Sunday, June 8, 2008

I feel so thirsty while I'm typing this post

I'm not sure about what's running in my mind but I just feel like typing.

2 hammies are gone today. Gone as in, they are adopted. I went to meet their new mommy at Petaling Streets today. I saw this lady, in white, loose t-shirt, with her long hair tied loosely standing in front of petsmore together with a big cage and a pack of 1kg wood shreds sitting as her companions. The RM70 cage is readily covered with wood shreds. I could immediately sense that she's the new hammies' mommy. I was glad. I know that she would be a good hammie mommy. One even better than me.

But still, I intended to make a call to confirm. Before the line was connected, this lady smiled to me and I read her lips saying cheryl?. Seconds later, her phone rang and she told me, 'are you calling me?' Gosh. Damn stupid me. I didn't press the reject button after I made that phone call. I just put it into my pocket because I was too excited of meeting their new mommy. I kept sending apologies to her and she never failed to show that smiling face, saying it's okay, it's okay. What a nice lady. I have been late for 40 mins because of some unforesee circumstances and she was there by 20 minutes earlier. Overall she has waited me for an hour. Gosh, guilty, guilty, guilty.

Just texted her and she said the babies are too young to go upstairs and exercise yet. Awh babies... I miss you.

babies' pic will be uploaded later. have exchanged labtop with Arthur. He wants a labtop with better performance in gaming while I want one which is not so trashy.

P/S: baybee.. you shouldn't have suggested to exchange~~ I have discovered some secret of yours nyaha~
Next time remember to sign out your mailbox and clear all those internet history ya~~ haha~


Silence. Again.

No more laughters, no more naggings.
No more clothes sharing, no more dota training.

Yes, back to silence, again.

Yea, the laptop is all mine now,
the queen size bed is all mine now,
the bathroom is all mine now,
I can now use everything whenever I wish to.

But that's not what I wish. I wish I could share them with someone. I wish someone would really grab that labtop during my toilet break. I wish someone would wet the whole bathroom after they use the toilet. I wish someone would distract me while I'm concentrating on those black letters on my textbooks. I wish someone would keep clicking the mouse creating those clickering clickery clicks noise while playing dota. At least I have the chance to scold them.. well, at least I have the chance to talk to someone.

I miss you guys too.

*Aiyo... I wanna upload pictures la baybee...*

This post will be edited soon~

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