Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I wanna lose weight

This is probably the 32178th times I said so.
I almost say it everyday.

There are various reasons which urge me to do so.

For example, meeting my crush.
Or, attending a wedding dinner.
Or, attending a gathering.
Or, bought some really nice dresses but couldn't fit in.
Or, feel like swimming but don't feel like showing the people in the pool my very wow body.
(wow as in the negative wow alright. Yes I clearly know that people don't give a damn about it but then I still mind)
Or, I simply feel like losing weight because I'm too fat.

This time, it's different.
I am in my heaviest state in my life.
So one day, I suddenly feel like stepping onto the weighing scale after weeks of not doing that.
And I see the largest reading in my life.

Ou. Am. Gee.

Yes, if I membundarkan my weight, it would be 60kgs.
Yes, you can guess 60, it is possible.
You can guess 55, it's possible as well.
So.. Yea. Just don't guess.
It's scary to see such a number.

So back to the story.

Why do I feel like losing weight *again* this time??

The reason is simple. And childish. And meaningless. And ridiculous.

It's because of this guy named Geun-seok Jang.

Ah... I see question marks floating around your head.

It's his english name.
He is commonly known as 张根锡.

Ah... You guess that he's just another crush of mine right??


He is the leading male actor of Beethoven Virus.

Whooooaaaaa. Sheeeeat. So cute!!!

Yes yes yes he is actually not the main actor, the main actor supposed to be that uncle 金明敏 but who cares?
He is even cuter when he smiles.
Ohhhhhhhhh... Killer smile he has...........
If you don't agree with me of his cuteness, you must watch Beethoven Virus. Really must.
Wait. Why do I need your agreement on that?

Is there anything to do with your diet plan?

Yes of course there is.

So this Ge.. (shit I can't remember his English name. I have to keep scrolling up to spell it. Why don't I just copy paste? Yes yes.) Geun-seok Jang (ah yes) is weighed at 59kgs, which is considered as quite light for a 181cms.

And so what?
Again. What is that to do with your urge of losing weight?

Listen to me would you?

I just cannot accept that I am merely few kgs lighter (ah now you know that I'm weighed between 55kgs - 58 kgs) than si Geun-seok Jang...
And he likes girls who can dress well,
how can I dress well when I am so fat????

Ah now you see my childishness.
This looks like a post written by some 16-year-olds but no... Am 22.
Same as Geun-seok Jang.

Very -_______-. I know.
But whatever.
I just wanna lose weight.

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