Friday, December 21, 2007

I am so mad right now.

I just talked to a guy who does not seem to love his girlfriend anymore.

He told me that his girlfriend is having PMS, and what he has done is just to ask her to go shower. Girls do not really need this lor.

He kept ignoring her, kept making her wait for his reply while he was having fun in his soccer game.

He did not seem to take her complain seriously. He was like.. whatever.. sheyou mad.. just let her you be.. you WILL be alright anywayz.

Well, i'm on the girl's side. Girls do complain. Or maybe she complains too much. I don't know. But guys have to know that girls need to be treated well, need to be pampered, especially on those stupid tiring days.

I was like.. what larrrrr.. how can a guy treat a girl like that... not my matter... still feel mad for that.. aiks.. mood suddenly get spoilt for something that has nothing to do with me. Yet to reach the boiling point. Not my case. Not worth for me to boil.

Really so so so so mad with that guy. And feel so so so so pity for that girl.

Girl, just hoping that you do not rely on him too much. Such a guy really does not deserve it. Plus, relying on him may make him feel irritated and annoyed. He loves his soccer game, just let him be. Guess you ccan rely on something else other than him. Don't get stucked on him.

Well, guy (and you know who I mean.. well yea, it's you), your girl is really meant to be sayang-ed. You really should treat her better. At least be gentle a bit. Be it fake or what, you really have to pujuk her sometimes - unless you feel like giving up this relationship. You are putting your relationship in danger, seriously.

Well, say me k-po or bitchy or whatever you like lar.. It's really kinda waste for a 2-year-relationship to end just because of lack of sparks lor...


*P/s: Actually I'm mad also because I couldn't locate my charger... My phone is out of battery.. and I really can't wake up without an alarm..*

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