Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New series in my blog.
Present to you.....

My dreamy diary.

I was in a room with white walls and white tiles.
A rectangular room.

People were dressing in black and white. I could feel that they were tall, and they had very good sense of fashion.

They were holding champagne glasses, chit chatting with each others.

I was with a photographer - I do not know who that guy was, but I somehow knew that he was good in photography.

He carried a Canon EOS 25D, attached with a 18mm-200mm lens. I don't know if such a model exist, but it appeared in my dream.

He passed me to camera, and I played with it.

I looked into the menu of the ISO setting - to my surprise, the maximum setting of that D25 is 16000.

And guess what's the lowest setting??

It's a pathetic 2.


I didn't remember myself taking any pictures of it but I know that there is a difference of the quality of the pictures between those taken with that camera and those taken with mine.

I forgotten how that dream ended.

So yea, that's it.

A dream about camera and photography.


I wanna lose weight

This is probably the 32178th times I said so.
I almost say it everyday.

There are various reasons which urge me to do so.

For example, meeting my crush.
Or, attending a wedding dinner.
Or, attending a gathering.
Or, bought some really nice dresses but couldn't fit in.
Or, feel like swimming but don't feel like showing the people in the pool my very wow body.
(wow as in the negative wow alright. Yes I clearly know that people don't give a damn about it but then I still mind)
Or, I simply feel like losing weight because I'm too fat.

This time, it's different.
I am in my heaviest state in my life.
So one day, I suddenly feel like stepping onto the weighing scale after weeks of not doing that.
And I see the largest reading in my life.

Ou. Am. Gee.

Yes, if I membundarkan my weight, it would be 60kgs.
Yes, you can guess 60, it is possible.
You can guess 55, it's possible as well.
So.. Yea. Just don't guess.
It's scary to see such a number.

So back to the story.

Why do I feel like losing weight *again* this time??

The reason is simple. And childish. And meaningless. And ridiculous.

It's because of this guy named Geun-seok Jang.

Ah... I see question marks floating around your head.

It's his english name.
He is commonly known as 张根锡.

Ah... You guess that he's just another crush of mine right??


He is the leading male actor of Beethoven Virus.

Whooooaaaaa. Sheeeeat. So cute!!!

Yes yes yes he is actually not the main actor, the main actor supposed to be that uncle 金明敏 but who cares?
He is even cuter when he smiles.
Ohhhhhhhhh... Killer smile he has...........
If you don't agree with me of his cuteness, you must watch Beethoven Virus. Really must.
Wait. Why do I need your agreement on that?

Is there anything to do with your diet plan?

Yes of course there is.

So this Ge.. (shit I can't remember his English name. I have to keep scrolling up to spell it. Why don't I just copy paste? Yes yes.) Geun-seok Jang (ah yes) is weighed at 59kgs, which is considered as quite light for a 181cms.

And so what?
Again. What is that to do with your urge of losing weight?

Listen to me would you?

I just cannot accept that I am merely few kgs lighter (ah now you know that I'm weighed between 55kgs - 58 kgs) than si Geun-seok Jang...
And he likes girls who can dress well,
how can I dress well when I am so fat????

Ah now you see my childishness.
This looks like a post written by some 16-year-olds but no... Am 22.
Same as Geun-seok Jang.

Very -_______-. I know.
But whatever.
I just wanna lose weight.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


(The title is based on MTV Movie Awards.
No Nominees.
All of them are winners)
Best Movie
Failure of a cheap slut luring a guy

Goodness. The title tells the whole story.
But hold.
You haven't known the storyline yet.
You don't know how cheap is the slut.
You don't know how does she fail.
You don't know the climax of the whole drama.
You don't know anything yet.
So stay tune.

Best Female Performance

Christine or Christie something.

Best Male Performance
Mr. Draggie
Yeap. Identity not to be revealed.

Breakthrough Performance (female)

April Lim
She has been a bitch for an hour.
I mean... April Lim?? How could you relate her to a bitch??
Contrary to the popular belief, she is not bitchy AT ALL.
You can't equate her to a bitch just because she is hawt.
But in the last hour, she is the real bitch.
A self-declared bitch for merely an hour.

Breakthrough Performance (male)
Mr. Innocent
Well. Nothing much to break.
But there are only 5 people starring this movie, which, only 2 of them are guys.
Since Mr. O is the best actor, Mr.V shall crown this.

Best Director.
We can't decide. There is no director in this drama.
Well, who need a director when the actors and actresses are so good?

Best Comedic Performance
The whole drama is a comedy.
Perhaps, a tragic.

Best Cinematography
Cheryl Chung
She has nothing better to do. Really.

Best Villain
April la who else.
She was the only one with malicious thoughts.

Best Kiss
There is only one kiss in that drama.
So April got bored of playing that game and got out of the car and pecked Mr. Draggie on his lips and said 'I see you in a while'
It was an accident according to April.
Well, obviously, the kiss could not be an accident.
She said she wanted to kiss him on the cheek but accidentally kissed him on the lips.

Best Fight
I imagine me slapping that girl because she is too draggy.
What a waste of time.
Anyway, this actually doesn't count because in reality, I didn't slap her.
That was just my imagination.

Best WTF Moment

When Christine or Christie or whatever she is kept on sitting on the bonnet of Mr. O's car's and refused to do anything.
This was her sulking while poor innocent Mr. Innocent was trying to convince her to enter the car.

The whole drama started with this drama queen, Christine/Christie. Literally.
So when Mr. Draggie and Mr. Innocent came to join us at our table,
this drama queen followed as well.
She cheered with the guys and membottom-upkan her glass of Carlsberg.
When she finished, she covered her mouth, showing sign of discomfort.
Being ignored for about 30 seconds or so, Mr. Draggie held her shoulder, and made her sit.
Mr. Draggie then said he was going to the toilet, and Christine demanded to follow.

*Moments later*

Venue changed. Currently was at the lift waiting area.
Me the audience and April the soon-to-be bitch got bored with the Library,
and went out, thought of going to somewhere else,
they then saw both Christine's hands were laid on Mr. Draggie's shoulder,
with Mr. Draggie's arms around her waist.

Funny thing being, Mr. Draggie looked at us, showed a sign that he needed help.
And we ignored.

Don't yawn yet. Climax soon.

We then went to the toilet.
(ok that's not the point)

We then met up with Mr. Draggie, who said that he had passed Christine to his friend, Mr. Innocent.
April and Mr. Draggie then decided to do something to get rid of Christine.
April then acted drunk (classic...) and Mr. Draggie hugged April on her waist, acted to bring her to the car (duh).
They then *purposely* went to look for Mr. Innocent, with the intention to show Christine that 'wei you have got no chance already'.

The evil partner-in-crime. Christine/Christine was at the other side of the wall, while Mr. Innocent was comforting him.

After some hoohas and discussion, somehow, Christine wanted to follow Mr. Draggie home.


So all of us went to our car.
Since April was drunk, she sat at Mr.Draggie's front passenger seat, and Christine got very beh song about it.
She refused to get into the car... WTF.
So the poor me, who was sitting in my own car, just waited impatiently while watching the whole drama going on.
I didn't know how the discussion went on.
This is Mr. Draggie trying to carry April into the car while Miss Christie/Christine behsongly looking at them.

I could see Mr. Draggie brought Christine's bag out of the car and passed it to her and she refused to take it.
I could see Mr. Draggie and Mr. Innocent took turn to hold Christine's hand, wanted to bring her into the car but she refused to move her heavy butt from the bonnet.


15 minutes or 20 minutes or God knows how many minutes later,
April got out of the car, and kissed Mr. Draggie's on the lips,
said 'I'll see you in a while',
and got into my car,
and then we drove off.

The drama still go on but the audience as well as the cameraman has left.


*the end*

Behind the scene:
Christine slept nakedly at Mr Draggie's house but Mr Draggie just didn't give a fuck (woo clever pun I have here)
Christine poured Coke on Mr Draggie's arm when she saw Mr O hugging another girl in the club.
Christine insisted Mr Draggie to bring her to the doctor when she was sick.
Mr Draggie saw Christine when he opened his bedroom door (creepy!)
Mr Draggie's keys were lost after Christine visited his house.

What a cheap slut.
Why la wanna make yourselves so cheap?
You are young,
you are not ugly,
you will have plenty of chances.

Why do you wanna scratch your own face just to make someone to shag you?
I wish I won't have such a daughter in the future.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I have a dream

I thought I wanted to pursue a master's degree.
(yes I still want to)

But now after looking at him,
I wanna get married.
I wanna have a baby like him.
Or maybe 2.
I don't mind having four though.
Look at him.Do you feel like pinching his face?

Awww why are you pupils so large??
Do you wear colored lens like me too??

You love my camera??
Yes yes yes.
It's good to pick up photography.

Now you can say 'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww........'

Since I'm still single now,
I think I'm gonna stick to my previous dream of pursuing a Master's degree.
(provided if I can get a Second Class Upper.. sigh)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yay first time in my life

It's ironic. Again.

Nay this irony is not about relationship as I have mentioned in the earlier posts.

Let me tell you my story.

Due to my stinginess, I used to park my car at the Stadium Merdeka parking area.

During day time, they charge us 3 bucks per entry (as compared to 5 bucks for some safer and nearer area) while after 6, we are entitled to enter for free.

Alright. I have done the math.

If I choose to park at the cheap parking area everytime, I could save up to RM10 per week,
which is RM40 per month,
which is RM360 for the whole sem,
which is RM1080 for the whole course.

Sigh. That's why.

It sailed on smoothly for a good two years.
It indicates that I have saved up RM720+- for these 2 years.
28 pieces of Sungei Wang dresses.
120 sets of McValue meals.
180 pieces of cupcakes from Cupcake chics.
So and so forth.
Not a bad thing.

So I walked to the parking area with a really relaxed mood as usual, secretly felt thankful that the lecturer let us go off before 9pm so that I could catch the last episode of the Moon Renaissance.
April Leng Leng was with me too as she too, wanted to catch that Hong Kong soup drama and I thought that it would be late if she were to take a bus, hence I offered to send her back.

Anyway. That's not the point.

As I walked to the car, I saw an artistically smashed window at driver side of the car.

I was surprisingly calm. I thought it was the normal window-smashing case - with the purpose just to steal the coins in the car.
Yes thank you for the few cents left.

As if nothing had happened, I opened the door, tried to start the ignition, and it didn't work.
It was when I started to feel worry.
I moved my sight to the bonnet.
It was not entirely closed.
I lifted up the bonnet, found that something was missing.
What was that something?
It was dark there.

I am a machinery dummy. I know nothing about those black metals.

Then April suggested that it was the battery.
And I was like... Yea... It must be the battery.

I could have just take a cab or a bus and go home.
But hey... I can't just leave my car there right?

And damn, my phone is short of credit (as usual too. Yes. Should change to a postpaid plan).

Luckily April was there.

I called my neighbour, Uncle Tan who never refuse to give us a hand whenever we need a man to fix our household matters.

As expected, he promised to come, together with the battery and some tools.

I knew that he would.

Feeling sorry for April, who walked all the way to the parking area and witnessed only the crashed window, I asked her to go back first, and which, she did.

The next thing I did was to reload my phone, and walked to the parking area, and waited.

It was dark.
I looked around, and saw another pile of shattered glass.

Oh, I'm not alone. I thought.

And oh, there's the 3rd pile. And 4th. And 5th. And I lost count.

It's ironic, as I pointed out above.

The police station is just around.
Neh. There.

It's just within 1 minute of walking distance.
Perhaps 30 seconds, if you were running.

And the irony doesn't end.

I saw the stick, which was suspected to be the tool to smash the window, near my car.

Ah, I was the last victim.

And no, the irony still continues.

I looked at the clock.

8.45p.m. Well. That bugger had my battery stolen at that time.
My class supposed to end at 8.30p.m.
The lecturer extended 15 minutes.
So if it were to end at 8.30p.m., I might see that bugger.
And some people regard the extension of my class as lucky,
because the case would have been worse if I were to see that bastard.

I wanted to take clearer pictures of the smashed window today but my neighbour has sent it to be fixed while I wasn't at home.

Thank you uncle~~

Oh. I can see wings on that 5 pieces of RM100 notes.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday morning, we were running

So Jia Liang's personal message sounds like this : RM25 for self-tortured...
Kai Zhen's more aggressive : Dead... Permaisuri killed me...

After months of not seeing each other's face,
the first event for meeting up was this charity run at Taman Tasik Pemaisuri.Chosen it because it's at Cheras.

Well... it's ironic.

During high school,
we were trying to skip that merentas desa event.
*couldn't find those high school merentas desa pictures. T.T. Gone. T.T*
we paid to run.
Alright. There's no way you can give explanation of you being charitable.
You spent time.
You spent money.
You spent energy.
You basically gain no benefit from it.Oh no. You got unlimited Vico.

But people.
I do believe in Karma.

Erm. I don't regard getting a Crocs keychain as part of the Karma.

Anyway. A lil' too much of swaying from the main topic.

Backed to the run.

Basically I'm quite used to run at Pemaisuri.
Afterall it's the park which is nearest to my house.
Plus we girls chosen to go for the 4km trail... so... Yea.... shouldn't be any problem for us.
The guys opted 8kms instead.
Well. It's quite sapsui as compared to other charity run I guess.


The Acer goodie bags and the certificates which would be given in the end of the event had failed to tempt us.
We agreed for dimsum in unison.



And more goodness.

And the end of goodness.Having heavy meal after exercising is a big fat NONO for me.
That become least important if I were to exchange it with happiness obtained from friendship. *And food*

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Been invited by the leader of the U gang (I assume that she's the leader??) for badminton.

I was wrong in assuming myself to be super suck in playing badminton.

I was merely suck.

And I forgotten that I have class at 3.00pm.
It was 3.10pm when my manager called me.
I was at SS2, enjoying my lui cha.
And I need to rush back to Cheras.
Hate myself for being so forgetful.

One pointless post I have here.