Saturday, December 22, 2007

Welcome to my PINKish world.

One day, Shirleen asked me, "You really like PINK huh?" when I wore this to college.
Oh shit.... what a pose.... 60s retro? 70s retro? FuRongJieJie?

I like PINK?

Seriously, I have never been those kind of pinkie person... I'm not a fan of hello kitty's. Somehow.. I donno how.. there appear alot of PINK stuff around my house. They are like ... everywhere...

Welcome to my room. Open the PINK wooden door.

Please.. dad... it has been more than 13 years old.. Can we change it....?

Then step into my bedroom, you will see this.
Oooo... 21-year-old PINKy bedroom set... Not mine... I mean.. It was not mine... Currently it is mine.. left by my parents. Oh no.. don't misunderstand. They are still PINK in health. I mean, they are having a new bedroom set.

Come, come, let's open my PINK wardrobe.

Ooo.... PINK hangers.

...A pink skirt.

And.. A top
Plus... all these...
Nop.. I didn't photoshopped it... Erm.. well well.. I did.. I just grayscaled the background.. and the hangers.

And not forgetting.. there are...
Bags... sport bag, school bag, labtop bag, hangout bag... fullfilled with the element of PINK...

Next, open my drawer, look for some PINK stuff, and I found..

Oh yea, let's proceed to the bathroom..
Again, 13-year-old PINK tiles. Step on it at least twice a day (huh? u pee twice a day only) nolarrrr... this is not the only toilet in my house.
Hey, check out what I found!!
can't afford to go to those expensive treatment yet.. so.. have to do it myself...


My Ortho- toothbrush and my ordinary toothbrush..

Plus.. in my hamster's cage... PINK spinning wheel.

On my piano,
PINK clear holder which consist of some scores from the movie, Secret.

PINK shoes and PINK socks.... Nono... I really didn't mean it.. the 2 pairs of socks were souveniours from my parents when they went Hong Kong... (wakakakakaka... socks for souveniours...) and the shoes... bcoz.. PINK does look more attractive then any other colors available lorr..

My camera strap and camera bag. Really. I bought it because PINK is really the nicest color among all. Really. I don't like PINK that much.
Last but not least, a magazine on my lab.

..... I'm really not that sweet okay. I'm not that girly either... really not. No more pinkish stuff please... I feel.. sick of it..


heidi said...

wahlao... so many pink stuff!!! :D

Shirleen said...

hi!!.. hey.. i can't remember asking u that.. hehe.. i suppose it just slipped through my mind.. and out to my mouth to ask.. lolx..
must have took u long enough to realise u're going pinky for stuff eh??. hehe.. it's a new yr... good chance to change pink into something else.. lolx..

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

heidi ; shirleen : really.. too much of pinky stuff... bored... gotta change it...