Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stockholm syndrome

I will not have sex with an uncle,
unless I am an aunty.

~Chung Shang Hui~

Hmm... such inspirational quote. *lean back and re-read the quote. admiring*

That is very true you know,
it is even more accurate than the fact that I am born a female.
(sometimes I think that I am more macho than some men.)

Nah nah nah, I am not discriminating uncles you see,
neither am I underestimating their sexual ability,
one day, I will be old, and I will be an aunty too.


It is utterly disgusting to have sex with someone who looks like this lor:
Nah nah nah, I am not discriminating ugly, wrinkled, old uncles,
neither am I looking down on taxi drivers,
I know it is not easy to become a cabby,
and sometimes I have to rely on them too.
Plus, it is not an offence to born ugly.


I feel extremely sick for a taxi uncle who advanced sexual proposals on high school girls (uniform fetish!).

Oh, I was wrong, it wasn't some mere proposals,
in fact, he had sexual intercourse with some of the girls and molested others. (and filmed it too!)

How sickening it is to be seen having sexual intercourse with a wrinkled uncle with moustache?
When you surf the porn site, will you click on a video which entitled 'taxi driver raping high school girl'?
Oh, perhaps you will - if you are an aged, wrinkled taxi driver with moustache.
(otherwise, I will look down on you!)

But for a normal person, this kind of clip is so potong stim wei!

What put me in the state of shock, to put it mildly, is the statement made by one of the victims,

He is a good man.
He is just being lascivious.


Naive girls, what made you say so?
He provided you free rides, that is because he wanted some free rides on you!
He gave you small gifts, that is because he wanted some returns from you!
None of these could make him a 好人!
These are all his plans~!
(yea, like I know)

Well, I am not allowed to say that all lascivious men are bad.
Afterall, 99% of the men are lascivious - it is just the matter of extent.
(self-speculated data. not reliable to any extent)

But hello,
this uncle is a rapist!!
On top of that, he is old, wrinkled and ugly! (and he looks smelly too!) <-- I am judgmental. (exclamation marks are profusely used. It proves how I cannot tahan the silliness of the girls, despite that I can be quite silly at times too) Worse still, one of the victims felt 'relieved' when she got to know that her uncle would not be caned.

Super de sweat.

How can the girls till be so protective of him after all that he has done to them?
Are they mentally sicked?

Well, psychologically, they memang are sick.
They call this stockholm syndrome.
(hooisay like I'm very knowledgeable)

a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express adulation and have positive feelings towards their captors

Positive feelings towards an wrinkled uncle who forced you to have sex with him...
Despite that I'm a girl, I don't understand what the girls are thinking.
Maybe they are just being kind, far too kind.

And one more thing,
caning shall be made mandatory, regardless of the age of the offenders.
We even thought that the caning should fall on the penis of the offenders, instead of the buttocks of theirs.

What? Evil?

Poor buttocks, they are innocent.
It is the general proposition that one shall not be punished for what he has not done.
Since the buttock has done nothing wrong, why shall they suffer?
The penises should be responsible for what they have done.

Eh on second thought, I think chemical caning is too mild a punishment.
Castration would be one punishment which serve the offenders right.

(but but but some of the offenders are in their early 20s!
It's only one third of their life if they are able to live up to the average age!
They might not understand the nature of rape leh.)

Not that I care though.
Afterall guys don't really need girls to satisfy their sexual desire.
(yea like I know)


Q: Miss emotional, what if a case is wrongly decided?
Wrongly decided ---> wrongly castrated!

*whistling nonchalantly*

p/s: it is not advisable to have a woman, especially an emotional one, to resolve a sexually related dispute.


My said...


wei~ wat lah u..
put tat pollution face at here..
geli ham sap taxi lou..
i support castration on him!!
dun waste money to feed him rice when he is in jail,
giv him eat shit enough jor!

ns29 said...

thumbs up.
i m shuk yee if u stil remember me :)

*~leAjoo~* said...

haha...really love this know that you are judgemental :P

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................