Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Oh my god OH - MY -GOD. It's creepy. Really creepy.

It's only 7am now and there are already 3 tragedies happened - to me. To be exact, 4~

Okay, I'm just being dramatic. It's not actually not that cham la. It's just something that no one would wish that it would happen to you one day.

1) Melaka Trip

I am supposed to be sitting in transnasional line now, heading to Melaka.

I have even researched, did some mind map of where to go for some places, booked the cheapest apartment in the town, namely, the Garden City Apartment. It's only RM203 for a 2-room unit without breakfast. Breakfast- those sunny-side-ups, sausages, porridges, pancakes, we can cook ourselves la. It is really not neccesary to pay for another 20 bucks per person to get the buffet breakfast.

BUT! On one fine day, one of our tripmate said that she COULD NOT MAKE IT. Her family business needs her while her dad is away. Ngam ngam stocks are to be brought in today. -.- So we painfully announce the trip to be cancelled lor.

Actually the trip could be continued since the said tripmate proudly announce that her dad will be backed on the 12th, namely one day before the trip and the company doesn't need her anymore~ This really good news is to be announced on Wednesday~ I was really delighted lor. But again. The other tripmate said it's too rush and it's more appropriate if we plan nicely (which I assume I have already did) and make it later.

Nevermind. It was a lil rush la.

I was damn semangat la. But then...really nevermind. Just postpone to August.

Okay. This is the pre-13th incident. We will move on to the next issue.

2) My relationship is not sailing smooth

I'm not gonna talk much about it. Every couple has its own problem for sure.

Okay. This is also the pre-13th incident. We will move on to another issue.

3) My car failed on me

...early in the morning. 6.53a.m. to be exact.

Wonder why I wake up 6 hours earlier than I usually did? -.- I have to chaffeur my dad to KL Sentral. 9am flight and yet to buy the ticket. Haha. His secretary has always been very efficient but I'm not sure about this time. Maybe it was just rush because he had to attend a so-called urgent meeting last night and he came back to KL even without informing his wife my mom.

Anyway this is not the point. On the way heading to KL Sentral, this machine is already heating - something which has never happened to her. The pointer of the temperature meter was pointing to the chill red area with a letter 'H' printed beside it. Damn la. But we manage to make it to KL Sentral.

BUT! We failed to make it home. (we- refer to me and my grandma.) On our way back to home, my beloved baybee make sound 'ketak ketak ketak' sound whenever I accelerated and 'kilik kilik kilik' sound whenever I stepped on the brake. You know what? I kept at 60km/h all the way. But still. The car failed on me. When we were about 2kms to home, those red thingys on the dashboard started to light up and even when I stepped on the accelerator, the car wouldn't move.

Being a smart person, when I sense that I cepat cepat park my car to the emergency parking lane, which was really near to the taxi station, and which eventually stopped ngam ngam on the yellow box which those taxis are supposed to stop at. Special thanks to an uncle and a high school kid who were willing to lend a hand to us for pushing it in front so that my baybee wouldn't block the taxi station.

The car is still parked there with the hazard light turned on and waiting for rescue. I have called to seek for assistance anyway.

The lucky thing was that I did not lost in the town and caused delays. I somehow managed to stop at somewhere near my house.

4) Cacat zai died

Cacat zai is the name of one of the newborn hammies. I named it cacat zai because it was really disabled:
i) it still has yet to open its eyes while the other have did it days ago
ii) its front leg is injured - I'm not sure how. But I suspected that it get stepped on by its own mother. I have seen the wicked mother stepped on the baybees even when they had yet to learn walking.
iii) its leg behind was weak - Cacat zai could barely walk properly.
iv) its head was injured - again. I'm not sure how. But I saw blood stain on its lil head.

Haih. It died this morning when I fed them and checked them out. I saw it's lil tummy was still and I knew it wasn't breathing anymore. Its whole body stoned while I touched it. Still warm. And two of its siblings kept licking it. Maybe it's their ritual or something. I don't know la.

*sigh* my cacat zai - the smallest of all. *Mourn*

5) Riot?

I will be going out with Ying Huey and Mei Yi later. While I went to the pasar with my grandma just now, Ying Huey's dad told us that there would be a riot going on in town. And we will be going to town later~!

I'm not sure how true is this. I will still be going anyway. I am too eager to go out with these two babes. Wish me luck okay.

This is a predicted incident.


5 incidents. You say la. Friday the 13th. Damn creepy man.
I hope that I don't have to update this post tonight.
Please bring it to an end.

Message dad about this Friday the 13th just now and he said 'Yaaa.. Its only 7am.. U hv d whole day to worry about friday 13th...' -.- As if I have made the vainest statement on earth.


Joyce Tedoen said...

Its not a riot. Just an impromptu gathering by price-hike-hating people. :)

If it's really a big riot and it's in kl, I'll be there to see it myself LOL.

[G]cheryl[min] said...

hi cheryl,
firstly, sorry coz i can't find time to meet up with you on my recent trip to kl that day.

if ur coming to malacca some other day(why august? so long...LOL),
let me know k. if i'm free, maybe i can show you around.
hehe... :)

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[joyce] see see.. I knew that.. My friend's dad is just getting things exaggerated..

[Cheryl] oh!!! you are melaka babe~!! sure sure~~
Good la... found a free tour guide.~