10,000 of the same steps.
Be impressed with my patience and my endurance. 

*reads from the beginning.
Face palm.*

I hope that you are able to comprehend my sarcasm. 

Anyway, there goes my introduction.
I started running last year.

This year, my boy joined me too.

So did Goh.

You know what happened last year?

Goh, a very competitive person, called me up at my last km, wanted to know my whereabouts. 
He was very shocked when he got to know that I joined the half marathon as he only ran for 10km. 
So, he had got no chance to compare.

This year, he is getting slightly smarter thus confirming the category I would be going for, and joined the same one. 

So, the reason Goh ran was to compare with myself. Or Clement. Or any other individuals he personally know of. 

He relies on others to boost his confidence. In achieving something, he needs a kick on his ass. 

This is his reason of running.

Oh by the way, Goh is a good person. (after all the bitching??)

Mine is quite shallow too.

Like Goh, I am a competitive person too.
The difference between Goh and myself is that I am competing with myself.

I quote myself. 

You  are winning because you broke your own record. No because you broke mine.
Yeap. Quite a lousy quote but still..

I didn't get to win this round.
Sigh it's kind of expected.
Being a student is usually more luxurious when it comes to time utilisation.  

Off the shallow reasons.
Now let's go to those which brought me to tears. 


Jessica's caption:
Look, Bigo! Ma did it!
Quite obvious, Bigo is Jessica's dog. 
A beagle.
A beagle which left her due to fatal disease. 

My eyes welled when I saw this picture. 

Congrates Jessica. You did it for Bigo. =)

Clement also ran for a reason. 
A heavy and meaningful one too. 
The complexion difference wasn't due to foundation or powder. 

And you are thinking that I am praising myself.

Tsk tsk. So judgmental. 

Yes, I was the one who made him believe that he could run a half marathon race. (Woooooooo.....),
but I was not the core reason of him finishing the race. 

He too, ran for his friend. 
His highschool mate whom he has known for more than a decade.

And yes, you've guessed it. 
His highschool mate who has passed away in a motor-vehicle accident.

Norman, you reading this?
Your friend ran for you.

Ok. Joke. Joke.

This gay seal is just a joke.
Please don't take it too seriously.

People ran for a reason.
Some people do it otherwise.

Lazy is an obvious reason.
But there are something more meaningful.


If you are lazy to read, let the good Samaritan here tells you what happened.
This boy has been running with his girl for the last few years.
This year, he did not run.

He was preparing his marriage proposal.
Once the girl stepped on the finish line...
Tadah!! Knee on the floor, roses and rings.

This is one good reason to justify his absence in the race. 

What's your reason for running? Or not running?