Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Secret revealed

While I was practising with my fellow band players as the preparation for the concert on this coming Saturday, I realised '3 missed calls' written on my hand phone screen. This 3 missed calls were made by the same person, my dad. Despite the number of the missed calls and thinking it's not so urgent and further thinking that my dad would call me that if it was that important, I ignored it and continue with my practising and the discussion of our costumes.

Right after that, I went for dinner with my fellow friends and informed my dad about it. I got a message which sounds like 'sms me after dinner.. pls..' I was like.. shit.. he said 'pls..' means it is really urgent. I was suspecting that he has something to talk to me, and it was later proven that my suspect was correct and even the topic of which I predicted was correct. Clever me. OK, back to the fact. I went on to have a very delightful dinner with my fellow friends which took about an hour after the message sent. I am a bad girl, you know.

No more yelling, no more stomping on the stairs, no more tears printing on the pillow, no more protest by starvation, no more self-imprisoning in the room. There were only rational conversation between two intelligent people. Oh yea, did I mention that it was about they know the fact that I did not break up with my boyfriend, instead, further being his classmate in KL? They have never been approved on this relationship ever since the day we started. Perhaps, I should say my mom started to hate him and made a lot of negative (false) assumptions ever since she saw the condom in his wallet when he went swimming with me one day. I really understand how parents think about this. I understand why they never accepted my explanation that so far I had done nothing which could be related to that condom.

Alright, back to the fact again. Dad said he is really in a difficult situation. Contrasting to me, mom and grandma dislike him sooooooo much. Hey dad, I have always been in a hard time too over these 2 years. How I wish I could bring him back for dinner, how I wish I could bring him together with our family trip. How I wish bla bla bla bla bla... He proudly said that he can run a large company that well, then went on say that he couldn't even solve this tiny little family matter.

Further, I requested him to clarify everything. Straight forward. 'What you guys dislike about him?' Surprise to him, I could rebut every single thing that he could mention of. Erm.. well, it's the truth.

His lifestyle? He's trying to make his own life by working part time while studying, like your daughter here. Oh yea, did I mention that he is considering to be the MixFM VJ?
Heard that you are not happy in your relationship? (oh... they took a peep on my diary~~nvm nvm, it's ok)Every relationship has its own problem. There are of course, happiness and unhappiness blended together. You couldn't expect a relationship which is free from any problem. Grandma hates grandpa smoking and playing mahjong, grandma yell at grandpa about this, so what? You and mom, quarrel quite alot also, so what?
His face is not so likable.. (wtf..) He is born with such face. Nothing can do about that. So you think my face is really very likable?? How come there haven't been anyone after me then??
He might be taking advantage on you. So far it hadn't happened yet (you know what I mean). It has been two years. If nothing had happened, means nothing would happen also. So he left his family and flew over KL to study just for that something? I'm not the only girl in Sabah anyway. Plus, I couldn't confirm that I would be as safe as to be him if I made a new boyfriend.
His future? Erm.. His command of language is better than your daughter. Guess he could be a better legal practitioner than your daughter?
Further point Your daughter's class end at 7.45p.m. Isn't that a good thing that someone can walk her to the parking lot? Well, you know Petaling street better than me yea??

It's always easier to tell a truth than a lie. I was expressing all those like sooooo smooth. It was like so well prepared. I personally find that these are quite convincing... and dad said, 'Well, I will try to talk to your mom to negative those of her discrimination towards him'... Yet, problems has not been solved yet.

The day after that day, mom and me did not really bring this up. I know she is feeling unhappy everytime I say I'm going to college, cause he is my classmate. But really, what to do? he is my classmate, a fate that couldn't be changed.

Arggggghhhh.... really hate it.. why they dislike him that much....that he's 28 days younger than me?? arghhhhhhh.......Secret reveal, yea, I know, but when I can bring everything up to the surface? God.. grant me one day of it... would you??


Fire & Water said...

hmmm... i suppose that's what most of us have to face when we are in a relationship.. parents normally look at surface stuff... first impression is important... most parents still think that we're kids.. not being able to make good decisions of our own..
u can't run or hide from the fact that they dislike him... u can't even say anything to change their mind.. it's their mindset that traps them at that stage..
what u can do is.. be patient.. time will prove everything.. and who's the one getting married in the end??.. not them.. but you.. as long as u feel that's the right choice.. then be it.. :D.. not asking you to go against your parents.. but would you sacrifice your "might-be" true happiness just because of someone else??..
i know how you feel.. you just hope that ur family can accept your choice.. since both sides are both parties that you truly cherrish.. it's hard to choose.. and you need not make a choice if you know how to play the ball.. :D

~Chill~ :D

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

yea thanks.. really.. i'm not making any choice now.. i'm just letting it to be... u know.. god will deal the hard one for me~~~~

Anonymous said...

so? condoms? hmm.. let time decide everything.. if he's the one, you two will end up together.. don't try too hard.. sometimes things can get very hard.. doesn't go the way that we want it too.. but guess what, things do really happen for a reason.. disagreements.. quarrels.. and so on.. despite all that, maybe you give yourself a break and think was the problem is with your parents or seriously, you are trying too hard to keep the relationship? you can try to wait.. (if u don't mind to be suffocated from this situation) anyway, the choices you make can really either hurt you yourself & your bf or your parents & family.. try listing out the pro & cons.. if you're happy with your bf, then go for it! well, if he does make you happy in your life, then be patient.. how would you choose the ending? really hope it's a happy ending for you.. god bless you!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah.. btw, what for your bf carry a condom in his wallet if you guys are not doing it? sounds like he's preparing for that something.. XD

Dan-yel said...

I don't need to tell you why your parents are being so negative about him. Why they are so protective. You sure know better than I do.

I'm proud that you dare to stand up for him, making things clear with your parents even if it takes confrontation like that is certainly the way to go.

Remember to always follow your heart, true God does not speak through scriptures and priests as loud as He whispers into your own conscience.

Yours truly...

aLiya said...

wtf! appearance not likable also a problem ar?!
mixFm VJ? since when mixFm got a tv show?

Anyway, i heard a story of a couple from radio the other day. They started since form 3, but the girl's family doesn't like the guy at the very beginning. However, after so many years, (they are working now) the girls family finally accepted him and it ends with a "happily ever after".
So, my point is, there is no choice but to be patient. Parents are still parents. It will be weird if ur parents arent worried about u after discovering the condom, unless they are really very dam freaking open minded. It takes time and be strong with it.

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

anonymous: well yea.. just let it be.. so damn freaking lazy to care about it..
Dan-yel: undeniably, all parents are protective.. especially i'm a girl.. duh... sometimes hate to be a girl..
Aliya: As for the VJ thingy, it's not really a VJ. It's a host for those roadshow events, but mixFM ppl called that VJ.
and well yea, time will prove it then~

cocktail_ring said...

support you!!! chang nei!!!

Anonymous said...

just because you are going through a hard time doesn't mean you can't rise above it and keep on living and have a great life. your parents were probably in a bad mood, and you can always find a way to get away from them if you need to. i read your previous blog, i think u really have problems with your boyfriend. do u always feel this way about him? (well, apart from the fact that u love him) come on, love is something to be shared between two individuals. it's supposed to be loving & most importantly, understanding each other. is it the problem is with u or your boyfriend? maybe u complained too much. (my girlfriend complains a lot about me too. but we broke up in the end because i think she's a bitch.) so, are you a bitch? my advice is spend time with friends and people you can trust, tell people about your feelings and the more time you hang around and talk to positive people, the better you will feel, i know from experience if you are ever feeling depressed. you have to spend time with friends because they can make you feel better. after all, friends are the best medicine in the world! far much better than love problems! p/s: drugs, alcohol, physical abuse and sex are NOT the answer.

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

Thanks - n I do spend time with my family, friends and everyone else beside my boyfriend~~
I did not really put too much of reliance on him...
You'll know me more if you keep on follow me~ *wink*
and.. btw... I think.. I'm a bitch~~ make sense, everyone is a bitch for someone~~

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

n thanks.. cocktail_ring for chang -ing me~~

~leajoo~ said...

all e best in yr love life...
try 2 do something 2 change his image in your parent's eye...make him acceptable to them...
bring him to your house for dinner this saturday night...its a good day ;p