Sunday, June 29, 2008

I want a buffet style home party instead of a 9 course meal dinner


I went to a 9-course-meal dinner just now and it sucked to the max. No, I don't feel sulky nor do I feel sucky easily but the dinner was just pissed me off. Well, I will tell you why.

1. I don't know how to go to that restaurant

Nah, it's not an ulu restaurant which is located in the deep end of one of the kampung. It's the 'Dai Tong Restaurant' located at Jalan Ampang! Next to Ampang Park~!! Damn it.

Laugh la laugh la. Just laugh at me. I have always been a road idiot who is really blind in directions and this is one of the reason I don't like to drive. I always think that GPS system is invented for someone like me but too bad, it's too expensive I can't afford it. That's why I bought a map too but too bad, the map doesn't tell me where 'Dai Tong Restaurant' is.

I eventually went to that Dai Tong Restaurant at.. I forgotten what's that building. The one with the British Council which I got all my certificates endorsed. Well yea, there was a Dai Tong Restaurant there and when I went there I saw no reception centre and the waitress told me, 'Wedding Dinner izzit? shall be the Dai Tong near the Ampang Park.'

I should have gone straight instead of turning right into KLCC. I was damn stupid. It took me another half an hour to reach the destination instead of 5 minutes because of the traffic jam at Jalan Pinang. Well yea, I passed through Jalan Pinang from Jalan Ampang before I could reach the further Jalan Ampang. Damn stupid me.

You know I was very tulan and kept blaming my mom for not bringing the invitation card which the map should have been printed on it (I think so). And then she said I'm a KLite and suppose to be very familiar with KL ma. Then I objected by saying I'm very stingy one lor, I take public transport lor. And I don't go to Zouk at Jalan Ampang lor. Coz u guys are setting curfews also. Nola. I didn't say that.

Okay, so now's the comparison.
If it's a home party, probably my guests wouldn't have to go through traffic jam to attend my dinner. Unless I stay in the city center which probably would not happen because I prefer some peace.

2. I could hardly park my car
Everyone who has tumpang my car before know that I hate this. I would eventually get my head burnt if I couldn't find my way to a certain place and couldn't find a right parking is another thing which could drive me to the wall. Grrrrrrr.

Both of this happened to me at the same night. What a coincidence. You should look at my face okay. No one would bring this face to a wedding dinner where love is all around the place (according to the bride's brother).

Finally I have to waste RM5 to hand my car to a jockey which I thought only rich tai tais would do that. But I did that just now. Duress. Necessity. (eh what else we learned in criminal law as defense arr?) Make sense lar. 50 tables with 10 guests for each, approximately 500 attended guests, and if it's (max) 5 ppl per car means there would be 100 cars. I could only see less than 50 parkings. -.-

Okay, now's the comparison.
(you thought your house very big meh? Can accommodate so many cars meh?)
Nonono. I would talk about this later. At the third point.

3. Ng Yin Yin the bride. A lawyer. My mom's friend's daughter. That's the only thing I know about you.

What for you invite me??????????!!
Yea I know. It's 'Mr John Chung and family' written on the card but... I feel really bored there. I am really someone who is not relevant to that dinner at all lor.

They even invited the mom's hairdresser and her family, which, she brought her sister, their mother and her sister's mother-in-law. The mother-in-law wouldn't even know who are getting married that night. There is really no point in inviting irrelevant person. The purpose of having a dinner is somehow to inform those who concern that yea, we are getting married. Hey, the mom' hairdresser's sister's mother-in-law wouldn't really concern if you are getting your best guy tonight. They are just here for the food.

I was there not even for the food. I was there for the so-called 'face'. Bei min lar. Give face lar. Well you guys know that.

Okay, now's the comparison.
If I were the bride, I would only invite my friends, my hubby's friends and those who know me well enough. Those whom I really wanna let them know that I'm getting married. Well if it's a home party I bet that the hairdresser's sister's mother-in-law wouldn't bother to attend too.

I know the point of having this dinner. To get blessed by my beloved. No. The hairdresser's sister's mother-in-law wouldn't wish me happily ever after yadda yadda.

So, when the amount of people is reduced, there would eventually be less cars. Less cars = there would be parking. Free parking. If I stay in a condominium in the future, there would be lots of guests parking. If it's a terraced unit, well, there wouldn't be sufficient parking so I wouldn't consider buying a terraced unit in the future. If I stay in a bungalow, needless to say lar. But anyway my ideal home is a condominium with lots of guests parking and which I can have a pool party for my wedding.

I prefer simple wedding style. Really. Don't need to be grand grand one lar. I told baybee just now and he said 'but people would think home buffet style is cheap and poor'. -.- let them think so then. Wedding will be just about us baybee, not about the others. So what if you have a royal style of dinner and get divorced months later. I couldn't see a point of it.

4. It's all about the time

Yea. It's written 7pm on the invitation card. What the fuck. How could those honorable guests show themselves at 8.30.m.?

Yea, the first dish was only served on 8.30p.m. which makes me so damn pissed off. I came at 7pm sharp despite the fact that I barely know the bride and I lost my way. And I waited for 1 hour and 30 minutes before I could really eat. Luckily I ate some Meehoon goreng before I went there. Otherwise I really would get mad and would stand up and started to shout 'WOOI! ASK US TO COME AT 7PM GAO LAN MEH?' nola. I won't. I was just very mad. Why people would never attend a function on time... Particularly Malaysian... sigh.

The other thing is that the dinner was like never ending. I am contracted with heavy flu and my head was really heavy and I wished to go home as fast as possible but I couldn't. I have to wait everything to end, which was at 10.41p.m. just now before I really could. No freedom at all. Duh.

Okay, now's the comparison.
As for a home buffet style dinner, I would only state: starts at 7pm or something like that. Come la whenever you want to. Leave la whenever you wish to. It really suits the guests' style lor. You know la Malaysian never get on time when it comes to attending any function.

In addition, as the guests come and go, there would be a flow in the parkings. And the problems of no sufficient parking is solved lar~ See. How nice is that.

5. Damn, I really hate to see those food wasted

It's a 9-course-meal dinner so it's really very normal that you would see the unfinished food be thrown away. Well I don't see them throw away the food with my own eyes but what could I expect them to do with the food after they put all those used plates over it?

I don't feel good whenever I saw them putting those plates on those food. I wished I could finish everything on the plate but I couldn't. It was damn wasted lar. Can't they just offer tapao(take away)? Well it sounds very unglam and cheap and auntie but hello, it's food~!! Something which you can put into the mouth~!!

You joined this famine 30, you donate money to this and that foundations, but you do not even practise the most common thing in the life. Do not waste food. I have been taught since I was young and I don't like people to leave anything on their plate (although I often don't say it out). That's why some of my friends say that I almost wanna lick the plate already because I finished everything on the plate. And that was why I was so fat last time, I lost weight after knowing Arthur and I would ask him to finish my unfinished meal. ^^ Well, guys always eat more than girls.

Okay, now's the comparison
No, you wouldn't have to eat this steamed fish if you don't like it. No aunties would say pick it up and put it on your plate and said 'eat it, eat it...' (my boyfriend's aunty was worse. she said, 'eat it, eat it... you wouldn't have much of these chances..' wtf) You don't have to force yourselves, really.

Of course I would hire a caterer and make the appropriate portion so that not much food are left. And I would come out with a menu with delicious food which would induce the guests to finish it. Something like spaghettis, mashed potatoes, mayo eggs, mini tarts, etc. etc. What. I like it ma. Maybe I would do a survey among my guests before preparing my menu.

Well of course, the guests can bring them home if it couldn't be finished (and if they don't mind too.) I remember I brought back lots of watermelons home in a home party which made me so happy because I got my constipation problem temporarily solved.

Even if~ my guests are those very rich type and ba bei type and not willing to bring the food home, nevermind. I would just store them in the fridge and take it as breakfast, brunch, lunch, teatime, dinner, supper on the next day and the day after the next day and goes on until the food is finished. That's why I should choose something of my fav while it comes to the menu.

6. I have to stick my butt on the chair all night long

Yea, no freedom at all. People who knows me know that I am the very active type. Hell, I was locked in boredom, looking at the aunties who sit next to me chatting with each other. I am good in socializing with aunties, maybe I wasn't just in the mood because I wanted to talk with the cute guy at the next table and I couldn't. because it was spoilt by the traffic jam, by the parking, by the food which I don't want to eat.

Okay, now's the comparison.
The guests have their freedom, of course. You may sit, you may stand, you may run, you may jump, yea, whatever you like.

If you see a cute guy over there, you may just go over and ask something like 'hey are you from the bride's side or the groom's...' yadda yadda. Back to that 9-course-meal-dinner restaurant, you are really interested on that guy and you then go on and ask the same question, I give you 50 bucks if no one on the guys' table look at you.

Now you see what I mean. The bride's brother said 'it's a place for old friends' gathering and a place to meet new friends' while he was giving his speech. -.- How could this be happen? Even if I saw a long lost friend over that table and I wanted to approach him or her, I couldn't catch up with him or her. You see if it's a home party, well, I definitely could! See this comparison.

7. I hate when no one is paying attention to the MCs and the performances

Chat chat chat chat chat only they know. Even when the MC said 'may I have your attention?' The guests were still continue chatting. It was a noisy night.

When the slideshow of the bride's and groom's moment was playing, those guests were not even watching it. Eat eat eat eat eat only they know. Well I did make the observation lor. They just didn't bother.

While the bride was blowing trombone and the groom was playing guitar, the guests still didn't pay any attention. Their combination was really perfect lor. It was the highlight of the night I assumed but sad, no one appreciated it. I would be very very very sad and disappointed if I were the bride. After so much of hard works, no one ever paid appreciation. T.T

Okay, now's the comparison
Lala, I don't have to prepare any programme. I don't have to hire a MC. I don't have to rent a hall. La la la la. Or.. perhaps I could make it a costume party?? Good idea. By then, my friends baybee's friends night would have to be separated with the elders' night. But still okay what. Elders communicated with elders. Youngsters communicated with youngsters. (Who knows I get married at my age of 42-.- so ho arr?)

Well, perhaps the highlights of the night is just cake cutting? Real cake. Which could be served. Not those fake layered type. No point also ish.

Yealar. I think that's it. As I have said, wedding, is just about the spouse. No one else. So what if people thinks that you are giamsiap? I don't care. Think. Think from the very beginning. Think for the point of a wedding, and you will know that it's not important at all.

Oh ya, btw, the reason I don't choose for not having dinner is because I still want my friends to wish me and bless me face by face. ^^

Thursday, June 26, 2008

erm.. how to take a nice kissing picture?

I've been wondering since I first seen the kissing picture of my ex-crush with his girlfriend which he has posted on friendster. Well it's not a beautiful one and yet he's posting it up wakaka. (I'm saying this not because I was jealous okay. I had already had Arthur by then)

Two years later, somehow, but forgotten how, Ying Huey and me talked about this. Haha. Finally I found someone who is agree with me.

Taking a kissing picture... Hmm.. I feel that it's quite strange.

I mean, well yea, I have not tried that before. Because I couldn't stop giggling whenever I visualise the process of those who attempted to take beautiful kissing picture.

Situation one
Guy : *setting self-timer*
Girl : Okay?
Guy : almost.. almost.. coming, baby..
Guy : O... kay... *run to the girl*
Guy and Girl : *kissing. But not really enjoying because keep thinking about the capturing*
Girl : erm.. baby.. is it done?
Guy : *have a look on the camera screen*
Guy : Oh no.. baby.. I can't see your face in this picture at all~! Okay okay.. try it again~ and show your face yea...

*repeat the whole process*

Situation two
Guy and Girl : *kissing. While one of them is holding the camera, attempting to capture a self-potrait kissing picture*
*kijicak* (captured sound. The typical one.)
Girl : Come, come, let's see let's see.
Guy and Girl : *Look at the screen*
Guy or Girl : Oh no.. Not nice. Let's do it again.

*repeat the whole process*

Situation three
Guy : *pass the camera to friend* eh later you take from this angle arr. Press this one.
Friend: *nod nod*
Guy: *run to the girl*
Friend: Ready? one, two, three~
Guy and Girl: *start kissing*
Friend: Okay~ Gao dim~
Guy and Girl: Let me see, let me see~~
Guy or Girl : Aiya.. not nice la... take again.. You should take from this angle ma. Come come let's do it again.~

*repeat the whole process*

I have a few pictures regarding to the abovementioned situation in my mind but am not putting it because I somehow think that it is offensive. -.-

what is the point of kissing then? To take a nice picture of you and your baby kissing each other?
Say me ulu. I still feel that it's strange.

But I'm okay with those artistic one anyway. Something like this. It's so cute isn't it?

Credits to**
People. No offence if you did this. Or just let me know if you situation is differ from the abovementioned. Well, I do love taking pictures. Damn love. But really, I don't know how to start on taking a kissing pic.

You may say something like.. it goes so natural. You wouldn't have to think that much. Erm. Maybe I really have thought too much.

Baby, maybe we should really try it one day.

Friday, June 20, 2008

U know I love you

Do not expect to see really sharp, clear pictures as we only took the pictures with our 2.0MP phne camera.

I don't know why I didn't bring my camera out.

But anyway....I just went to a really wonderful place~!!! [my pictures didn't tell it though] Yea it is so wonderful that it makes you wonder~!! [and wander] -.-
They made it as if it's really a home - there are bedroom, make up room, living room, toilet,
etc.etc. We came early thus we have taken the cozy bedroom~

Some boring pictures before we gone mad.

We love these blocks and thus we have plenty of pictures which have these blocks included. Yealar say us ulu la I really have never seen such colorful blocks before ma. And it really stands out in the picture lor. Attention grabber~And we had some impressive play~~And then when we reached a higher achievement and contemplated to take another more impressive pic, it fell. -.-
My lao da and tulan face while trying to arrange it for another time again.
(you see people behind us sitting on mangkuk tandas~ It's not something new but yea. It's part of this 'home')

Me concentrating in making something really artistic~ as if... -.-
We were sitting by the window. So enjoying the night view whole night.

I seem very delighted and satisfied with what I have just did

Mei Yi seemed very happy~~ [blur face tim. blame the camera]

Mm... Ying Huey seemed ... horny... -.- I don't know what she would feel horny by looking at blocks.
Okay. It's me again~~ Still looks very delighted~

And Mei Yi again~ Still very happy~ah... lovely, impressive, wonderful. Her brain told me so~

And Ying Huey again~ Still very horny~ by looking at some artistically built colorful blocks.

[Mei Yi, I'm saying so because I know Ying Huey won't read my blog word by word like how you did wakakakakaka~]

So bored with the bedroom, we went to the makeup room.
See that lengthy curtain? The staff say they are gonna cut it soon.

-.- As if we have making up stuff in our bag like any other girls.I look more like daydreaming though.

The sofa which is meant for the boyfriends while girls are making up
[nola. It's an area to dine too]

Somewhere outside the toilet. Oh yea, they use mannequin instead of boring signboard to distinct gent's and ladies'. Didn't take a picture of it.
Y la I look so retarded here. Cincai la. The background is the highlight.

And this is the following would be the restroom~ with hands plastered all around in the ladies'.~ And one of the hand must have squeezed not less than two boobs.

At least it had mine~

And Ying Huey's~

And Mei Yi's... hand.y la mei yi u so sad. You see. Me and Ying Huey were so glad to be molested~

Miscellaneous & random stuff-
Fish in a bird cage Say me ulu again lor. My first sight too~ So creative lar~ Maybe they take the idea from somewhere else. Whoever thought of this idea is creative then~

The 'aha~ I have got a big idea~!' pic. with the bulb turning upside down.
Look. The night view of Connaught and Taynton.

Super cute refrigerator. Get magazines and games instead of food from there.
Even Ying Huey can be angelic.Over-exposed~ lazy to photoshop.

Toilet bowl seats. Not something new but you would find lil surprises in those glass-covered bathtub and sink.
Double decker bed~ which is not as cozy as our bed.

Sitting up or down? Your choice. Me don't dare to sit up there la. Been there before. Quite steady I should say. [YING HUEY~! I want PICTURES~!!]
There are much more stuff to be played around here. I'm not gonna reveal everything as there won't be surprise if everything is exposed. Come la and discover yourselves.

The best thing is that u don't need to be really loaded to camwhore at this place. I paid RM15 for my Mushroom Maryland Chicken and a cup of refillable Jasmine tea. They don't refill with boiled water okay? They refill with another cup of Jasmine tea.

If you choose not to eat, you may opt for the only two type of refillable tea - Jasmine tea and Earl Grey Tea is only sold for RM3.90 per cup~ You can sit there for all night long, keep changing seats to enjoy different environment with unlimited refills - for only RM3.90~ Nyahahahahahaha~

Erm... did I tell you that it's located at Connaught, which is the place I stay? I could hang out here every night is there is kakis to hang out with me~ =)

Mei Yi did blog about it too~ Chinese version~ Different interpretation of the pictures~
Check it out~

Sunday, June 15, 2008

One morning in Bandar Tasik Pemaisuri

Just back from jogging. Normally I won't jog myself. Today is an exception because I lied to my grandma that I went jogging with my friends but in fact I was sending baybee to KL Sentral. -.-
I don't like being a liar so I just went jogging myself at Bandar Tasik Pemaisuri. Well there was still a part which I lied of, i.e. I jogged with my friends but the level of liarness was reduced and so did my sins. And As for the fact the I was sending baybee to KL Sentral - it's not a lie - I was just beautifully concealing the facts.

Okay. Back to the jogging thingy.

Jogging oneself has its own advantages and disadvantages. (wth. Macam writing essay wakaka) I will first talk about the disadvantages cause I have lots to talk about the advantages.


1) Lack of companion
No one is gonna kay with me. Kay- as in the 'kay' in kaypoh. To make it simpler, it's gossiping in English.

2) Easily get distracted
When I saw cats, I stopped by, snapped their pictures, and continued to observe them. They are just too kiut.
When I saw ducks, I did the same. They are just too kiut.Seriously. I don't know since when there are ducks in this park.

When I saw geese, I did the same. They are just way too kiut. The way they walked is really funny. It's like their heads leading the whole way.

When I saw babies, I didn't snap any picture of them of course. Afraid get slapped by their parents. But I just secretly watched from far and tried to make faces whenever the parents were not facing me or when they carried them in the way in which the babies would face the back while they faced the front.

Anyway. Waste of time.
If Ying Huey, my usual jog companion is here, she might say, 'ooi. you come here to jog or to play with babies?'
So, now no one would say so. And me myself just couldn't stop myself from playing with those really adoring creatures~

Erm. I think that's all for the disadvantages. Okay let's move on to the advantages.


1) Lack of companion
Yap. It's the advantage.

And you know Ying Huey is one of my besties and for sure we have lots of stuff to kay about. When your purpose of going to the park is to kay but not jogging, how could you be concentrate? No way. Girls you know we can't. And guys you should learn why we can't. Thus in the end we would end up strolling along to easified our gossipation [is this English?] rather than jogging.

If jogging alone, this wouldn't happen. Obviously~ ^^

2) Get to observe everything around the park clearly

Wth. Yea.

You know when you want to see the cats/ducks/geese/babies clearly then someone would say things like ooi, you come here to jog or to see the cats/ducks/geese/babies? and you would feel embarrassed and continued to jog.

So when I jogged alone, I got to see how cats purr and play with the mud, how ducks swim, how geese walk, how babies smile - as if I couldn't see it elsewhere.

And oh. I also get to observe people who would hang out in the park early in the Sunday morning. Will talk about this later.

3) Increase chances of bumping into Mr. Right

Well yea. You really think so?

It is not possible really. Will talk about it later. In the next post.

4) Freedom
Longer warm-ups, joining those ah peks to do the aerobic dance, longer walking periods (because I'm too lazy), shorter jogging periods (because I'm too lazy, too), camwhoring (as below)- well, it's up to me, I'm free to do whatever I want.

Okay Ying Huey don't mad ya. It doesn't mean that when you are with me, I can't do all these. I could just simply tell you but it's better to jog properly when you are with me.
Me. My makeup-less face (ceh. Normally I don't wear make up also la). My bee-stung lips. And my big nostrils. And a bottle of juice I just bought.

The bottle in the previous pic. veggie juice I bought from an ah pek. RM2.70 each.

In conclusion (-.- essay?) there are advantages and disadvantages for jogging alone. End.

p/s: you see, I was not doing good for my English essay while I was in high school~ Just too lazy to come out with a conclusion.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Oh my god OH - MY -GOD. It's creepy. Really creepy.

It's only 7am now and there are already 3 tragedies happened - to me. To be exact, 4~

Okay, I'm just being dramatic. It's not actually not that cham la. It's just something that no one would wish that it would happen to you one day.

1) Melaka Trip

I am supposed to be sitting in transnasional line now, heading to Melaka.

I have even researched, did some mind map of where to go for some places, booked the cheapest apartment in the town, namely, the Garden City Apartment. It's only RM203 for a 2-room unit without breakfast. Breakfast- those sunny-side-ups, sausages, porridges, pancakes, we can cook ourselves la. It is really not neccesary to pay for another 20 bucks per person to get the buffet breakfast.

BUT! On one fine day, one of our tripmate said that she COULD NOT MAKE IT. Her family business needs her while her dad is away. Ngam ngam stocks are to be brought in today. -.- So we painfully announce the trip to be cancelled lor.

Actually the trip could be continued since the said tripmate proudly announce that her dad will be backed on the 12th, namely one day before the trip and the company doesn't need her anymore~ This really good news is to be announced on Wednesday~ I was really delighted lor. But again. The other tripmate said it's too rush and it's more appropriate if we plan nicely (which I assume I have already did) and make it later.

Nevermind. It was a lil rush la.

I was damn semangat la. But then...really nevermind. Just postpone to August.

Okay. This is the pre-13th incident. We will move on to the next issue.

2) My relationship is not sailing smooth

I'm not gonna talk much about it. Every couple has its own problem for sure.

Okay. This is also the pre-13th incident. We will move on to another issue.

3) My car failed on me

...early in the morning. 6.53a.m. to be exact.

Wonder why I wake up 6 hours earlier than I usually did? -.- I have to chaffeur my dad to KL Sentral. 9am flight and yet to buy the ticket. Haha. His secretary has always been very efficient but I'm not sure about this time. Maybe it was just rush because he had to attend a so-called urgent meeting last night and he came back to KL even without informing his wife my mom.

Anyway this is not the point. On the way heading to KL Sentral, this machine is already heating - something which has never happened to her. The pointer of the temperature meter was pointing to the chill red area with a letter 'H' printed beside it. Damn la. But we manage to make it to KL Sentral.

BUT! We failed to make it home. (we- refer to me and my grandma.) On our way back to home, my beloved baybee make sound 'ketak ketak ketak' sound whenever I accelerated and 'kilik kilik kilik' sound whenever I stepped on the brake. You know what? I kept at 60km/h all the way. But still. The car failed on me. When we were about 2kms to home, those red thingys on the dashboard started to light up and even when I stepped on the accelerator, the car wouldn't move.

Being a smart person, when I sense that I cepat cepat park my car to the emergency parking lane, which was really near to the taxi station, and which eventually stopped ngam ngam on the yellow box which those taxis are supposed to stop at. Special thanks to an uncle and a high school kid who were willing to lend a hand to us for pushing it in front so that my baybee wouldn't block the taxi station.

The car is still parked there with the hazard light turned on and waiting for rescue. I have called to seek for assistance anyway.

The lucky thing was that I did not lost in the town and caused delays. I somehow managed to stop at somewhere near my house.

4) Cacat zai died

Cacat zai is the name of one of the newborn hammies. I named it cacat zai because it was really disabled:
i) it still has yet to open its eyes while the other have did it days ago
ii) its front leg is injured - I'm not sure how. But I suspected that it get stepped on by its own mother. I have seen the wicked mother stepped on the baybees even when they had yet to learn walking.
iii) its leg behind was weak - Cacat zai could barely walk properly.
iv) its head was injured - again. I'm not sure how. But I saw blood stain on its lil head.

Haih. It died this morning when I fed them and checked them out. I saw it's lil tummy was still and I knew it wasn't breathing anymore. Its whole body stoned while I touched it. Still warm. And two of its siblings kept licking it. Maybe it's their ritual or something. I don't know la.

*sigh* my cacat zai - the smallest of all. *Mourn*

5) Riot?

I will be going out with Ying Huey and Mei Yi later. While I went to the pasar with my grandma just now, Ying Huey's dad told us that there would be a riot going on in town. And we will be going to town later~!

I'm not sure how true is this. I will still be going anyway. I am too eager to go out with these two babes. Wish me luck okay.

This is a predicted incident.


5 incidents. You say la. Friday the 13th. Damn creepy man.
I hope that I don't have to update this post tonight.
Please bring it to an end.

Message dad about this Friday the 13th just now and he said 'Yaaa.. Its only 7am.. U hv d whole day to worry about friday 13th...' -.- As if I have made the vainest statement on earth.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another post about nothing

I feel damn down now la.

I've been facing my lappie since the last 3 hours. I have browsed through some blogs. And their happy love story together with the happy pictures tagged with the happy captions really make me feel sad about myself. *sigh*

I browsed through emmagem just now and saw this video. Damn sad okay.

[wth!!!!! blogger doesn't allow me to add video. go emmagem and see yourselves then]

Aiyo. I know you guys are lazy to do so lah.
Because if someone ask me to do the same, me also, won't bother to do it. very mafan.
Nvm. Will just tell you what it is about.

It's nothing but just Mariah's Carey's Bye Bye music video. A music video with lotsa happy moments, which eventually make me feel more depressed.

And so Karenmarie wrote this above the video.
*dedicated to everyone who has lost someone they love*

I actually feel the same. My tears blurred my vision when Mariah Carey wiped off her tears. The tears which have shed for those moments - which would not happen again. I could feel her.

Although it does not look as touching as it is.
But you could only feel it when you listen to Mariah Carey's voice.
Go listen to the song. Go.

I really feel like I lost someone I...loved love loved ... -.-||| wtf.. I seriously don't know which word is appropriate to be applied here.

Someone who has gradually disappeared. Bits by bits. Until you could no longer sense that someone, you couldn't hear him, you couldn't see him, you found no way to look for him. I didn't even realise that he has actually disappeared, until a very good friend of mine reminded me of his existence. Oh. There was such person in my life.

Where are you? When are you coming back?

I want to say where have you been... instead of where are you. Okay?

*and I miss you so*


Eh. Do you feel me?
*sigh. again and again. and again* it doesn't matter if you do not feel me. It's enough if I could feel myself.

P/S: My friends who are concern of me (you know who you are), you don't really have to take this serious okay? Me always like that one *sigh*. And you know that me always like that one *sigh again*

A post sprinkled with super broken english grammar here and there because really, I don't have to mood to think of proper grammar and fancy words to decorate this post lah.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I feel so thirsty while I'm typing this post

I'm not sure about what's running in my mind but I just feel like typing.

2 hammies are gone today. Gone as in, they are adopted. I went to meet their new mommy at Petaling Streets today. I saw this lady, in white, loose t-shirt, with her long hair tied loosely standing in front of petsmore together with a big cage and a pack of 1kg wood shreds sitting as her companions. The RM70 cage is readily covered with wood shreds. I could immediately sense that she's the new hammies' mommy. I was glad. I know that she would be a good hammie mommy. One even better than me.

But still, I intended to make a call to confirm. Before the line was connected, this lady smiled to me and I read her lips saying cheryl?. Seconds later, her phone rang and she told me, 'are you calling me?' Gosh. Damn stupid me. I didn't press the reject button after I made that phone call. I just put it into my pocket because I was too excited of meeting their new mommy. I kept sending apologies to her and she never failed to show that smiling face, saying it's okay, it's okay. What a nice lady. I have been late for 40 mins because of some unforesee circumstances and she was there by 20 minutes earlier. Overall she has waited me for an hour. Gosh, guilty, guilty, guilty.

Just texted her and she said the babies are too young to go upstairs and exercise yet. Awh babies... I miss you.

babies' pic will be uploaded later. have exchanged labtop with Arthur. He wants a labtop with better performance in gaming while I want one which is not so trashy.

P/S: baybee.. you shouldn't have suggested to exchange~~ I have discovered some secret of yours nyaha~
Next time remember to sign out your mailbox and clear all those internet history ya~~ haha~


Silence. Again.

No more laughters, no more naggings.
No more clothes sharing, no more dota training.

Yes, back to silence, again.

Yea, the laptop is all mine now,
the queen size bed is all mine now,
the bathroom is all mine now,
I can now use everything whenever I wish to.

But that's not what I wish. I wish I could share them with someone. I wish someone would really grab that labtop during my toilet break. I wish someone would wet the whole bathroom after they use the toilet. I wish someone would distract me while I'm concentrating on those black letters on my textbooks. I wish someone would keep clicking the mouse creating those clickering clickery clicks noise while playing dota. At least I have the chance to scold them.. well, at least I have the chance to talk to someone.

I miss you guys too.

*Aiyo... I wanna upload pictures la baybee...*

This post will be edited soon~

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Underwater babies

Excitedly, me, Zhi Boy and Leng Girl headed to the swimming pool at the nearest condominuium - for photo shooting~

As we went there, we startled. The water was in ocean green instead of the usual pool clear blue. Arthur said it's because it rained. Why ya? Can someone tell me why raining will cause the water greenish?

Here the greenish pool.Those 2 heads belong to Zhi Boy and Leng Girl by the way.

Anyway, hesitated for a very short while, we decided to go for it.

Behold. Tonnes of pictures ahead. Most of them are photoshopped. Nothing much. Auto leveled only.

Nah. The first picture of the day. I was having this 'what happened' look. In fact, I was really thinking the same.
First batch~ - my camwhoring pictures~ You see ya. I will look like this if it's without auto leveling on photoshop.Lady in the water~ Eh seriously, I can feel the peace lor.

Nah. That's why.

Then, my lovely Leng Girl's turn.

She's so tacky la~~Cute, isn't she? Anyway, people do say both of us look alike~ Nyaha~~~

'Diving towards' The first few pictures failed like shit lor. I'm not putting them up because I look like a constipated someone who tried to smile happily.
Nah. Finally, a nice one.

Nah see, my first attempt of taking the same themed picture.Not bad ma~~~

Okay, next. Zhi Boy's turn.

He has a lot of these big head shots. I'm not putting all of them up because they just look the same.Hand stand wor, he said.

Lastly, some showering pictures before home for dinner.
I didn't mean to show off my armpit, really. So stop staring at it. I was doing this hair washing post.

The typical oh! I'm in the ladies'! shoot.

Next, the typical oh! we're in the gents'! shoot.
Leng Girl Syok-sendiriing. With a very reluctant to be syoked Zhi Boy.

Behold, the SS King. He beated Leng Girl la this time. This time only.C'mon. You can do it~ One day you will look like them~