Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New series in my blog.
Present to you.....

My dreamy diary.

I was in a room with white walls and white tiles.
A rectangular room.

People were dressing in black and white. I could feel that they were tall, and they had very good sense of fashion.

They were holding champagne glasses, chit chatting with each others.

I was with a photographer - I do not know who that guy was, but I somehow knew that he was good in photography.

He carried a Canon EOS 25D, attached with a 18mm-200mm lens. I don't know if such a model exist, but it appeared in my dream.

He passed me to camera, and I played with it.

I looked into the menu of the ISO setting - to my surprise, the maximum setting of that D25 is 16000.

And guess what's the lowest setting??

It's a pathetic 2.


I didn't remember myself taking any pictures of it but I know that there is a difference of the quality of the pictures between those taken with that camera and those taken with mine.

I forgotten how that dream ended.

So yea, that's it.

A dream about camera and photography.



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