Monday, December 31, 2007

Family reunion

That's the advantage of utilising technology wisely.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

And so.. this is my christmas eve

You know there is a moment when you try to turn your head when answering someone's call over you, and you feel a slight spin in your world.

And you know there is time when your boyfriend/girlfriend or you yourselves softly and gently touch you, slide over your arm (note, it's softly) and you still can feel the puncturing pain on the surface on your skin.

And you also know that there is this day when you feel cold beneath your body and you can feel that the air around you are almost in the freezing level and yet your body temperature is higher than usual.

And you know these are all the signs and symptons of getting sick, precisely, having flu and cough.

And you also must know I'm having all these signs and symptons on the christmas eve, when I was hanging out in the middle of the town with friends, and in which I have to tahan until the clock strikes twelve. Well, my friends are always kind, they asked me to go home first but I insist not to. And that is me.

And only on that day I know that I can't take a Panadol. I have backache/boneache after taking it. It added up the burden on me. Ish.. Sick + stupid side effect of taking a Panadol... it really ruined my christmas eve. I was destined to have a bad bad christmas eve.

And you know I'm really sick now. Merry christmas. Merry belated christmas. I shall now wait for new year.

*Dang it.. what's wrong with my line..why is it so difficult for me to upload those pictures... I just wanna show you guys my sick face..
it's not really scary...*

Monday, December 24, 2007

No more blood donation FOREVER

I am sad now.

went a blood donation drive with Ying Huey.

Be informed that I can't donate blood FOREVER for I have G6PD deficiency, which is incurable FOREVER.

Really sad case.

Went google-search to re-confirmed.

"Can I donate blood if I have G6PD Deficiency?
No! Currently the Red Cross does not accept G6PD deficient blood."

Found in G6PD official site. With the exclaimation mark summore...

And then try to find again. I must find something which is contrary to this.

Then I found...

"Q. When I was informed that I have G6PD deficiency, I was told that I couldn’t donate blood. Is it true?

A. The great majority of people with G6PD deficiency are healthy and do not experience any symptoms clinically. As such, they are still allowed to make blood donations. However we usually would advise donors with G6PD deficiency to donate plasma or platelets via apheresis technique instead of whole blood.
The red blood cells of those with G6PD deficiency are also more fragile.
(really arr? I have fragile red blood cells.. handle with caressssssss plz..)
These red blood cells have a shorter lifespan and hence would not be suitable for transfusion to anaemic patients....
The donor’s weight must be 51 kg or more to qualify for apheresis donation..."

Ahaaa!! Alright... I heard this is more painful. Should gain weight from now - real easy case.. haha..

oh yea.. btw.. thanks donorweb for letting me know.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Welcome to my PINKish world.

One day, Shirleen asked me, "You really like PINK huh?" when I wore this to college.
Oh shit.... what a pose.... 60s retro? 70s retro? FuRongJieJie?

I like PINK?

Seriously, I have never been those kind of pinkie person... I'm not a fan of hello kitty's. Somehow.. I donno how.. there appear alot of PINK stuff around my house. They are like ... everywhere...

Welcome to my room. Open the PINK wooden door.

Please.. dad... it has been more than 13 years old.. Can we change it....?

Then step into my bedroom, you will see this.
Oooo... 21-year-old PINKy bedroom set... Not mine... I mean.. It was not mine... Currently it is mine.. left by my parents. Oh no.. don't misunderstand. They are still PINK in health. I mean, they are having a new bedroom set.

Come, come, let's open my PINK wardrobe.

Ooo.... PINK hangers.

...A pink skirt.

And.. A top
Plus... all these...
Nop.. I didn't photoshopped it... Erm.. well well.. I did.. I just grayscaled the background.. and the hangers.

And not forgetting.. there are...
Bags... sport bag, school bag, labtop bag, hangout bag... fullfilled with the element of PINK...

Next, open my drawer, look for some PINK stuff, and I found..

Oh yea, let's proceed to the bathroom..
Again, 13-year-old PINK tiles. Step on it at least twice a day (huh? u pee twice a day only) nolarrrr... this is not the only toilet in my house.
Hey, check out what I found!!
can't afford to go to those expensive treatment yet.. so.. have to do it myself...


My Ortho- toothbrush and my ordinary toothbrush..

Plus.. in my hamster's cage... PINK spinning wheel.

On my piano,
PINK clear holder which consist of some scores from the movie, Secret.

PINK shoes and PINK socks.... Nono... I really didn't mean it.. the 2 pairs of socks were souveniours from my parents when they went Hong Kong... (wakakakakaka... socks for souveniours...) and the shoes... bcoz.. PINK does look more attractive then any other colors available lorr..

My camera strap and camera bag. Really. I bought it because PINK is really the nicest color among all. Really. I don't like PINK that much.
Last but not least, a magazine on my lab.

..... I'm really not that sweet okay. I'm not that girly either... really not. No more pinkish stuff please... I feel.. sick of it..

Friday, December 21, 2007

I am so mad right now.

I just talked to a guy who does not seem to love his girlfriend anymore.

He told me that his girlfriend is having PMS, and what he has done is just to ask her to go shower. Girls do not really need this lor.

He kept ignoring her, kept making her wait for his reply while he was having fun in his soccer game.

He did not seem to take her complain seriously. He was like.. whatever.. sheyou mad.. just let her you be.. you WILL be alright anywayz.

Well, i'm on the girl's side. Girls do complain. Or maybe she complains too much. I don't know. But guys have to know that girls need to be treated well, need to be pampered, especially on those stupid tiring days.

I was like.. what larrrrr.. how can a guy treat a girl like that... not my matter... still feel mad for that.. aiks.. mood suddenly get spoilt for something that has nothing to do with me. Yet to reach the boiling point. Not my case. Not worth for me to boil.

Really so so so so mad with that guy. And feel so so so so pity for that girl.

Girl, just hoping that you do not rely on him too much. Such a guy really does not deserve it. Plus, relying on him may make him feel irritated and annoyed. He loves his soccer game, just let him be. Guess you ccan rely on something else other than him. Don't get stucked on him.

Well, guy (and you know who I mean.. well yea, it's you), your girl is really meant to be sayang-ed. You really should treat her better. At least be gentle a bit. Be it fake or what, you really have to pujuk her sometimes - unless you feel like giving up this relationship. You are putting your relationship in danger, seriously.

Well, say me k-po or bitchy or whatever you like lar.. It's really kinda waste for a 2-year-relationship to end just because of lack of sparks lor...


*P/s: Actually I'm mad also because I couldn't locate my charger... My phone is out of battery.. and I really can't wake up without an alarm..*

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lurve it~~

Have been sooooooooooooooooooo busy recently...
For both exams, concert and .. replacement.. duh..

Could it be my busiest moment in my life? I doubted it.. It's just.. busy.. not yet the busiest.. or so far the busiest.. or.. whatsoever..

My schedule run like this in the last couples of weeks:

Monday :
1p.m. - 5p.m. - college

Tuesday :

9.30a.m. - 12.30p.m. - LAN (which usually let us go off earlier)
4p.m. - 6p.m. - work...
8p.m. - 9p.m. - dancing class

Wednesday :

simply hanging out - usually takes up a whole day, i.e. shopping centre during daytime, and pasar malam during night time

Thursday :

11a.m. - 4p.m. - watching over the kids practices
4p.m. - 7p.m. - working
7p.m. - 9p.m. - emcee discussion

Friday :

1p.m. - 6p.m. - College
7p.m. - 9p.m. - Emcee discussion

Saturday :

2p.m. - 7.45p.m. - College

Sunday :

1p.m. - 5.30p.m. - emcee discussion
5.30p.m. - 8p.m. - own practice

Extra little thing :
1) Sports Carnival on 3 days before the mock exam starts.
Erm.. I have never been a sport person - seriously. It was my first time of joining an official netball competition. Get influenced by a person whom I like very much lately - April.
Pianoforte Concert Just For you on 2 days before the mock exam starts.
3) Replacement for dear Suet Mun from 12.30p.m. - 4p.m. on a day before the mock exam starts.

See... can't dig out anytime to study.. so... dear parents, do not blame me if I fail... I have did my best for turning up.. Some of my friends did not even attend the mocks.. You may say that I am giving excuses for failing the exams.. but really.. I do not have time to study... n... please... do not count Wednesday in.. It has always been my day to relax..

Alright.. you may say that.. duh.. you asked for it.. don't take up the responsible-LAH if you can't afford it... but.. well.. I love busy life.. I'm not complaining.. I'm just saying that I am busy..

Alright... last paper tomorrow.. Law of contract... shall back to study that now...

Oh.. before that.... some recent pictures taken on those mentioned events..

Sports Carnival

Inter July 2007~

Hooiseh.. see see? that's me~!!! I was running!! under the rain!!!

Nah.... GD arrrrr... the useless GD on the planet~~

Soaked in the rain~

Primary school pose


Camwhoring during the rest of 43 bars out of 300+ bars in my part

Camwhoring during waiting for my dear emcee partners to appear


In the waiting room while half rehearsal was on - which did not require MC

In the waiting room

With my Musical Family - Hin Ee Jeng was too busy at that moment

Camwhoring at the backstage

Supper at mamak...

Tired lar dude... really have to back to study now... hooi!!! 3.31a.m.!! more coming soon~~~~

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Secret revealed

While I was practising with my fellow band players as the preparation for the concert on this coming Saturday, I realised '3 missed calls' written on my hand phone screen. This 3 missed calls were made by the same person, my dad. Despite the number of the missed calls and thinking it's not so urgent and further thinking that my dad would call me that if it was that important, I ignored it and continue with my practising and the discussion of our costumes.

Right after that, I went for dinner with my fellow friends and informed my dad about it. I got a message which sounds like 'sms me after dinner.. pls..' I was like.. shit.. he said 'pls..' means it is really urgent. I was suspecting that he has something to talk to me, and it was later proven that my suspect was correct and even the topic of which I predicted was correct. Clever me. OK, back to the fact. I went on to have a very delightful dinner with my fellow friends which took about an hour after the message sent. I am a bad girl, you know.

No more yelling, no more stomping on the stairs, no more tears printing on the pillow, no more protest by starvation, no more self-imprisoning in the room. There were only rational conversation between two intelligent people. Oh yea, did I mention that it was about they know the fact that I did not break up with my boyfriend, instead, further being his classmate in KL? They have never been approved on this relationship ever since the day we started. Perhaps, I should say my mom started to hate him and made a lot of negative (false) assumptions ever since she saw the condom in his wallet when he went swimming with me one day. I really understand how parents think about this. I understand why they never accepted my explanation that so far I had done nothing which could be related to that condom.

Alright, back to the fact again. Dad said he is really in a difficult situation. Contrasting to me, mom and grandma dislike him sooooooo much. Hey dad, I have always been in a hard time too over these 2 years. How I wish I could bring him back for dinner, how I wish I could bring him together with our family trip. How I wish bla bla bla bla bla... He proudly said that he can run a large company that well, then went on say that he couldn't even solve this tiny little family matter.

Further, I requested him to clarify everything. Straight forward. 'What you guys dislike about him?' Surprise to him, I could rebut every single thing that he could mention of. Erm.. well, it's the truth.

His lifestyle? He's trying to make his own life by working part time while studying, like your daughter here. Oh yea, did I mention that he is considering to be the MixFM VJ?
Heard that you are not happy in your relationship? (oh... they took a peep on my diary~~nvm nvm, it's ok)Every relationship has its own problem. There are of course, happiness and unhappiness blended together. You couldn't expect a relationship which is free from any problem. Grandma hates grandpa smoking and playing mahjong, grandma yell at grandpa about this, so what? You and mom, quarrel quite alot also, so what?
His face is not so likable.. (wtf..) He is born with such face. Nothing can do about that. So you think my face is really very likable?? How come there haven't been anyone after me then??
He might be taking advantage on you. So far it hadn't happened yet (you know what I mean). It has been two years. If nothing had happened, means nothing would happen also. So he left his family and flew over KL to study just for that something? I'm not the only girl in Sabah anyway. Plus, I couldn't confirm that I would be as safe as to be him if I made a new boyfriend.
His future? Erm.. His command of language is better than your daughter. Guess he could be a better legal practitioner than your daughter?
Further point Your daughter's class end at 7.45p.m. Isn't that a good thing that someone can walk her to the parking lot? Well, you know Petaling street better than me yea??

It's always easier to tell a truth than a lie. I was expressing all those like sooooo smooth. It was like so well prepared. I personally find that these are quite convincing... and dad said, 'Well, I will try to talk to your mom to negative those of her discrimination towards him'... Yet, problems has not been solved yet.

The day after that day, mom and me did not really bring this up. I know she is feeling unhappy everytime I say I'm going to college, cause he is my classmate. But really, what to do? he is my classmate, a fate that couldn't be changed.

Arggggghhhh.... really hate it.. why they dislike him that much....that he's 28 days younger than me?? arghhhhhhh.......Secret reveal, yea, I know, but when I can bring everything up to the surface? God.. grant me one day of it... would you??