Sunday, June 6, 2010


How simple life would be if human could be pleased in the way the animals are pleased.

One day, you could sense hatred and fear through her eyes.

After few days of bribing her with milk, smashed cat food + canned juicy tuna,
it started to become friendly with you and would rub your feet with its head and even requested for stroking.

She is an abandoned baby.
And she is not that kind of creature which would make a girl squeal in high frequency.
Really, she is not that adorable afterall.

Just another moving furry creature which is not friendly at all. hmph.

Na na na don't give me that look har.

At first instance, I thought of ignoring her (not because it's not pretty!).

I am terrible when it comes to taking care of little animals:

1) tortoise died of drowning.
I thought it needed bigger space hence I moved it from the goldfish bowl to the fish pond.
What happened next was that it was grasping for air when I put it up to the surface.


2) rabbit died of suffering from runny stools.
I thought it wanted food some I fed it rabbit pellets, not knowing that those pellets were actually expired.
One of them suffered from diarrhea and died on the next day.
3 or 4 days after that, the spouse died too, from loneliness, I guess.


3) puppy died of having larvae wounds.
My ultimate nightmare.
Haunted me for almost one freaking week.
Tainted by the image till now.

Epically failed.

4) hamster died aging (best!)
Nothing much I could say about this lor.


5) Kitten died - unknown reason.
Same case here.
Abandoned by mommy,
and died.



6) ants died - poisoned by pesticide.
Not quite relevant here.
But just to show that how is the ending of the living creatures which are fated be close to me.
I deliberately kill them, so what?
can't really relate to the abovementioned cases.


7) cockroaches died under rolled magazines/newspaper and my shoes.
(pesticide doesn't work. except for those designated to kill cockroaches)

Sorry I really hate you cockroaches.
I have no idea why God created you since you are the most useless creature in the world.
Except perhaps to scare people on fear factor.
Or to let guys show off the heroism in them.

Anyhow, they still deserve to be killed.



Can we shift back to the cat now?

Oh yea.

As you can see here, it seems like I am an animal chain murderer.
The best thing is that I would make it as if they are died accidentally, not from any malice killing.

Well initially I didn't want to have any contact with this cat because I was scared that she couldn't escape the tragedy too.

I started to feed this cat because I couldn't bear ignoring her piercing meows.
Sigh, she's just a baby anyway.

My point is, she is not capable of taking care of herself.

I'm treating her as best as I could,
but I dare not to put too much of feelings.
It is heartbreaking witnessing death, even if those are just animals.
(ants and cockroaches are exception though)Don't try to convince me that you are cute and make me like you.

I afraid that the same would happen to this cat.

It is an abandoned baby in the first place,
usually mommy cat wouldn't abandon a baby cat unless she sensed some disease or so.
(eh I know this theory applies to hamsters but I am not sure if it applies to cats as well.)


It seems perfectly healthy now.

Well, we will see how it goes.

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