Sunday, June 15, 2008

One morning in Bandar Tasik Pemaisuri

Just back from jogging. Normally I won't jog myself. Today is an exception because I lied to my grandma that I went jogging with my friends but in fact I was sending baybee to KL Sentral. -.-
I don't like being a liar so I just went jogging myself at Bandar Tasik Pemaisuri. Well there was still a part which I lied of, i.e. I jogged with my friends but the level of liarness was reduced and so did my sins. And As for the fact the I was sending baybee to KL Sentral - it's not a lie - I was just beautifully concealing the facts.

Okay. Back to the jogging thingy.

Jogging oneself has its own advantages and disadvantages. (wth. Macam writing essay wakaka) I will first talk about the disadvantages cause I have lots to talk about the advantages.


1) Lack of companion
No one is gonna kay with me. Kay- as in the 'kay' in kaypoh. To make it simpler, it's gossiping in English.

2) Easily get distracted
When I saw cats, I stopped by, snapped their pictures, and continued to observe them. They are just too kiut.
When I saw ducks, I did the same. They are just too kiut.Seriously. I don't know since when there are ducks in this park.

When I saw geese, I did the same. They are just way too kiut. The way they walked is really funny. It's like their heads leading the whole way.

When I saw babies, I didn't snap any picture of them of course. Afraid get slapped by their parents. But I just secretly watched from far and tried to make faces whenever the parents were not facing me or when they carried them in the way in which the babies would face the back while they faced the front.

Anyway. Waste of time.
If Ying Huey, my usual jog companion is here, she might say, 'ooi. you come here to jog or to play with babies?'
So, now no one would say so. And me myself just couldn't stop myself from playing with those really adoring creatures~

Erm. I think that's all for the disadvantages. Okay let's move on to the advantages.


1) Lack of companion
Yap. It's the advantage.

And you know Ying Huey is one of my besties and for sure we have lots of stuff to kay about. When your purpose of going to the park is to kay but not jogging, how could you be concentrate? No way. Girls you know we can't. And guys you should learn why we can't. Thus in the end we would end up strolling along to easified our gossipation [is this English?] rather than jogging.

If jogging alone, this wouldn't happen. Obviously~ ^^

2) Get to observe everything around the park clearly

Wth. Yea.

You know when you want to see the cats/ducks/geese/babies clearly then someone would say things like ooi, you come here to jog or to see the cats/ducks/geese/babies? and you would feel embarrassed and continued to jog.

So when I jogged alone, I got to see how cats purr and play with the mud, how ducks swim, how geese walk, how babies smile - as if I couldn't see it elsewhere.

And oh. I also get to observe people who would hang out in the park early in the Sunday morning. Will talk about this later.

3) Increase chances of bumping into Mr. Right

Well yea. You really think so?

It is not possible really. Will talk about it later. In the next post.

4) Freedom
Longer warm-ups, joining those ah peks to do the aerobic dance, longer walking periods (because I'm too lazy), shorter jogging periods (because I'm too lazy, too), camwhoring (as below)- well, it's up to me, I'm free to do whatever I want.

Okay Ying Huey don't mad ya. It doesn't mean that when you are with me, I can't do all these. I could just simply tell you but it's better to jog properly when you are with me.
Me. My makeup-less face (ceh. Normally I don't wear make up also la). My bee-stung lips. And my big nostrils. And a bottle of juice I just bought.

The bottle in the previous pic. veggie juice I bought from an ah pek. RM2.70 each.

In conclusion (-.- essay?) there are advantages and disadvantages for jogging alone. End.

p/s: you see, I was not doing good for my English essay while I was in high school~ Just too lazy to come out with a conclusion.


Louiss said...

Just wanna say hi with ya. You have a nice blog here. ;) me also from cheras and nice to me you here. :D

Cherylmeryl said...

[louiss] hi~~ Cherasians rocks~!!!

aLiya said...

i like going to the park with friends but prefer to jog alone. GO together-gether but jog sendiri-dirian!