Saturday, June 19, 2010

Family week

Pre-script: Leng my sister urged me to update as fast as I could because the picture of the taxi lou polluted my blog.
The problem is I've been having problems uploading pictures.
It takes me 2 days to finish up this post. Much patience needed indeed.

You don't have to know me very well to know that I have been having along distance relationship with my family members.

I can't remember how many times I have said so,
but I'm gonna say it again.

More than a decade ago, my dad was given better opportunity to in expanding his career, with the condition of him being transferred to the other side of Malaysia, Sabah.
I guess it must been a difficult decision for him as he is very much of a family man.

So, he left, bringing along mom and the youngest brother.

*now, imagine a pair of old couple,
together with 2 girls, whose eyes filled with tears,
and an expressionless boy, standing at the gateway,
waving to a car, of which a pair of couple and a super blured small boy were seated in*

*editor's note: sorry la to make you imagine.
but I have not pictures with me.
It's too bland to have a post with only words.
It is still a post without pictures, but please couple it with your own imagination.*

Departure. How sad.

So, my sister had been very close to my sai sai lou,
she was seven years old by then,
and spent every day crying because she missed my brother too much.

Thus, in the end, she went to Sabah as well.
(imagine a pair of old couple,
now with 1 girl, whose eyes also filled with tears,
again with an expressionless boy, standing at the gateway,
waving to a car, of which another tearful girl was seated in)

Thing remained unchanged until my brother started to be rebellious.
We all had been through that, don't we?
Grandpa and grandma thought that they were not capable of leading him to the right path,
hence he was sent to the East as well.

I am thus left alone here.
Cham or not you said?
I used to cry secretly whenever they left after they came back for their term break.
How pathetic la you said.

End of boring story.

Now, let me tell you the greatest news I have ever gotten -

My sister is coming back - for good!!!

And we live happily ever after.


The story cannot be that short la!!!!


She brought along her dog. Carpy.Looks so old padahal he's only 8 months old. Yeap. A he.
Any she out there?

And we live happily ever after.


Sorry, my alter ego was interrupting me.

I shall keep the sisters' story for later.
So... for the time being, please stick to the 'live happily ever after' ending.

Let's get into business.
As titled, the family week!
(whoa how creative is this title, totally impressive)

You know, I'm the happiest girl when it comes to term break~!
Term break would mean reunion with family members!!
If you spend too much of your time with someone,
you would get bored with it and you don't appreciate the moments with them anymore BUT!
This absolutely doesn't apply to me la I'm having a LDR with my family as mentioned so I'm totally love spending time with them!!

Wokay, so let's start with first outing.
5 of us were going with my sister for her registration.

(imagine 5 of us stepping out of the car, slow-mo, with wind blowing,
stepping into the college's entrance, heading to the registration counter)

Such a magnificent view.
I can't help but to laugh at my sister la,
she will be a college student and yet the whole family is going with her for the registration.

Those staff were quite unefficient but I shall not get into details because I know that should stop ranting that much, otherwise I really will stay single for life.

Then arr, we went shopping,
shopping is exciting,
but then nothing extraordinary happened in the mall.

Look alike, kan kan kan???

Look alike, kan kan kan?


The next day, we went to the mall again,
and nothing special happened as well.

But then I think that there are a lot to be told from this picture.
Padahal, we had got nothing to do when we waited for the member card to be processed.

Not bad right?
Looks like some snapshot from a stage play right?

Dad didn't intend to be in the picture in the first place. He just needed somewhere to rest.
K. 1 more. Sai sai lou joined in.Kaka cau cau punya flowers.
I moved it down, and ended up like this:

*poser kao*

I even felt that we could have our family portrait taken here.

More pictures when parents were choosing watches.

My brother is currently very into the card tricks.He has been bringing his decks whenever he goes.
Not easy I tell you. When I tried it, all the cards fall off and I ended up picking up the cards in the mall.

Leng girl wanted a picture too but she didn't know how to pose so my sai sai lou suggested her to pose this way.
Ape ni??

Tucking all the Aces into the skirt... hahahahhahahahahhahahahhahha...
very cool meh like that?
That's my skirt btw.

Nah. This is more like it.

The one on the right is mua. (I'm like saying, my mom is a woman)
I was like... Yerr the background so nice I want a picture too.
But uncreative as I have always been, I could only smile.
My signature mah. =DDDDDDDDDDD

And then it was grandma's birthday on the next day.Actually the cake was a last minute thingy.
I totally forgotten to buy one because I woke at 10 minutes before the lunch - thanks to that England match on the previous day lah. Eeesh I sacrificed my beauty sleep for a boring match.
Anyway that's not the point.
My point is, we walked to Tong Kee to buy a black sesame cake, which was unexpectedly tasty eh. I thought Tong Kee is only good at making egg tarts and mooncakes.

And hahahahahahahaha look at mama's way of making a wish. Buddhism in her =).

When I stopped taking picture because I was preparing to serve the cakes,
my grandma said, eh you don't wanna take my pictures anymore arr?

Walao since when my mama becomes so vain.
Must be us who jabbed in the great influence.
Or it is simply something in us.

Then again, my aunt coincidentally bought us another black sesame cake from RT Pastry, which is much better than the one at Tong Kee's because the middle layer was made of custard instead of whipped cream.
RT Pastry, noted~ =D

Why am I dragging something irrelevant in?

Back to the birthday lunch.

Papa's expression is priceless la but Chung Shang Hui where did you focus aisay.It was a quick one anyway so can't really blame her that much la. She is thus forgiven.

As for the makanans...From top: Sotong made with secret receipe (best!), crabmeat taufu, veggie (yes very obvious), steamed snowfish (is that so?), braised sinew, black pepper ostrich meat.
Pictures are all taken by Leng girl because I was too lazy to do so. Thankewwwww~

And look at this whose family portrait is this?
Boy don't we look very kelefe in this picture?
But nevermind la we could still be recognised anyway at least I won't be mistaken as my sis la.

Sai sai lou and mami will be going back to the East tomorrow.
Pathetically speaking, I have so used to departures, and I will not be crying anymore.
Immunised to it, not quite a good thing.

Good thing is that,
my sister will not be leaving this time lalalalalalalalalaa.

And we will live happily ever after.
(with Carpy which is the only creature on earth that dare to enter my room without gaining my permission)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So that's the end??

3 years... and that is the end of it?

*wah raining. so ngam to be sentimental*

Over the years, I only have 1 long term friend in the college.
Well you know it, she's April.

Let me tell you what happen to my college
My college life has basically comes to an end.

I came to the college with my ex-boyfriend.
Basically both of us have no dreams to chase after - sigh I was unambitious that way.
It was my dad who made me take up the law courses.
I was like, well, since I had nothing better to do, I might just as well go for law.
I would take up anything as long as it is not a science subjects.
I had never passed my add. maths in school.
I was considered lucky to have obtained a beautiful C5 in SPM.
As for my ex-boyfriend, he missed me too much (muahaha) and couldn't stand long distance relationship, hence he came over to KL to continue his studies with me.
At the mean time, we got to know April and her secondary schoolmate, Wai Yee.
I wasn't really too close to my collegemates by then because my ex thought that people in the college were nerds and he didn't like joining them.

Somehow, he failed some of his subjects, and dropped off subsequently.
Then we broke up - the failure was one of the reasons, but it wasn't the main one.
Wai Yee failed too, and she had to retake all the four subjects, hence remained in the first year.

There left April and I.
Somehow, but I had forgotten how, we got to join in this clique.
They were the classmates, the gossipmates, the lunchmates, the clubmates, the outingmates, and we thought it was all good.

Well you get the idea- we thought.

Somehow, I had no idea how, things changed after the holiday.
It was quite heartbreaking.
We really like them but some people in the clique became very cold to April and I.
We had no idea what had happened.
People in the college could see that. They could see that we were no longer in the group and some closer ones started to question if anything happened.
For heaven's sake, we had no idea at all.
The clique just distant us for no reason - I did not say that it was their fault but at least let us know what had we done to make you guys do this to us.
Yes if any of you are reading, please tell us.
We used to be bothered and very concerned of it because we thought we were friends, not mere acquaintances.
We kept on tracing back, tried to think if we had done something wrong.
Nevertheless, things could not be seen clearly when we ourselves were in the mist.

Well, things become better now.
Although we are no longer belong to one same clique, we are still talking to each others.
It is uber childish to do those 'i don wanna friend you anymore' stuff.

In the final year, we somehow able to join in another clique - thanks to my brother's friend (hello Clement!!) and his friend.
I didn't know Clement was in the same class with me until my brother brought him to my house to have Chinese New Year reunion dinner (pitiful to have dinner on his own during CNY k?).
After we join in the clique, we sorta like superior (too much a word but you get the idea) over him because there are more girls in the clique and the poor him always get bullied.
Now I feel so wrong because I always show him my unhappy face but erm... he memang has the ability to memangzangkan (that being menggeramkan in Malay) me!
Sorry la Clem, you are really a nice person and I don't know why I treated you so badly.
I seek forgiveness please??
Okay I am forgiven. Yeap, I know I am, you are always nice that way.

This clique is cool.
I never believed in study group.
I think that it is necessary for this subject titled 'jurisprudence'.
It is one subject of which one would never be able to cover everything.
Plus! I have gone addicted with online shopping and I could surf all day long if I were to be left alone.

Occasionally, I did join some of the outings organised by cliques other than these 3.

College life ain't that dull afterall.

Thus concluded my 3-year college life.

What do I feel now you ask?
(alright you may not ask because most of you have probably gone through that but the future me would like to know. Hello me!!)

Not much.
I did not get too sentimental because I know that we did not only meet up with each others in the college la. We might not eat bak kut teh pearl noodles as lunch anymore but we could still hangout with each others anyway.
So yea, currently I really don't feel a thing, I guess most of you out there feel the same as I do.

Right. It's time to fill up my 3 months of break with some fabulous plans.
(shall start with the usual diet plan!)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stockholm syndrome

I will not have sex with an uncle,
unless I am an aunty.

~Chung Shang Hui~

Hmm... such inspirational quote. *lean back and re-read the quote. admiring*

That is very true you know,
it is even more accurate than the fact that I am born a female.
(sometimes I think that I am more macho than some men.)

Nah nah nah, I am not discriminating uncles you see,
neither am I underestimating their sexual ability,
one day, I will be old, and I will be an aunty too.


It is utterly disgusting to have sex with someone who looks like this lor:
Nah nah nah, I am not discriminating ugly, wrinkled, old uncles,
neither am I looking down on taxi drivers,
I know it is not easy to become a cabby,
and sometimes I have to rely on them too.
Plus, it is not an offence to born ugly.


I feel extremely sick for a taxi uncle who advanced sexual proposals on high school girls (uniform fetish!).

Oh, I was wrong, it wasn't some mere proposals,
in fact, he had sexual intercourse with some of the girls and molested others. (and filmed it too!)

How sickening it is to be seen having sexual intercourse with a wrinkled uncle with moustache?
When you surf the porn site, will you click on a video which entitled 'taxi driver raping high school girl'?
Oh, perhaps you will - if you are an aged, wrinkled taxi driver with moustache.
(otherwise, I will look down on you!)

But for a normal person, this kind of clip is so potong stim wei!

What put me in the state of shock, to put it mildly, is the statement made by one of the victims,

He is a good man.
He is just being lascivious.


Naive girls, what made you say so?
He provided you free rides, that is because he wanted some free rides on you!
He gave you small gifts, that is because he wanted some returns from you!
None of these could make him a 好人!
These are all his plans~!
(yea, like I know)

Well, I am not allowed to say that all lascivious men are bad.
Afterall, 99% of the men are lascivious - it is just the matter of extent.
(self-speculated data. not reliable to any extent)

But hello,
this uncle is a rapist!!
On top of that, he is old, wrinkled and ugly! (and he looks smelly too!) <-- I am judgmental. (exclamation marks are profusely used. It proves how I cannot tahan the silliness of the girls, despite that I can be quite silly at times too) Worse still, one of the victims felt 'relieved' when she got to know that her uncle would not be caned.

Super de sweat.

How can the girls till be so protective of him after all that he has done to them?
Are they mentally sicked?

Well, psychologically, they memang are sick.
They call this stockholm syndrome.
(hooisay like I'm very knowledgeable)

a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express adulation and have positive feelings towards their captors

Positive feelings towards an wrinkled uncle who forced you to have sex with him...
Despite that I'm a girl, I don't understand what the girls are thinking.
Maybe they are just being kind, far too kind.

And one more thing,
caning shall be made mandatory, regardless of the age of the offenders.
We even thought that the caning should fall on the penis of the offenders, instead of the buttocks of theirs.

What? Evil?

Poor buttocks, they are innocent.
It is the general proposition that one shall not be punished for what he has not done.
Since the buttock has done nothing wrong, why shall they suffer?
The penises should be responsible for what they have done.

Eh on second thought, I think chemical caning is too mild a punishment.
Castration would be one punishment which serve the offenders right.

(but but but some of the offenders are in their early 20s!
It's only one third of their life if they are able to live up to the average age!
They might not understand the nature of rape leh.)

Not that I care though.
Afterall guys don't really need girls to satisfy their sexual desire.
(yea like I know)


Q: Miss emotional, what if a case is wrongly decided?
Wrongly decided ---> wrongly castrated!

*whistling nonchalantly*

p/s: it is not advisable to have a woman, especially an emotional one, to resolve a sexually related dispute.


How simple life would be if human could be pleased in the way the animals are pleased.

One day, you could sense hatred and fear through her eyes.

After few days of bribing her with milk, smashed cat food + canned juicy tuna,
it started to become friendly with you and would rub your feet with its head and even requested for stroking.

She is an abandoned baby.
And she is not that kind of creature which would make a girl squeal in high frequency.
Really, she is not that adorable afterall.

Just another moving furry creature which is not friendly at all. hmph.

Na na na don't give me that look har.

At first instance, I thought of ignoring her (not because it's not pretty!).

I am terrible when it comes to taking care of little animals:

1) tortoise died of drowning.
I thought it needed bigger space hence I moved it from the goldfish bowl to the fish pond.
What happened next was that it was grasping for air when I put it up to the surface.


2) rabbit died of suffering from runny stools.
I thought it wanted food some I fed it rabbit pellets, not knowing that those pellets were actually expired.
One of them suffered from diarrhea and died on the next day.
3 or 4 days after that, the spouse died too, from loneliness, I guess.


3) puppy died of having larvae wounds.
My ultimate nightmare.
Haunted me for almost one freaking week.
Tainted by the image till now.

Epically failed.

4) hamster died aging (best!)
Nothing much I could say about this lor.


5) Kitten died - unknown reason.
Same case here.
Abandoned by mommy,
and died.



6) ants died - poisoned by pesticide.
Not quite relevant here.
But just to show that how is the ending of the living creatures which are fated be close to me.
I deliberately kill them, so what?
can't really relate to the abovementioned cases.


7) cockroaches died under rolled magazines/newspaper and my shoes.
(pesticide doesn't work. except for those designated to kill cockroaches)

Sorry I really hate you cockroaches.
I have no idea why God created you since you are the most useless creature in the world.
Except perhaps to scare people on fear factor.
Or to let guys show off the heroism in them.

Anyhow, they still deserve to be killed.



Can we shift back to the cat now?

Oh yea.

As you can see here, it seems like I am an animal chain murderer.
The best thing is that I would make it as if they are died accidentally, not from any malice killing.

Well initially I didn't want to have any contact with this cat because I was scared that she couldn't escape the tragedy too.

I started to feed this cat because I couldn't bear ignoring her piercing meows.
Sigh, she's just a baby anyway.

My point is, she is not capable of taking care of herself.

I'm treating her as best as I could,
but I dare not to put too much of feelings.
It is heartbreaking witnessing death, even if those are just animals.
(ants and cockroaches are exception though)Don't try to convince me that you are cute and make me like you.

I afraid that the same would happen to this cat.

It is an abandoned baby in the first place,
usually mommy cat wouldn't abandon a baby cat unless she sensed some disease or so.
(eh I know this theory applies to hamsters but I am not sure if it applies to cats as well.)


It seems perfectly healthy now.

Well, we will see how it goes.