Thursday, December 27, 2007

And so.. this is my christmas eve

You know there is a moment when you try to turn your head when answering someone's call over you, and you feel a slight spin in your world.

And you know there is time when your boyfriend/girlfriend or you yourselves softly and gently touch you, slide over your arm (note, it's softly) and you still can feel the puncturing pain on the surface on your skin.

And you also know that there is this day when you feel cold beneath your body and you can feel that the air around you are almost in the freezing level and yet your body temperature is higher than usual.

And you know these are all the signs and symptons of getting sick, precisely, having flu and cough.

And you also must know I'm having all these signs and symptons on the christmas eve, when I was hanging out in the middle of the town with friends, and in which I have to tahan until the clock strikes twelve. Well, my friends are always kind, they asked me to go home first but I insist not to. And that is me.

And only on that day I know that I can't take a Panadol. I have backache/boneache after taking it. It added up the burden on me. Ish.. Sick + stupid side effect of taking a Panadol... it really ruined my christmas eve. I was destined to have a bad bad christmas eve.

And you know I'm really sick now. Merry christmas. Merry belated christmas. I shall now wait for new year.

*Dang it.. what's wrong with my line..why is it so difficult for me to upload those pictures... I just wanna show you guys my sick face..
it's not really scary...*

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