Friday, June 20, 2008

U know I love you

Do not expect to see really sharp, clear pictures as we only took the pictures with our 2.0MP phne camera.

I don't know why I didn't bring my camera out.

But anyway....I just went to a really wonderful place~!!! [my pictures didn't tell it though] Yea it is so wonderful that it makes you wonder~!! [and wander] -.-
They made it as if it's really a home - there are bedroom, make up room, living room, toilet,
etc.etc. We came early thus we have taken the cozy bedroom~

Some boring pictures before we gone mad.

We love these blocks and thus we have plenty of pictures which have these blocks included. Yealar say us ulu la I really have never seen such colorful blocks before ma. And it really stands out in the picture lor. Attention grabber~And we had some impressive play~~And then when we reached a higher achievement and contemplated to take another more impressive pic, it fell. -.-
My lao da and tulan face while trying to arrange it for another time again.
(you see people behind us sitting on mangkuk tandas~ It's not something new but yea. It's part of this 'home')

Me concentrating in making something really artistic~ as if... -.-
We were sitting by the window. So enjoying the night view whole night.

I seem very delighted and satisfied with what I have just did

Mei Yi seemed very happy~~ [blur face tim. blame the camera]

Mm... Ying Huey seemed ... horny... -.- I don't know what she would feel horny by looking at blocks.
Okay. It's me again~~ Still looks very delighted~

And Mei Yi again~ Still very happy~ah... lovely, impressive, wonderful. Her brain told me so~

And Ying Huey again~ Still very horny~ by looking at some artistically built colorful blocks.

[Mei Yi, I'm saying so because I know Ying Huey won't read my blog word by word like how you did wakakakakaka~]

So bored with the bedroom, we went to the makeup room.
See that lengthy curtain? The staff say they are gonna cut it soon.

-.- As if we have making up stuff in our bag like any other girls.I look more like daydreaming though.

The sofa which is meant for the boyfriends while girls are making up
[nola. It's an area to dine too]

Somewhere outside the toilet. Oh yea, they use mannequin instead of boring signboard to distinct gent's and ladies'. Didn't take a picture of it.
Y la I look so retarded here. Cincai la. The background is the highlight.

And this is the following would be the restroom~ with hands plastered all around in the ladies'.~ And one of the hand must have squeezed not less than two boobs.

At least it had mine~

And Ying Huey's~

And Mei Yi's... hand.y la mei yi u so sad. You see. Me and Ying Huey were so glad to be molested~

Miscellaneous & random stuff-
Fish in a bird cage Say me ulu again lor. My first sight too~ So creative lar~ Maybe they take the idea from somewhere else. Whoever thought of this idea is creative then~

The 'aha~ I have got a big idea~!' pic. with the bulb turning upside down.
Look. The night view of Connaught and Taynton.

Super cute refrigerator. Get magazines and games instead of food from there.
Even Ying Huey can be angelic.Over-exposed~ lazy to photoshop.

Toilet bowl seats. Not something new but you would find lil surprises in those glass-covered bathtub and sink.
Double decker bed~ which is not as cozy as our bed.

Sitting up or down? Your choice. Me don't dare to sit up there la. Been there before. Quite steady I should say. [YING HUEY~! I want PICTURES~!!]
There are much more stuff to be played around here. I'm not gonna reveal everything as there won't be surprise if everything is exposed. Come la and discover yourselves.

The best thing is that u don't need to be really loaded to camwhore at this place. I paid RM15 for my Mushroom Maryland Chicken and a cup of refillable Jasmine tea. They don't refill with boiled water okay? They refill with another cup of Jasmine tea.

If you choose not to eat, you may opt for the only two type of refillable tea - Jasmine tea and Earl Grey Tea is only sold for RM3.90 per cup~ You can sit there for all night long, keep changing seats to enjoy different environment with unlimited refills - for only RM3.90~ Nyahahahahahaha~

Erm... did I tell you that it's located at Connaught, which is the place I stay? I could hang out here every night is there is kakis to hang out with me~ =)

Mei Yi did blog about it too~ Chinese version~ Different interpretation of the pictures~
Check it out~


Lynn said...

It's located in Connaught?
I thought somewhere in S'pore!
Where is it actually?

Cherylmeryl said...

Yea Connaught~

They name it Fun OK, which is 返屋企 (going home) if you read it in Chinese.

It's very near to the CIMB Connaught branch. Upstairs of Guardian and Bagus Thai.

Sure you will see it if you passby the Connaught shoplot - you wouldn't miss the striking green board and the lights (which I have mistakenly thought that it's a lighting shop.)

Samuel said...

wah... not bad eh.. I wonder got anyone fall asleep there while yumcha...

haha :D

acura said...

Looks very nice & cosy....will try it out when free

aLiya said...

impressive. it reminds me of the apartment in the curve. Similar fact i think they copy apartment. Ha!

蓝天 said...

shang shang!!!!!!!!!!

i wan to go i wan to go i wan to go i wan to go i wan to go i wan to go i wan to go i wan to go i wan to go i wan to go i wan t go i wan to go


Shang hui i wan to go..
Ying huey i wan to go...
Mei yi i wan to go...

I wan to GO LAR!!!!

i wan!!
i wan!!:(

Cherylmeryl said...

[samuel]no!! everyone was so excited in discovering such an interesting place - without spending much` teehee~

[acura] ^^ yea~ you should~!! I will be working there soon~!! - if they accept me..~

[aLiya] Apartment? is it a cafe or what? Yea, they must have done lots of research before~

[lan tian] sorry larr.. I can't type Chinese in this comp. Come back lar babe~~ Come come come~!! We go together again~